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27 June, 2009

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by Michael Hoffman. “We pause in our round-the-clock defamation of Iran to bring you, Michael Jackson. Our Zionist-controlled media have temporarily shifted from hysterical denunciation of Iran to pious genuflection before the altar of an androgyne. To the extent that Iran has been demonized, Mr. Jackson is being canonized — as ‘the’ iconic American entertainer. […]

29 December, 2008

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by Michael Hoffman. “The latest Israeli war crime in Gaza reminds me of a central idea of a book I hope to one day complete on the Cryptocracy’s great game with Islam, in this case pertaining to the morality message of World War II. In World War II the Allies conducted themselves, as Franklin Roosevelt […]

19 August, 2008

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Michael Hoffman comments at his blog: [Here].

12 December, 2006

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Iran Upholds Enlightenment Principles with Revisionist Conference by Michael A. Hoffman II | December 11, 2006 Iran’s “Holocaust” conference opens today and in spite of some imperfections, it marks an historic event, the first time any government in the world has sought to examine the Allied claims about mass execution gas chambers allegedly used […]

27 March, 2006

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Google censors an antisemitic video…. And I am sorry they did by Deborah Lipstadt (Hoffman’s rejoinder follows, below) Feb. 23, 2006 HERE In the last few hours Google Video removed two of revisionist Michael A. Hoffman II’s three videos from its free video online website ( According to Hoffman [take anything a denier says with […]