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9 March, 2021

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In 1964, the FBI “hired” a tough, New York City mobster named Greg Scarpa to go to Mississippi and find out who had killed the 3 civil-rights workers (i.e., 2 Jews, 1 Black). He did. By using violence. The murders were Klan-connected, according to Scarpa and the feds. The 3 civil-rights workers were warned repeatedly […]

15 November, 2014

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(Above: a 1964 FBI bulletin about the missing “civil-rights workers”) Did you try to ruin the South by registering Blacks to vote (i.e., to vote for liberal candidates)? Well, then, you get an important award, called the “Presidential Medal of Freedom.” It’s funny: the three “civil-rights workers” were warned by Klansmen about meddling in the […]