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9 April, 2014

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The Jews have been working hard for years to free convicted Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard. Why? Two reasons, both of them ethnic/racial: First, since Pollard is a Jew, his being in prison makes other Jews look bad. Second, and much more importantly, Jews believe that they’re superior to gentiles. In their minds, inferior animals are […]

17 March, 2014

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(Above: Nathan Gregory Silvermaster) The TV series is called “Turn,” on the AMC cable channel. Speaking of spying, what a great opportunity to talk about an embarrassing detail in American history – embarrassing if you’re a Jew: almost every person caught spying against America for the Soviet Union was a Jew. That’s right. In fact, […]

30 September, 2010

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In fact, 3/4 of Congress would no doubt release the Jewish spy if they could, in order to suck up to Israel. (Read this article and note the damage done by Pollard’s spying): [Article].