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2 February, 2008

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Putnam (b. 12-19-01, d. 3-5-98) wrote “Race and Reason” (1961) and “Race and Reality” (1967), both of which are online, [Here].

10 January, 2008

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Disclaimer:  Nothing contained in this document should be construed as legal advice.  The information contained below is for educational purposes only and relates strictly to the legal use of public records. There are two under-utilized areas of public law that are useful in dealing with bad neighbors and other persons in your town that are […]

6 November, 2007

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Due to some of the reader responses to the C.M. Mathey letter (below), these links have been compiled for new nationalists and a new category has been created for nationalist primers. Feel free to suggest links for the primer category: “Who Rules America?” by the National Alliance: [Here] “Seeing the Forest” by Dr. William Pierce: […]

5 November, 2007

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Mr. Douglas S. Winnail c/o Tomorrow’s World P.O. Box 3810 Charlotte NC 28227-8010 USADear Mr. Winail, Reading your article “Resurgent Germany: A Fourth Reich?” the words of Harold Nicholson came to mind. In his study PEACE MAKING written in 1919, he said: THE ANGLO SAXONS ARE GIFTED WITH A LIMITLESS CAPACITY, PARTICULARLY IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, […]