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24 April, 2020

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Non-White immigrants are rioting in France, as usual. And the media and the government are downplaying the race factor, as usual. If the French (the real French) had any brains, they would expel the non-White immigrants, who always cause trouble. But, that would be “racism” and that isn’t “allowed” today. [Article].

24 July, 2018

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[…] “So, in this coast-to-coast milieu of perversion, of Black and Brown crime on Whitey, and of ever-increasing ululating Muslim enclaves just down the street, can we envision a somewhat peaceful breaking apart as did the USSR in 1991, or as in the Velvet Divorce of Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 1993, or as […]

21 November, 2014

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(Above: Kivie Kaplan, the Jewish president of the NAACP from 1966 until 1975) If Blacks commit violence in Ferguson, Missouri after the grand jury verdict is handed down (the verdict could come as soon as this weekend), who will be responsible? Blacks? Sort of, but then again, not really. The truth is that Jews will […]

10 August, 2011

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Blacks riot in England for a 5th straight day after a mulatto drew a gun on police and was shot dead as a result; notice that many of the media photos of the riots show White rioters. A few Whites are, of course, taking advantage of the situation in order to steal and vandalize, and […]