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20 March, 2009

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Most of you have probably never heard of the Jewish photographer and businessman Irving Klaw. He died in 1966. But you probably have heard of the young woman he molded into the first star of erotic bondage, Bettie Page. Isn’t it just like a Jew to pioneer the bondage industry? Jews also pioneered the general […]

13 January, 2009

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Newbies, picture in your minds a man who is lost in the woods. He doesn’t know which way to go to get out of the forest. North? South? He wanders aimlessly, hoping that a hot meal and a warm bed will be found over the next ridge. That man is modern America. That’s why rap […]

26 November, 2008

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Chinks who practice an oppressive, Jewish ideology are pissed about the new Guns N’ Roses CD: [Article].