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31 January, 2010

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“Queen Victoria at the Spinning Wheel” by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, Bart., R.A. (1834-90); 1869, Silver: [Here]. “Psyche” by Edward Hodges Baily (1788-1867); 1842, White marble: [Here]. “Naval Warrior with Justice on Marble Arch” by Edward Hodges Baily, 1828: [Here].

17 January, 2010

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Not only did Blacks and Browns not build these types of houses (at least, not usually), but these houses would elicit big yawns from them given their lack of appreciation for beauty, aesthetic and good design: [Photo]. [Photo]. [Photo]. [Photo]. [Photo]. This house looks like it may have been repaired at some point.

8 January, 2010

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Never mind that that’s the type of language they used in the 19th century (i.e., “nigger”). The scary thing about political correctness is that it faces almost no boundaries [1]. It can be found nearly everywhere in Western society. It’s like sunlight. You can’t escape it: [Article]. [1] Jewish communist Georg Lukacs could be called […]

3 January, 2010

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Gadzooks, holy crap and oh-my-God: do you know what that recruiting could lead to? The preservation of Western culture and the things that would come with it, e.g., less crime, less corruption, graffiti-free cities, English instead of pidgin. Frightening to think about, isn’t it? [1]: [Article]. [1] Young people: pidgin = broken English. For example, […]

3 January, 2010

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Of course Sarkozy – a Jew – would play the role of the pro-immigrant and say that France was built by foreigners. It serves the Jewish community to portray White countries as “historic melting pots of diversity.” Yet, at the same time, Sarkozy, with these town-hall meetings, seems to want to limit the worsening impact […]

27 December, 2009

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This remarkable painting, called “Cloister Cemetery in the Snow” by Caspar David Friedrich, no longer exists. It was destroyed by the allied bombing of Germany during World War II (click on the image to enlarge it).

16 December, 2009

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Yes, it’s another William Pierce Wednesday: “Several weeks ago the actor Marlon Brando was interviewed on a television talk show, and he got a little careless. He blurted out something which everyone in the media and in show business knows, but which no one is supposed to say. Marlon Brando said that Jews own and […]

10 December, 2009

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(But first, you gotta fork over 535 Federal Reserve Notes. A bargain!). Maybe the people who gave the world to mankind (i.e., White folks) aren’t so great after all? But if Whites aren’t the superior humans, then who is? Did negroes give the world great literature? Did Mexicans invent electricity? Did Jews give us the […]

29 November, 2009

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by Tom Sunic. “Although race, IQ and heredity are of crucial importance in studying the birth and death of civilizations, other factors, such as religion or political theology cannot be shrugged away. There is a tendency among White nationalists and some prominent scholars and activists to harp only on the issue of race and IQ, […]

6 November, 2009

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“The French leader, albeit with different research methods, is currently carrying out his own survey on national identity.” Of course, Jews (i.e., fakers) like Sarkozy and Levi-Strauss “become” French, English, Danish or whatever, changing their ethnicity to match their environment, like chameleons. (Newbies, a good example of that is Victor Borge, who is now a […]