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14 January, 2022

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“[T]he U.C.L.A. Higher Education Research Institute found “the largest-ever gender gap in terms of political leanings: 41.1 percent of women, an all-time high, identified themselves as liberal or far left, compared to 28.9 percent of men.” Not surprising. Paraphrasing Alex: “women want a safe society with all of the corners rounded off.” Yep, and they’re […]

10 May, 2020

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You can thank female politicians for safety-mania (today, 33% of Western politicians are female, compared to 1980 when few of them were female). To paraphrase Alex Linder, “women want to live in a world with all the corners rounded off.” They’re safety freaks. If it’s “dangerous,” they’ll try to ban it or regulate it. Of […]