25 March, 2006

Corruption Among the Conservatives

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No, not jew Abramoff, but peroxide cuties and Mossadist waterboys ripping off Dirty Debbie. It makes me want to scream too. I mean, girls just wanna have fun – and receive pay and esteem for their valuable typing skills.

Interesting she alleges one of Suckpoop Joe’s liars-for-pay is guilty. That would be one silver fox Corsi, senior editor of The Time-Life “Greatest Threat” series, texts issued as Israel requires pretexts.

Nothing but Ashkenazis, appeasers, asswipes & Abramoffs as far as the eye can see.

Other Conservatives Got Away with Plagiarism

By Debbie Schlussel

The blogosphere is abuzz with news that now-deposed WashingtonPost.com conservative blogger Ben Domenech was outed for multiple instances of plagiarism.

I hate plagiarism, since I’ve been plagiarized so many times and feel violated each time. As I’ve said before, imitation is NOT always the sincerest form of flattery. It’s the most dishonest form of robbery. At least an armed robber has the guts and decency to tell you to your face that he’s stealing from you.

My problem with the piling-on of Ben Domenech is not that he doesn’t deserve it. He does. It’s that so many right-wingers–and left-wingers–that are calling him to task don’t have a problem with much more prominent conservative plagiarists. That’s hypocrisy.

Plagiarism ‘R’ Us: “Drs.” Jerome Corsi, Monica Crowley

When I pointed out, not too long ago, that whole portions of a column I wrote were flat-out ripped off by Jerome Corsi, co-author of the best-selling Swift Boat veterans book against John Kerry, his WorldNetDaily.com editor, Joseph Farah, refused to do a damn thing (but add a tiny link to my column–Big Deal).

Some conservatives told me to “take one for the team.” Huh? I don’t think so. (Since then, I’ve been told by several conservative writers that this is not the first time that WND and/or Farah have condoned–and engaged in–plagiarism.) Since Corsi has a Ph.D. and has written more than one book, how much of those are also plagiarized. People don’t become plagiarists in their old age.

Then, there’s Monica Crowley, formerly of FOX News Channel, now on MSNBC, and with a radio show on WABC in New York. She’s the white, blonde Jayson Blair in a skirt. But unlike the loud calls for his firing by conservatives everywhere, there is not even a peep from conservatives about thief Monica Crowley. (Details of her blatant plagiarism are here and here.)

For an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Crowley lifted whole passages about President Nixon from a Paul Johnson article in Commentary. She never admitted to it. She’s banned from the Wall Street Journal becuase of it. But that’s the only damage.

Even though she’s written two books on Nixon and a Ph.D. thesis–both of which have raised lots of questions as to their veracity and whether she plagiarized those, too, conservatives continue to embrace peroxide plagiarist Crowley. (And she continues to snootily insist on being referred to as “Dr.” Monica Crowley. Whatever.)

In fact, Ms. Plagiarism is a calendar girl, Miss November, for the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute. CBLPI is a great organization, but do they really want to teach young women to steal? That’s what their poster girl, Monica Crowley, did. I doubt Clare Boothe Luce, a journalist among other things, would condone it.

Poor Ben Domenech. He apparently wasn’t a big enough name to get away with unarmed robbery, the way Jerome Corsi and Monica Crowley did.

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    1. van helsing Says:

      Other than maybe Norman Finkelstein and a handful of others, all jews are plagiarists. They are working to an extremely repetitive playbook, they are all like little copy editors (nod to Kipling). They make little editorial changes to make their stuff look original (yet still hit the talking points!), whether it be telecasting news, blogging, newspapering, bookwriting, college course teaching, cartoons, flicks, regurgitating old and tired sitcoms and “law & orders”, porn, commercials, airport terminal programming…

      I get cable but cable mostly sucks. TV was bad nuff 30+ years ago when there were 3 channels plus PBS when it came in in my rural abode. Now there are70+ channels on cable not including premium channels which are 80% low grade unentertaining smut (Sex and the city, anyone?). Think of all the people that employs. They couldnt have gotten jobs 30+ years ago simply because those jobs werent there… and because most of them just plain wouldnt have been good enough to.