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25 March, 2012

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…the people of plagiarism. (Back in the 1940s/1950s, Jewish composers wrote many popular songs. Some of those songs were used in Hollywood movies. They were good songs, which is exactly why you should question their origins. The Jewish “composers,” in all probability, stole the songs from gentiles and claimed them as their own, just as […]

14 January, 2011

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Oh, boy, Marchin’ Lootin’ Fraud Day! Grab some fried chicken and a 40-ounce malt licker! Conservatives, did you know that, if Martin Luther King, Jr. had been a book, the copyright page would have read “Written, Edited and Published by Jews”? Not only did the Jewish media elevate King to undeserved, god-like status, but his […]

15 September, 2007

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NAUGHTY LEWPUS STEALS FROM VNN! FOX: ‘We Distort, You Deride’Posted by Lew Rockwell at 01:52 PM FOX was founded, never let it be forgotten, by neocon billionaire Rupert Murdoch; he put in charge of it Republican campaign consultant and Bush family retainer, Roger Ailes. Thus FOX’s role in fomenting a criminal war against Iraq, and […]

25 March, 2006

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No, not jew Abramoff, but peroxide cuties and Mossadist waterboys ripping off Dirty Debbie. It makes me want to scream too. I mean, girls just wanna have fun – and receive pay and esteem for their valuable typing skills. Interesting she alleges one of Suckpoop Joe’s liars-for-pay is guilty. That would be one silver fox […]

24 March, 2006

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[If someone else wrote it, and it’s good, why reinvent the wheel?] Almost immediately the liberal blogosphere exploded with outrage over Domenech’s hiring by the Post. But by Thursday bloggers had more than ideological reasons to oppose the Post’s move, as Atrios, Daily Kos and other sites uncovered brazen examples of plagiarism by Domenech when […]