29 March, 2006

It Doesn’t Matter How Much Money He Has…

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…a nigger is still a nigger.

There the woman who co-starred with Kevin Costner in the 1992 hit movie The Bodyguard smokes crack, uses sex toys to satisfy herself and ignores personal hygiene.

When high on drugs, she imagines she sees demons and is being beaten by them.

The sad truth is that she bites and punches her own body without realising it.


Houston at Her Whit’s End

Pitiful ... haggard singer
Pitiful … haggard singer
Picture: BIG
Showbiz Editor
SUPERSTAR Whitney Houston has spiralled into a world of squalor and degradation on deadly crack — as the shocking pictures in today’s Sun newspaper reveal. It shows the disgusting mess in the singer’s bathroom after a drug binge.Drug paraphernalia including a crack-smoking pipe, rolling papers, cocaine-caked spoons and cigarette ends are strewn across the surface tops.But Whitney, 42, no longer cares.

She was one of the biggest female artists of her generation — with a string of ’80s and ’90s hit singles like I Wanna Dance With Somebody and more than 100million albums sold.

Now she is a paranoid wreck hopelessly hooked on crack.

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  7. 27 Responses to “It Doesn’t Matter How Much Money He Has…”

    1. Tim P. Says:

      She and Mike Tyson should hook up and they can be former millionaire pop icon, now bankrupt nigger has-beens together.

    2. Fenrir Says:

      That pic looks like one of those “save the monkey” pics you see in nature magazines…

    3. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      What a terrible waste of resources we commit to jewish promoted black super stars who do nothing but waste the money they are given on vices and their fellow niggers. The large majority of black millionaires, who, even with the help of financial planners and trusts, end up like this crack whore, destined to die penniless and on welfare.

    4. BOB Says:

      THERE will never be any hope for the nigger until it stands on its own two feet,(or maybe that should be grasps the branch)they are so dependant upon the white man , that negation of responsibility is second nature to them, and it is an easy life no demands upon you, every-one expects you to be stupid and violent,and 99 cases out of 100 we are not dissapointed, still this particular case is bound to be whiteys fault , everything to do with arborials is .

    5. N.B. Forrest Says:


    6. Ogre Says:

      “There the woman who co-starred with Kevin Costner in the 1992 hit movie The Bodyguard smokes crack, uses sex toys to satisfy herself and ignores personal hygiene.

      When high on drugs, she imagines she sees demons and is being beaten by them.”

      In other words, it was a documentary.

    7. fuck you guys Says:

      you are all rasist bastard fucking Americans…..what makes you so much better.

      God smite them!!!!!

    8. Michelle Says:

      Get a life white boys….. Were all in this together….. Love not hate…… Your White Southern Sister :O


      Nothing will ever get better until the nigger returns to what it was meant to do ; TO SERVE THE WHITE RACE AS SLAVES. Look for this in the Bible;


      Actually until we get rid of all the nigger lovers ,nothing will change; our race doesn’t stick together and we have some stupid ass whites( see above my last comment) who think they are the same as a nigger; this is so sad. I don’t understand how this prick (see above) can say get a life stupid Americans? I love Europe and think they do a lot of things better; but at least we can see a Nigger for what they are; subhuman. I don’t advoctate treating them badly, but I do feel they should return to serving the white race and stop acting white, like living in our areas, driving cars, and shopping at our malls.

    11. shanique Says:

      I Hope you ass holes ROT!!!!! IN HELL!!!!!!Because thats exactly where you all will end up. The black race is the HIGH definition of America. We are the ones who makes america rich. We built the United States, and without us the white race is nothing. Like Malcom X said: “The white man is a devil!!!” I hope you all stop feeling bad about your ugly pale skin (which cannot take the sun and end up giving you Melanoma), Your skin is too weak to take the suns UV rays. Therefore you are a weak recessive race. The black gene is dominant, thats why whenever there is a mixed person, the black genes is the most visual. Your pale blue eyes can’t take the sun either and thats why you always end up with Retnitis Pigmentosa, or Macular Degeneration. Why are there so many white people now days trying to go out in the sun to get a beautiful dark tan? and why are we seeing ugly white women trying to make themselves look better by plumping out their lips? Are you afraid that all your racist idiotic, ignorant teachings are coming to an end?…. Well the obvious answer is yes. I am a smart beautiful black women, and everyday I see white men staring at me, trying to date me, But I say no, because they’re ugly and they’re not my type. The black man is who I choose. So quit hating on African Americans because we’re intelligent and smart, talented, beautiful, Gods first people (Adam and Eve), and Jesus was not white. If Jesus was white how could a white man (The Recessive One) survive the suns UV rays? You tell me , because that proves that that was a lie. Also you white people want us out of America (Which naturally isn’t yours anyways), well we didn’t ask to come here anyways, If I had a choice back then I would choose Africa!! The Mother Land (Where the first human was found, proven by scientists), Africa is rich in resources such as: Gold, Silver, Salt and many more. Many white people (The Recessive Ones) came to Timbuktu to learn from US!!!!!! We taught you people everything you know.

      So don’t be mad that us beautiful black people are the highlight of this race!!! You are nothing but Idiots who have nothing to live for.

    12. Sam Says:

      Also one more thing, hate to break the news to you but theres alot more niggers then Whites in the jail systems. And another thing u should know about your people u call eachother nigger and u even steal and turn one of ur brothers in to keep ur skin out of jail. You turn on your own ,so dont act so high and mighty.

    13. Johnny Says:

      Stop with all the hating. Race is nothing but the fucking color of your skin. We are all human fucking beings. For you to hate on someone because the color of there outer shell is the most ignorant thing. Ever. You guys sit here all day hating on african americans and all theese other races. You guys put so much work into hatred its not even worth it. That’s why there’s so much crime theese days because all the hating. I for one am mixed with plenty of races, and proud of each and every one. Black, cuban, puerto rican, greek, indian, and plenty more. And to keep calling african americans “niggers”? get a fucking life. YOU are contributing to why america is so fucking stupid theese days. Just fucking stop. This webpage is a fucking waste of space. A bunch of old farts with nothing better to do then jerk off to eachother and hate. You think your all high and mighty because all this “white power” bullshit. When I see people like you off the computer, i just feel bad from how close minded you morons are. I forget about you in less then 5 minutes because you arnt worth my time, While you faggots spend every minute hating.

      FUCK you racist pricks

    14. shanique Says:

      Reason why you see black people turn on each other is because all you white people (The recessive ones) has pounded it in to our heads!!!! you white people are disgusting and unattractive!!! quit hating on african americans, because everybody wants to be US!

    15. Bob Says:

      If there are “african-americans” in America, in what part of Africa were these American citizens born? African-american is just another, more polite, word for NIGGER! Remember, you can take the NIGGER out of the ghetto but you can’t take the NIGGER out of the NIGGER!

    16. ken udoji Says:

      It is funny how you pick out Witney Houston…. yet no mention of Britney Spears, who is surely at the height of her career. This place is just an online bed for all of you men to share your one sided views and pat each other on the back, while being too cowardly to discuss your views in real life. Armchair warriors.

    17. 5th WIl Says:

      Niggaz are just as racist as whites.

    18. OBL Says:

      You faggots like to masturbate all together on this so-called white-pride: I see a lot of frustrated unsatisfied, under-educated whites, but i don’t see the pride here. Pride is self-esteem and comes from within: you cannot create it just insulting other peoples from behind a computer. If mocking black ghetto criminals makes you feel better, then you have a self-esteem problem: your are not proud of yourself and need to talk about others failures. Not being a paedophile or a criminal makes me feel superior or better than others? No, having a good job, a lot of friends and a loving family make me feel better.
      Get a life, stupid wankers!!!

    19. 5th WiL Says:

      It doesnt matter what the whites do to the blacks the blacks are going to survive and thrive. The worst fear of the whites was allowing blacks to educate themselves and have civil rights equal to whites. Whites had a 200 year head start in this department; Blacks have had 40 years.

      Where will Blacks be in another 160 years?

    20. Joanne Murray Says:

      I’m not a insecure white male – typical leftists insult – and agree with the comments about blacks.They are a savage brutal race and would be nothing without whites.If it wasn’t whites propping them up in Africa and giving them money for AIDS drugs,they’d all be dead.

      Shanique,I’m proud to be a white female and have pale skin and blue eyes,not look like a monkey with brown skin and hair like a brillo pad.Just because a white woman wants to tan – I certainly don’t – doesn’t mean she wants to go black.Anyway,why do you lot straighten your hair and use skin lightening creams?

    21. PastorM Says:

      The problem is that everyone seems to feel THEY are the superior race. I am not sure what makes one think they are better than the other. Each race has extraordinary and brilliant people within it. Just as each has the most despicable and ignorant. Everyone should be proud of what they are. Question is, why can’t you be proud or your race without degrading another?

      Everyone in this country (save the Native Americans) are immigrants. Whether you are African-American, Asian-American, Euro-American..etc we are all imports from other places. We are ALL here now and most coexist together. Instead of hating one another and tearing this great country apart perhaps it is time to focus on the real threats out there. You all would rip each other apart and allow foreign forces to come in little by little and destroy this great land EVERYONE is trying to claim. Guess what guys…they don’t care if you are black, white, red, yellow or green. They hate you because you are AMERICAN. And, for that you are the enemy.

      It is sad to read the pitiful ignorant ranting posted here. Then people quoting the Bible. Please. If you want to state things in the Bible, you should at least state ALL the facts. Racists always drag the “slave” or “servant” verses out. What about the powerful men in the Bible married to African women? For example..
      Numbers 12
      1 And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.
      Of course if you read the NIV version it uses the word “Cushite” instead of Ethiopian. It means the same thing. Our church uses the King James Version.
      The fact that Miriam and Aaron Spoke agaoing Moses for Marrying and Ethiopian angered God. He punished Miriam….
      10 And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle; and, behold, Miriam became leprous, white as snow: and Aaron looked upon Miriam, and, behold, she was leprous.

      So, I am sorry, God does NOT tolerate prejudice. He may not like what we do but, we are ALL his children and he loves us. There are so many more passages but no need. Everyone has the right to survive and exist. Loving yourself and your race is a great thing. We should all be proud. But, hating someone else because they are not like you is truly sad.

    22. David McSeain Says:

      Putting prejudice aside, you cannot disregard the fact that in a neighborhood that is has been around say 30 years, and for those 30 years has been populated predominately by whites, stays clean, everything is in order, crime is almost non existent. But as the as black people, and other colors begin to move in the area becomes trodden down, crime goes up, the neat and in order houses lose value more rapidly, next thing you know, cars are parked on the lawn, sheets are blowing out the windows, crack whores are on the corner, the cops know the neighborhood by some ridiculous name. This say a lot about the the non whites. Not to mention, the fact the prisons, and any type of government assistance program is saturated with non-whites. Ireland is my home country. My parents came here before I was born. I keep informed about what is going on over there, and see where they are having the same trouble there. If we white folk don’t stan our ground, we could some day cease to exist as we do today. I think sometime, if we could just create our own place in the away from all the shit people, well, we tried that, here, the U.S.A. guess what, their dumb ass followed us here, because they fucked up there little crappy space. That brings up another interesting fact. Someone wrote in there comment, that “white people wont to be black” thats bull shit. Heres the thing, if there black asses are so happy with there self, then why are they here?

    23. 311k Says:

      Pastor M…fuck yourself

    24. windrunner Says:

      If we did not allow the cops to go after the subhumans in the ghettos of America who commit all the murders, the Nigger race would, in a few decades eventually exterminate itself giving all the true humans the opportunity to reinhabit and rebuild the once great cities the nigger has turned into those places which it’s ancestors once inhabited. Keep the nigger out of the jails, and enable it to dwell in it’s new jungles. Give America back to the true humans!!!

    25. Murdertheanimals Says:

      Show me anything that a nigger has done that has stood the test of time? Where are your mighty civilizations? Most of you had not seen the wheel until the mighty Europeans bought you from your cousins!!!!! Genocide is not a bad idea.
      One final thought, I hope Iran nukes Israel into a glass parking lot.
      And our white people need to wake up or die under the slaves we once took.

    26. Jim Says:

      Shaniqa don’t be silly I like being human. I would never want to be a nigger. No, Jesus wasn’t white, he was a Middleastern Jew. His skin was olive. He wasn’t a fucking nigger though so get out of here with that shit about him not being white. He was Caucasian, that’s for sure.

    27. John Says:

      I think when people call whites the devil, and that we are unattractive, ought to pull the bone outta your nose and look in the mirror. Tiger woods only fucks nigger loving white chicks. So he couldn’t find a black woman worth fucking. Who could blame him?
      Blacks come in 2 flavors ghetto, and uncle Tom.Not counting OJ the murdering nigger type. Lets face it, who caused the LA RIOTS? Blacks.
      They are so stupid they burn down their own neighborhood to protest the beating of a no good crack nigger. I don’t feel superior to blacks, I know because I don’t smell and look like shit that I AM SUPERIOR TO BLACKS. What blacks refuse to tell you is:

      A) Most slave owners in the days of slavery were black, esspecially in Africa. So the white man participated.

      B) Lincoln wanted to send the blacks back to Africa.

      C) Welfare is predominately used by blacks.

      D) Niggers are gun toting lowlifes.

      E) Jews hate niggers as much as I hate both.

      F) Jesus was betrayed by the Jews and he was caucasian.

      G) Blacks have no soul, because a soul requires that you be worthy of moving on to the afterlife. Niggers are for work, and killing, nothing more. They all deserve to die.

      H) Uncle Toms are trying to be white so they can say blacks aren’t that bad.

      I) Does a white man ever AXE you to do something. Niggers sure do.

      Nuff said.