2 August, 2006

9/11 Discussion Panel

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[Reader writes…]

This is the most incredible event I’ve seen in a long time.


American Scholars Symposium – 9/11 Truth Discussion Panel

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  7. 33 Responses to “9/11 Discussion Panel”

    1. New America Says:

      Two pounds of shit in a one pound bag.

      VNN should remove this immediately.

      Jones, a relentless self-promoter, REFUSES to name the Jew, and even states that “Israeli could not have been involved in the attacks.”

      Peter Shank does a great analysis of why this is wrong, and a great analysis of the so-called “911 Truth Movement,” in general, and Alex Jones, in particular.

      Incidentally, Jones got a nationally syndicated radio show the same WEEK VNN got knocked off the Internet.

      I don’t believe in coincidence.

      Check with Peter Shank about this – he’ll tell you.

      And, notice that the 911 “Truth Movement” is run by Jews; I think 911truth.org is run by, yes…a Jew.

      Another tool by the Jews to keep us away from…the Jews.

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. WhiteFight Says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Alex “the nazi hunter” jones here on vnn? Say it ain’t true man…

    3. alex Says:

      I haven’t seen it yet myself. I agree that from the little I’ve seen of Alex Jones, he’s a patriotardherd. Still, maybe there’s something good in the video.

    4. Jones and Jones Says:

      the good thing is dr. steven jones. he is building an irrefutable case that thermate brought those 3 buildings down by controlled demolition.
      one of our key weapons against the jew is WTC7!!!! most people don’t even KNOW ABOUT IT!!!!
      the hiding of the circumstances of the collapse of wtc7 is the key to 911, and will lead to the jew, regardless of what the other jones (alex) says.
      and, one of the panelists did name mossad at one point as an organization that would be capable of carrying out 911.

    5. Theseus Says:

      He mentions “teh zionists.” Incidently, I heard him call Michael Collins Piper a couple of months back and said something like “yeah . . . I know . . . it’s the zionists.” His tone was very contrite.

      Don’t get me wrong, “zionists,” “neo-cons,” whatever . . . gets you no points. This is a lesson I had to learn myself. One must Name. The. Jew. There is no substitute for explicitly naming the jew.

      However, people need to know about 9/11. Also, I have a little sensitivity to the patrio-tards because that is how I got here.

    6. ThemeofSadness Says:

      I happened to catch that video a few days ago and it is largely obfuscation of the Jewish problem. Lots of harping about Oil, and international freemasonery but no mention of the jews. This video doesn’t advance our racial interest and the little bit of meaningful content that was in it can be sought elsewhere without the communist class war rhetoric and conspiracy theories that Jones propagates. I used to speak decently of Alex Jones, but I am begginingto understand why some people in the movement have serious problems with him.

      If you want to really know why 9/11 happened watch this

    7. Theseus Says:

      Okay, revision — “neo-cohen” gets you an honorable mention.

    8. E Says:

      I guarantee you that “Todd from FL” sent you this shit. We are entirely sick of him spreading this crap among white nationalist circles. He’s really wasting our time over at shankradio.com

      Jones, and these Loose change kikes HATE Germans.

      They hate them and want them dead. They are full of Talmudic hate.

      They constantly claim that the New World Order is a “Germanic Death Cult” and when a German like Hufschmidt weakly calls them on it, they whine like jews.

      Hey Loose Change Jews, if it’s a “Germanic Death Cult” then why did a JEW buy the lease to the towers weeks before 9/11?

      This 9/11 conference was a Zionist conference. Jew Michael Berger of “911truth.org” Jew Dick Siegel who claims helicopters dropped nuclear bombs on top of the twin towers. Jews, jews, jews, I can keep going.

      The “9/11 Truth Movement” is an anti-White Anglo-Saxon Hate movement.

      Plain and Simple.

      It’s okay to blame Dick Cheney, and Bush. There’s no anti WASP Defamation group, is there? You don’t get thrown in jail in Canada, right?

      Or Austria, as David Irving ran many stories about the jew involvement in 9/11.

      And don’t forget, the American Rennaisance conference could not get aired on C-SPAN.

      But this is the channel which featured a black conference, where a black named Kambon Kambo (close to that), owner of “Blacknifiscent Books” calling for the extermination of white people.

    9. brutus Says:

      The standing ovation for c-span did it for me, that’s where I turned it off.

    10. Mark Says:

      While I agree Alex is a self-promoter, supports multiculturalism and other societal ills, and may be an agent of some kind used to control the truth and divert it away from Jewish sources, some of the information from the speakers in this video is interesting and useful.

    11. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:


      You’re absolutely correct about Jones and his idiotic belief in a “Germananic Death Cult.” He mentions this in his “Inside the Bohemian Grove” film. And Mr Shank is dead nuts on about the patriotard-capitalists. They are no help to solving our problems. They only thing they help is their bank accounts. And of course, when jews smell money, they show up like dogs at the dinner table.

      Even after I had become a follower of Dr Pierce back in the 90’s, I craved more information and wanted to hear as many opinions and ideas outside the MSM as possible. It didn’t take long to discover that Jones is one of those people who — let’s assume he’s idealistic for a moment and not just trying to make a buck — is trying to fight the encroaching jewish tyranny but has deluded himself because of his IGNORANCE of Communism, but more importantly Hitler and National Socialism, into believing that: since the Nazis were the most evil thing that ever happened in the world then anything that rears its head must be the result of either Hitler or the Devil and that any anti-Israeli or anti-jewish sentiment is a sin.

      Anyone who actually reads Mein Kampf, or better yet, spoken to SS or Wehrmacht of the time, would know that something doesn’t fit the jewish hate lies about the Nazis. Jones is one of those guys who would have taken up a machine gun to fight his white German cousins and still believes today that saving Communism and Marxism and Capitalism so that they could continue spreading jewish hate and destruction around the world had earned him a spot on team “greatest generation.” If anyone should be groveling, apologizing and trying to make amends its the American people before the German volk. And the Germans are gracious enough to forgive and move on. But instead we get Mad Mel flagellating himself to the kikenvermin who will never forgive or forget any non-ashkenazi.

      On the subject of Mad Mel, I honestly believe there’s a ray of hope. I knew a guy who did the exact same thing as Mel’s doing now. He was in the MSM, offended some Jews, and then felt bad and tried to make amends. But after a year or so, he snapped out of it and asked himself wtf he was doing. Now, he’s a dedicated Nazi. There are a few things that could keep that from happening to Mel however. One is that his false Catholic beliefs interfere. I say false because people like Michael Hoffman, E Michael Jones, Fr John O’Connor, and even Mel’s father Hutton Gibson are more like the real Catholics of old, pre-Vatican II days. OR, and this is a bad one, the Mossad or another jewish subversion group, or even a lone, independent, communist jewess gets herself attached to Mel in some fashion or another. An expert blowjobber Lewinsky type kike on his arm would go sooooooooo far in Mel’s “rehabilitation.”

      One last thing about Alex Jones… after watching and reading most of his films and literature (e.g. The Masters of Terror), I wrote him several times and asked him if he knew that the Reichstag fire was started by a lone Marxist nut and not by Hitler or the “evil” Nazis. So stop referring to it like it was German version of Pearl Harbor or the USS Maine or anything else. No response from that loser or the folks that run his website. For those interested in the Reichstag fire an article by Australian journalist who was anti-Nazi and was actually there at the time is at http://heretical.com/miscella/reichstg.html.
      The article is not flattering to Hitler or others, but it certainly is something you won’t read or hear in what passes for “educational” television or our schools today.


    12. Jones and Jones Says:

      yes, alex jones is a big self-promoting blowhard, BUT:

      1. in the video i saw on c-span, there was no mention of freemasonry or helicopters dropping bombs or other nonsense. and there were no jews on the panel.

      2. alex jones made a specific point to not engage in any of the even remotely-wild theories, such as no plane hit the pentagon. he said to stay away from those subjects, and concentrate on the controlled demolitions, the norad standown, hard verifiable evidence. so i applaud him there.

      3. yes, alex jones does go on about nazis elsewhere (not on the c-span show though), but i think he’s doing this as a ploy. on his terrorstorm video he goes on about the reichstag fire, but then slips in a lengthy bit about the uss liberty, although he tries to blame it on johnson (well, johnson is to blame fo the cover-up, but probably not for the attack!). i think jones is just trying to keep the jews off his back while he tries to get the truth about 911 out there. i’m not sure. i’m sure he’s probably a little confuse about all this, how to deal witht he uews when the evidence points at them. he IS a self-promoting careerist, no doubt. but he can be semi-useful.

      4. the presentation by dr. steven jones, and his other presentations are invaluable.

      5. i noticed in alex jones’ new video terrorstorm, that a jew (jacobson) is the editor, and involved in alex jones’ organization. that is a very bad sign. either infiltration at best, or something worse.

      that’s my two-cents worth

    13. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “Warn your friends about the Austin terrorist cell

      Many of us trusted Alex Jones, and we even promoted his videos and web site. However, many years have passed since 9/11, and it has become obvious that he is a Zionist denier; a Holocaust promoter; a fear monger; a member of the criminal network that gave us 9/11.

      Jones and other “truth seekers” deliberately refuse to discuss the role that Zionists play in corruption, wars, sex slaves, drug trafficking, and other problems.

      It is up to you to help us get this information out to people. Don’t be fooled by Bob Bowman, Alex Jones, Mike Berger, Professor Jim Fetzter, Webster Tarpley, Kurt Nimmo, DailyKos, the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Wayne Madsen, Mike Ruppert, Aaron Ruso, Jordan Maxwell, and the other Zionist Deniers. Please send your friends a link to our articles.

      Instead of shaking in fear of the “New World Order”, you might find it more enjoyable and productive to make fun of it, as this person does:

      Why are people supporting Alex Jones?

      If you know a person or web site that is supporting Alex Jones, send them this web page. If they continue to support Jones, consider them part of the criminal network.

      Alex Jones and the other Zionist Deniers have murdered hundreds of millions of goyim during the past century, and they also murdered a lot of Jews. If you treat these Zionist Deniers as your friends, we must assume that you are either a moron, or you are part of their criminal network. In either case, you are a threat to the world. ”

      Sites that are getting a clue

      Join us in exposing these Zionist Deniers! Opposing Digits just did:


    14. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      Bavarian Gauleiter, it is certainly wrong to link to an article by Sefton Delmer to decide the question, who set up the fire in the Reichstag. Sefton Delmer was during the war the head of the black propaganda department of British Intelligence, the most vicious liar the Brits got (that means a lot). He bragged about his misdeeds in his books “The Germans and I”. If you have a tough stomach you might read it. I think heretical.com offers the articles by Delmer for satirical purposes.

      The question of the fire in the Reichstag is a really tough one; there exist quite a few books on the subject in German. I have read some and I am still puzzled. The official version of German historians today is, that van Lubbe was the lone nut. Since the German historians today are a bunch of compulsive liars, one should be suspicious. Hitler had nothing to do with it, several memoirs confirm that. But it may be that Hanfstaengl, a friend of Roosevelt and Hitler, might have organized it. Anthony Sutton suggests that. The amount of treason during the war shows that there were some elements in the German government who were tools of the Jewish conspiracy and who could manipulate Hitler. Think of Canaris! It might well be that these elements had their hands in the famous Reichtagsfire. But that doesn´t alter the fact that the Nazis were the good ones and that their idology and their achievements should inspire us, although we have lost too much ground since, so we can´t copy them.

      Anyway, Jones is in every case a disinformation agent as so many others and it really bothers me that WNs fall in their traps. At VNNF you don´t know whether you should laugh of cry. One is a fan of Alex Jones, the other of Kurt Nimmo, the other of Rivero, the other of Vialls, the other promotes the video of Dylan Avery. All are proven disinformation agents, who constantly Hitler, the Nazis and the Germans. It is really sickening that intelligent people with the right ideology can´t better judge their leaders. And now you are linking to an article of Sefton Delmer! Sometimes I think our case is hopeless. We are too few and too isolated to develop an educational infrastucture so that we don´t fall in the same traps over and over again.

    15. Jones and Jones Says:

      Look! the point is NOT alex jones, but the content of the 911 penal on c-span.
      and it contained some excellent content, mostly by Dr. Steven Jones, about the fall of the towers and wtc7.
      that’s what we must focus on, and forget about avery and the other jerks, cowards, and sellouts.
      steven jones is sincere, and working with hard, verifiable evidence. period.

    16. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      You should ask yourselves, why the two researchers, who made the most groundbreaking research on 911, namely Eric Hufschmid and above all Christopher Bollyn, were not invited to this conference. It’s because both are well aware that Jews organized this event and they are not too afraid to say so. That Steven Jones was invited is easy to explain. He doesn’t bother about the who and why, but is only concerned with the how. This inhabitant of an ivory tower does not great harm to the Jews who are well aware that they no longer can maintain the official story.

    17. Jones and Jones Says:

      yes, it’s worrisome that STEVEN jones’ seemingly irrefutable research will be RE-DIRECTED away from the jews and the jewss are probaly already planning a diversion tactic to divert the evidence away from themselves and only at bush or some easy figure or persons.

    18. Jones and Jones Says:

      i have to add though:
      STEVEN jones seems to me to be 100 percent sincere and honest and is not to be discounted. please support his research.
      AND, his site SCHOLARS FOR 911 TRUTH is NOT the same thing as the 911 TRUTH MOVEMENT (which has been infiltrated by jews).
      i think i’m right about this. from what i’ve read at SCHOLARS FOR 911 TRUTH, they are sincere and “scholarly” and striving towrard real truth of 911, though carefully and only with hard evidence.
      there is little speculation there. the link is: http://st911.org/
      go check it out and decide for yourself

    19. Jones and Jones Says:

      Well, I’ll try again.
      SCHOLARS FOR 911 TRUTH is NOT the same thing as the 911 truth movement.
      STEVEN jones and jim fetzer run SCHOLARS FOR 911 TRUTH: http://st911.org
      anyone know anything about jim fetzer, and whether he can be trusted?
      STEVEN jones seems to me be 100 percent on the level and an honest and sincere man.
      Check out the site and decide for yourselves. I’d like to know your opinions of it.

    20. Mark Says:

      Jones is criticizing Israel a lot right now, actually.

      At PrisonPlanet.com, Jones has linked to documentary showing how Jews are not actually ethnic kin to the Hebrews, and also links to a documentary about Jews attacking the U.S.S. Liberty. Socialism, whether national or international, is definitely a key part of the conspiracy, and Jones is right about the German origins of this movement. The Illuninati, founded by a Jew in 1776, began in Germany. The owl-worship at the Bohemian Grove is definitely pro-death, and should be considered a cult.

      Therefore, there is nothing wrong with concluding that a “German death cult” is behind terrorism worldwide, and that this “German death cult” is intricately related to Zionism. The two feed off of each other.

      The 9-11 Truth Movement is good for no one but the people, and bad for no one but the Zionist conspirators, whatever one calls them.

      I say this as a White Nationalist and an Anglo-Saxon Protestant who lives for his people.

    21. Jones and Jones Says:

      alex jones’ new video TERRORSTORM is full of lies about the nazis.
      i’m not sure if alex jones is protecting his ass from being attacked by jews or really believes that shit.
      i also notice his editor is a man named JACOBSON. that is not good. infiltrator? or worse?

    22. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      That Alex Jones is critizising Israel now, after he has spent more than a decade in fake-exposing the criminal puppet players without mentioning the Jews, is only some kind of damage control.

      There are two reasons for this damage control. First it gets more obvious that world politics revolves around Israel. Jones would lose credibility when the many people on the Internet state the obvious and Alex Jones doesn´t. Second Alex Jones has been attacked as a Zionist denier and he tries to deflect this richly deserved criticism.

      This damage control consists first in trying to make a split between good Judaism and evil Zionism. This is a very old tactic of the Jews. Jews have more racial solidarity than any other racial group. So it is false, when the Jews claim that only a minority of them is evil. The second move of Alex Jones consists in obfuscating the history of Zionism by warming up the speculative stories about the Bavarian Illuminati and the Khazarian origin of the Ashkenazi. Alex Jones can rely here on the work of many other Jewish disinformation agents, who have told complicated stories about the Khazars (Koestler) and the Illuminati (Fagan). Daryl Bradford Smith is guilty in warming up these stories too, although he is not a disinformation agent as, but only a rather stupid, racial unaware, bloated person.

      Mark, you are obviously a sucker. If you can´t see that people are deceived by the label “German Death Cult” (remember that the Germans were the only ones in modern history, who made a stand against the Jews, and have always been hated by them as the only real threat to their ambition of world-domination), then you are too stupid to be of any worth for WN. Go over to Stormfront and whine about the lost greatness of the “British” Empire.

      Re: Jones and Jones.

      Fetzer is not trustworthy. He is a Jewish professor. He always tried to minimize the Jewish role in 911 and promoted kooky theories that lead nowhere. That Steven Jones joined his organisation is a bad sign.

    23. Jones and Jones Says:

      Thank you, Sehnsucht nach dem Reich, for your very helpful information. I hope everyone reads this thread, and especially your post.
      I did not know Fetzer was a jew. Are you sure? No matter, I get a bad feeling from him, and since Eric Hufscmid mistrustshim greatly, that’s good enough for me.
      Eric Hufschmid’s video and the grossly neglected Awaken and Avenge (by far the best of 911 videos) are the only ones I would recommened to anyone.
      The only drawback about Hufscmid’s video is that it gets tedious, and very repetitious to the point of boredom. He needs to edit it and make it less tedious.
      I think Hufschmid also includes theories about the Pentagon being hit by a missile, which, while possible, is not as solid as a rock theory as the controlled demolition, insider trading, israeli espionage and spies on the arabs, etc. He should excise the Pentagon theories for now
      I still believe that STEVEN jones is an honest man, though very naive, but a first rate physicist, therefore invaluable, though unfortunately allied with fetzer. Someone needs to warn him. I will. Others should too. In a nice way. With evidence.
      I saw where Hufschmid was originally part of scholars for 911 truth, but it looks as though Fetzer got rid of him quickly.
      I found this article helpful: http://www.EricHufschmid.net/InvestigateTheTruthSeekers.htm
      What do you think?
      Alex, please keep this thread alive, and don’t let it disappear off the main page, if you can; I think this 911 issue is a key weapon for White Nationists; we must not let the jews get the upper hand, which they already may have; the wrong people will end up being accused; if we can stear this in the corecct direction, it will expose the jew neocons and israel wide open

    24. Jones and Jones Says:

      Sorry to post so much in this thread, but:

      Just looked more carefully at Eric Hufschmid’s site. Oh my: He thinks the moon landings were faked.
      That being said: the only video worth looking at about 911 is AWAKEN AND AVENGE.

    25. Jones and Jones Says:

      One more thing:
      Eric Hufschmid seems to think EVERYONE is part of a criminal conspiracy, ALL CONNECTED, except himself.
      Look through his site. http://www.EricHufschmid.net
      I’m very disappointed in him. He goes way too far, and believing in a moon hoax is too far for me.

    26. Jones and Jones Says:

      Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:
      “You should ask yourselves, why the two researchers, who made the most groundbreaking research on 911, namely Eric
      Hufschmid and above all Christopher Bollyn, were not invited to this conference.”

      Jones and Jones Says:
      Because Eric Hufschmid is too far out; he would invite scorn and laughter if present; he appears to believe in every wacky conspiracy imaginable, including:
      He seems to believe Paul McCartney REALLY died in 1966 and was replaced by a double. That’s so assinine I hate to waste space here refuting it, but let’s just say if you have half an ear for music, you know that the McCartney who wrote and sang Hey Jude in 1968 is the same bloke who wrote and sang Yesterday in 1965. Trust me on this one.
      Thank you for pointing out Eric Hufschmid to me, Sehnsucht nach dem Reich. I’ve certainly done my homework at his website. Now I know he may be right about some things, but in general, he’s a wacko.
      Look at this link: http://www.EricHufschmid.net/Conspiracies_Underdogs_Main.html
      to see all the conspiracies he considers plausible. Amazing!

      As for Christopher Bollyn, I’m going to go research him right now..

    27. Mark Says:

      Hey Sehnsucht nach dem Reich,

      What are you talking about? Germans are the only people to have made a stand against the Jews? Really? What were the Apostles and Church Fathers then? What were the 34 nations from which Jews have been expelled. Who were Ferdinand and Isabella?

      Nazism was filled with Jews, funded by Jews, and exploited by Jews. Hell, people are already talking about Hitler’s Jewish blood. The Barnes Review sells a book which discusses how there were thousands of Jews fighting for the Reich. Only Germans are opposed to Jewry? ROFLMAO! Oh, is this modern history? Then what do you call the Palestinians? How about the Eastern Orthodox of Russia?

      I love the German people, and I much of what the Reich was, but the fact is, the Illuminati is real. Very real. It’s founder was a Jew, and I’ve pointed this out on my blog. It was birthed in Germany. That’s just a fact. It is a cult, and it is a cult of death. There’s nothing to be “deceived” about when these are facts.

      Could Jones talk more about the Jews? Absolutely. His equalitarianism and libertarianism disgust me, personally. But those are his opinions, and they do not refute or counter the documented evidence he provides in relation to the various conspiracies he exposes. And I applaud him for having the courage to do so.

      But your point about the attack on Zionism being an open door for so-called “good Judaism” is well taken. I agree; Judaism and Zionism are BOTH bad news, ALL the time.

    28. Jones and Jones Says:

      And now, the preliminary results of my checking out Christopher Bollyn.

      I quote in full below a recent piece by Bollyn. He works for American Free Press. After an admittedly short check on this guy, he seems legitimate, and I like him already for where he is going with his investigations. Check this out:
      (And, Sehnsucht nach dem Reich, I see why an Alex Jones panel wouldn’t want him there)

      The Israeli Moles Who Controlled U.S.
      Defense Computers on 9/11

      Christopher Bollyn – Rumur Mill News July 4, 2006

      As an investigative reporter working for American Free Press, I have spent many hours
      digging into the criminal network behind the 9/11 terror attacks. What I have found leads
      me to believe that Israelis are behind these “false flag” attacks on the United States.

      Today I participated in a round table discussion on the RBN radio network with Eric Shine
      and others, including Michael Collins Piper and the “Israeli” journalist Barry Chamish.

      I put “Israeli” in quotations because Mr. Chamish is actually and originally a Canadian

      Finally, I had to ask Mr. Chamish about his position on the role of Benjamin “Bibi”
      Netanyahu in the “war on terror” and the abundance of evidence that Israel was involved in
      the terror attacks of 9/11.

      Chamish said that Netanyahu is basically an agent of the Council on Foreign Relations
      (CFR) and added that he was not personally convinced that the criminal Zionist gang was
      behind the terror of 9/11.

      I followed that response with a question about the relationship between Israeli Prime
      Minister Ehud Olmert and Menachem Atzmon, the man who oversaw passenger screening
      and airport security at Boston’s Logan Airport on 9/11, as owner of ICTS, the parent
      company of Huntleigh USA.

      Mr. Chamish seemed quite surprised that I knew of this relationship and said that if, indeed,
      Atzmon was responsible for security at Boston’s airport on 9/11, then it was worthy of
      being followed up, because Olmert and Atzmon are truly very close political allies and
      co-defendants in old Likud crimes:

      No duh, see “Ehud Olmert’s Ties to 9/11”.

      But there is much, much more to this Israeli crime…

      As RMN readers know there is the very bizarre and suspicious Israeli link to the security of
      U.S. military computers that goes back to the early 1990s. (Remember the reports of Ptech
      and MITRE engaged in the basement of the FAA before 9/11?)

      One must also keep in mind that 9/11 was primarily a computer crime, just like the stealing
      of our elections.

      Long before 9/11, a germ was planted in the U.S. defense computer system which allowed
      for a “super-user” to control the network and create the miscommunications that prevented
      the U.S. military from defending New York and Washington on that terrible day.

      As I have written earlier, the members of the YORAN family from Israel are among the key
      suspects, along with Michael Chertoff and others.

      I consider the YORANS to be high-ranking Israeli moles who infiltrated the most sensitive
      computer networks in the U.S. government and military – Zionest agents who facilitated the
      terror attacks of 9/11.

      The YORAN family includes, Dr. Chaim Yoran (a.k.a. Elad Yoran), his wife Ruth Lubelski
      Yoran, and their three sons: Amit Y. Yoran, Dov Yoran, and Naftali Elad Yoran. There
      may be others.

      Note to Law Enforcement: The Yorans should be considered as prime suspects in a crime
      of mass murder; as Israeli nationals the risk of flight should be considered as highly likely.

      The Yorans should be arrested on sight for suspicion of being involved in a conspiracy
      leading to the mass murder of more than 3,000 American citizens.

      The Yoran sons, Amit and Naftali Elad, are graduates of Westpoint. From this U.S.-based
      launching pad they went on to take over computer security for Dept. of Defense computer

      For example, Forbes Magazine, in December 2001, wrote this about Amit Yoran:

      “Yoran, 32, earned degrees in computer science from West Point and George Washington
      University before joining the U.S. Air Force (?), where he took a job overseeing the
      emergency response team at the Defense Information Systems Agency (??). DSIA runs all
      military networks (!!!).”

      A search of the U.S. Public Records Index indicates that Amit, Dov, Naftali, and the
      69-year old Dr. Chaim Yoran (a.k.a. Elad Yoran) have an office at 5568 General
      Washington Drive, Suite 209, Alexandria, Virginia.

    29. Theseus Says:

      Bollyn and Fetzer are both leftists. Both bright enough guys, and they obviously both know about jews.

    30. is fetzer a jew? Says:

      is fetzer a jew?

    31. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      Re: Theseus

      “Left” and “Right” are words invented by the Jews in a Machiavellian strategy (“divide and impera”). I admit that there would be some meaning in these words if they had not been completely distorted in the public discourse, but I won’t get into details now.

      You can’t compare Bollyn and Fetzer. Fetzer is an enemy, Bollyn a friend. Bollyn isn’t perfect. He is not an outspoken racist although he is a friend of David Duke and writes for Willis Carto, who is the man behind American Free Press. It is absurd to say, Bollyn is a “leftist”. He is a Christian and suffers under the usual intellectual shortcomings accompanied with this faith, at least nowadays. He has now a radio show at RBN, and his high-pitched voice and his polite way are not perfect for that task. But I will always say that Bollyn is a great white man. Perhaps he is the best investigative journalist in the world (he has not many competitors, of course). What he has done to bring the issues of electronic vote fraud, depleted uranium and above all the Jewish organisation of 911 to the minds of the thinking minority is simply awesome. Everybody should read his articles, which are archived at http://www.rumormillnews.com (a leftist site, maybe) and elsewhere.

      Re: Mark

      I don’t take it back, you are a sucker. Now you bring the old Jewish canard that the Nazis were run by the Jews! What is next, the Nazis were shape-shifting reptiles? Come on get real. To become a member of the NSDAP you had show that you had no Jewish blood in you (“Ariernachweis”). Hitler was very serious about it. I could you explain how Jewish disinformation agents created the myth that Jews were the puppet masters of the Nazis but I am too tired with all you suckers. A Jew writes the Nazis were homosexuals (“The pink swastika”), and people like Daryl Bradford Smith believe this crap, although it is known that the Nazis disliked the perverts and many homosexuals ended in concentration camps. But I know it is hopeless, only a small minority can overcome the brainwashing concerning Hitler and the Nazis. Mark, you seem not to belong to the minority. But you should ask yourself why this brainwashing concerning Hitler and the Nazis is the first priority of our enemies.

      And Mark, throwing stones, when the bulldozers come, is not what I deem as making an effective stand against the Jews. The Nazis (Germans and the Europeans of the Waffen SS) are our only real inspiration in our hope to get rid of the Jews and build a higher civilisation. All the other enemies of the Jews, you name, were somewhat backward, the Nazis were not. But I will say it again. We lost too much ground since 1945. God must help us.

      Re: Jones and Jones

      You seem to be quite new to the subject. At VNNF you might find interesting discussions about 911. There you can also study the sleazy debating tricks of the Jews who have infiltrated the forum (a poster who names himself J.P. Slovjanski is the worst of all). There is a forthcoming book by Victor Thorn about 911: As far as I can see (I have seen the table of content here http://www.wingtv.net/thorn2006/911evilx.html), it is a comprehensive book based on the research of Christopher Bollyn. You might profit from reading it.

    32. Jones and Jones Says:

      Re: Sehnsucht nach dem Reich

      You said Eric Hufschmid should have been included on the panel. Look at that guy’s site! He’s a wacko!

    33. truth Says:

      Prophetic how Goebbels connects the announced extermination of the German people to the “Towers” of New York, the UPPER stories sway in the wind in the year 2000…

      You can read his entire speech:
      The Year 2000

      by Joseph Goebbels

      his speech on 25th February 1945

      The three enemy war leaders, American sources report, have agreed at the Yalta Conference to Roosevelt’s proposal for an occupation program that will destroy and exterminate the German people up until the year 2000. One must grant the somewhat grandiose nature of the proposal. It reminds one of the skyscrapers in New York that soar high into the sky, and whose upper stories sway in the wind. What will the world look like in the year 2000?