3 February, 2007

Whites Must Destroy Niggers, Lest They be Destroyed by Niggers — and the jews Who Sicced Them on Us

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As said on last FTL, the White race is being gang-raped in America – daily.

We are allowed no identity in the jew-controlled MSM.

Without an idenitity, we can assert no interests.

Without an identity, jews and niggers can feed on us at will.

Anybody who tells you there is anything complex or difficult to understand about any of this is a lying piece of shit. It is so simple and obvious that a Mexican can understand it.


“there will be

blood on the


The mostly European American northern suburbs of Atlanta, Ga. would like to split Fulton County, Ga. in two with the suburbs north of the city forming a separate county which would be called Milton County. According to an Associated Press article dated January 24,

“The legislation calls for amending the Georgia Constitution to allow the return of Milton County, which succumbed to financial troubles during the Depression and was folded into Fulton County in 1932.”

This has Fulton County’s Black majority worried. Residents of north Fulton pay 42% of the County’s property taxes while making up only 29% of the population. It is one of the most affluent suburban areas in the United States, while the City of Atlanta has some of the country’s highest rates of poverty.

Atlanta Democrat and member of the Legislative Black Caucus State Sen. Vincent Fort opposes a plan that would strip the city of its ability to tax affluent European Americans. He was quoted as saying “If it gets to the floor, there will be blood on the walls.” He has also correctly noted, “As much as you would like to think it’s not racial, it’s difficult to draw any other conclusion.”

Of course it’s about race — and the fact that no European-American neighborhood ever got better with the introduction of significant numbers of Blacks. Why would European-Americans not want to govern themselves separate and apart from people of a race whose per capita rates of criminal conduct, drug abuse, etc. are many times higher than their own. When European-Americans seek to avoid living amongst or near Blacks that’s just common sense.

Blood on the walls? How typical of a Black politician.

Also typical of communities with significant Black or Mestizo populations are higher per capita rates of social pathologies such as crime, drug abuse, illegitimacy, venereal disease, and failing schools.

A massive influx of Blacks or Mestizos will render any community unfit for habitation by European-Americans. You can’t always count on the police to protect you. Local governments have no obligation to protect any particular individual. See DeShaney v. Winnebago County Dept. of Social Services, 489 U.S. 189, 196-97 (1989), South v. Maryland, 59 U.S. 396 (1856). Even if you can get through to 911 you’re on your own until the police arrive. As the behavior of Blacks in New Orleans demonstrated, the right to keep and bear arms has nothing to do with hunting or target shooting. It’s about defending one’s life and property against individuals (or governments) who would wrongfully threaten them.

European-American women will have an especially keen interest in being able to keep and bear arms in areas with significant non-white populations.

See your editor’s amicus brief in

Silveira v. Lockyer filed on behalf of Second

Amendment Sisters

(330k pdf), pp. 2-3,

notes 1 and 2.

What can YOU do to help preserve the liberties that are unique to Western societies, such as freedom of speech, due process and, in the U.S.A., the right to keep and bear arms?

The first step is to GET RACIALLY CONSCIOUS

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    1. alex Says:

      This story ought to wake up those who think they’re clever in calling themselves separatists rather than supremacists. As I have said many times, blacks are not interested in separating from Whites. They are interested in living in clumps among us, that they might suck our blood in the form of taxes. Inferior groups have no interest in separatism alone when they can have it along with integration. Superior groups have no interest in integration whatsoever.

    2. alex Says:

      Above is from:


    3. Mati The Estonian Says:

      someone forget to close ;-)

    4. Kievsky Says:

      This is called “coming to a head,” or “chickens coming home to roost.”

      These are the beginnings of Whites being forced to lose their illusions about “being nice to the other races,” and have to assert their identity or suffer hard.

      Definitely progress. Even if the politicians go cowardly, the idea of splitting the county will remain in the minds of White people there.

      I hear the rumblings.

    5. Raids Says:

      No taxation Without Representation.

      Telling niggers we want a separate but equal governorship is like dealing with cockroaches. Why should they, niggers, listen when all of the whitey goodies going their way?

      The only solution is spray with Raids!!!!!!!!!!

    6. van helsing Says:

      Any time is a good time to secede. Why wait for the GA legislature to do what the IN state legislature did – mandate the holoco$t as requierd learning in state schools starting in 07-08.

      Vote to leave!

    7. tbolt Says:

      Black history, like jewish history, can be summed up in one sentence: Follow the White Man. What they claim is only more nonsensical jew lies. If Whites are so evil and bad you’d think jews and niggers would avoid us like the plague. The truth though, as you can see by their actions, is to hang around the host like the true social parasites they are. They’re doomed to exist at a much lower (natural) standard if forced to be self-sufficient. Auslander Raus! 88 and a rebel yell! Alex is of course correct: Cleanse the White homelands, or face extinction.

    8. America First Says:

      For those educated VNN poster’s, there ton’s of college educated Whites who believe Congoid’s commit horror crimes against White’s, because of poverty, family unit B.S., and etc.

      Fact’s alone can not change a Brain Washed PEOPLE!

      The South Under Siege

      Jimmy Cantrell

      A decade or so ago, it was something of a game for aspiring novelists and a few graduate students to send to major trade publishers as their own work typescripts that were opening chapters of books that had been written long before and had earned various accolades. As even the average clod who works as an assistant to an editor for a major publishing house might faintly recognize titles of esteemed books, the old books sent as new and in need of publishers were always titled anew. The game was to show how utterly closed and imbecilic the contemporary world of book publishing had become.

      Unlike the literary journals that have published plagiarized fiction and poetry amidst the ?original? clich餠leftist claptrap that is produced like sliced white bread by the Creative Writing programs, none of the major book publishers offered a new contract for a novel published decades earlier. That, however, is but half the game. The other half, the more important half, is to see if any of the cultural boobs/leftist political hacks sitting as gatekeepers for contemporary publishing houses could recognize literary merit from the past rather than desiring only endless variations of Modern and Postmodern Leftism and faddishness.

      Apparently none could, for no contracts were offered. Those who sent already published books did so primarily to verify that unless the sender had important connections, his submission would not be read, certainly beyond a first paragraph, perhaps two. The assistant editor, invariably a young and culturally ignorant recent graduate of some college that confuses outrageous tuition with quality of education (think Jonah Goldberg), would read a line or two and toss the submission into a rejection pile. Scribner?s even rejected out of hand The Yearling, which had won a Pulitzer Prize when published by Charles Scribner?s Sons some half century earlier.

      The previous discussion has been a set-up for this statement: Unless you write that which soothes leftist (and/or neoconservative) fears and/or supports leftist (and/or neoconservative) hatreds and preconceptions, you will not find a publisher, regardless of whether you write fiction or non-fiction. The few exceptions are those who have powerful connections or status: the immensely wealthy and their close friends (like Taki and Scott McConnell and their circle), the nearing retirement professors (like Clyde Wilson), those who meet at least one Affirmative Action quota (like Walter Williams), or those who meet the unofficial quota of Jewishness (like Paul Gottfried). Even so, I assert that if that trio of academics were all thirty-five-year-old new Ph.D.s known from their dissertations to believe what they believe as sexagenarians, the only one who today would have any long shot at getting hired and tenured by a university and published by a ?mainstream? press would be Williams (due to Affirmative Action and his discipline).

      That is true because leftists, and to a lesser but growing degree Jewish neoconservatives, absolutely control contemporary publishing, magazines and university presses every bit as much as trade presses, and they see their mission as literary gatekeepers not primarily as searchers for brilliant, challenging, truth-revealing writing but as excluding promoters of their own basic cultural, moral, political, religious, and social views. Like Cromwellians, French Revolutionaries, Marxists, and Nazis, our contemporary multicultural leftists (and only slightly less so our Jewish neoconservatives) are driven to silence all opposition by any means necessary?usually while praising themselves for promoting free speech and open exchange of ideas.

      That being the case, if in your writing you fail to walk a line acceptable to leftists (and/or Jewish neoconservatives) you must accept that for your work to be read you will need to place it on the internet or to self-publish in book or magazine form. Frank Conner has chosen the latter. The South Under Siege1830-2000: A History of the Relations Between the North and the South is exactly the kind of book that must be self-published today because it delves at the heart of the American theater of the Culture War. And its focus helps demonstrate that today?s neoconservatives, like their Lincoln era Yankee Imperial Conservative forebears, are on the leftist side of most of the major battles: they are virulently anti-Southern.

      Conner opens the book with a quote from Milan Kundera?s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting that sums the leftist tactic in the Culture War:

      The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then you have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was.

      That is the Multiculturalist battle plan, and because the South is the heart and soul of all American conservative values, the South is what the Multiculturalists most desire to destroy, to liquidate. Again, I remind all readers that Yankee Imperial Conservatives, both in past years and today?s neocons, also hate the South and want its history damned and then forgotten and new stories, history as well as fiction, written to falsify a new ?southern? culture in sync with the centralized government welfare state that cannot rest until it, Napoleon-like, has brought ?freedom? to the world by destroying traditional local cultures and promoting Progress.

      Conner declares, ?this cultural war has waged unabated since the 1830s, when Northern liberals decided to supplant Christianity with secular humanism as the official religion, and they selected the religious South as their battleground.? My view is even harsher: it began with ethnic-originated cultural differences being recognized during the Revolution and Yankees, like their pure Anglo-Saxon ancestors, concluding that they must use force to conquer and ?civilize? toward WASPish godliness their ?unclean, savage? Southern neighbors. And to these Yankees, their materialist Social Gospel/Unitarian-Universalism spread by slaughter and Wall Street equaled Christianity. That has not changed a jot, except that now more than a hundred million people who are not ethnic WASPs have been made cultural Yankee WASPs through assimilation.

      Conner?s study is filled with interesting insights, such as his summation why Southerners looked favorably on the Wilson presidency and its further consolidation of federal government power though those Southerners opposed many of the administration?s policies: ?During the eight years of Woodrow Wilson?s Democratic presidency, the federal government treated the South with something other than unrelenting hostility for the first time since 1860.? Thus?seeking any respite from being the conquered and impoverished scapegoats of an empire?do genuinely conservative people get sucked into supporting that which is speeding toward unadulterated socialism. That is one way to begin to comprehend how Empire inexorably breeds socialism.

      The South Under Siege should be purchased by anyone who has an interest in the political and cultural relationship of the South to the federal government or to northern states or by anyone who seeks information on how the Left has waged cultural war so successfully. My recommendation, however, does not mean the book is flawless. First, Conner fails to provide adequate citations. Rather than definite footnotes, he includes miniature bibliographies for each section, but that leaves a reader uncertain from which book of the many Conner consulted he got any specific fact or assessment. For example, Conner writes that James Madison ?insisted that the Constitution contain a provision which would give Congress the power to veto any legislation enacted by a state.? Perhaps it is because I am no expert on the Constitution, but I did not know that, and it is additional proof that the Constitution should not have been adopted because its father desired not a decentralized republic but a centralized government eerily similar to the Westminster Parliament in that it would hold and define all power. Had Conner provided a footnote for his assertion, I could easily check it. Without the footnote, I am left uncertain as to whether Conner has misinterpreted something or Madison was indeed far more like Hamilton, if not necessarily Lincoln, than he was like Jefferson.

      Conner?s two great strengths are that he knows the views and values of the average Southerner well and that his book presents a coherent picture that covers the entire course of American history. His weakness is that he is not nearly well versed enough in world cultural history, and that means that he recites clich鳬 often clich鳠that are necessary to the Left, when he discusses issues and concepts that are not uniquely Southern. For example, he apparently equates medieval scholasticism with geocentrism, which is one of the ways the Modern World, particularly the cultural and religious Left, began to damn the Medieval World as hopelessly backward. The reason the Left required such a false characterization of the Medieval World is that it was one defined by Christian identity and faith that had fostered traditional cultures standing as bulwarks against everything that is not European and not Christian. The Modern Leftist hatred of the Middle Ages was the necessary precursor to the same hatred of Southern culture, and anyone, for whatever reason, who fails to appreciate and defend the Middle Ages does the work of the Modern Left.

      As Conner?s views of the Medieval period seem obviously to be birthed by his religious views (he is a Calvinist, and both Calvinists and Lutherans early on began to damn the Middle Ages as the source of superstition, thus inadvertently igniting the ?hate the dead white men and their traditional culture? aspect of Modern Leftism), it is expected that he repeat the falsehood that before Luther no one could read the Bible in his vernacular. By the time Luther got around to translating, there were somewhere between eight and fifteen translations of the Bible into German (different scholars reject certain ones as paraphrases and/or too incomplete to count). Again, the view expressed by Conner, which has become rather central to most Protestant denominations, is to see the world essentially as a leftist: the evil oppressive European past that must be damned and then purified and swept out of memory.

      The problems are revealed again when Conner discusses Deists: ?Nothing written in the Bible was to be considered true unless it seemed logical to the reader as the result of his own rational analysis (by applying ?right reason?).? That, while oversimplified, is a correct view, but Conner fails to see that it derives necessarily from Luther?s teaching that Scripture is perspicuous combined with age of Enlightenment emphasis on modern science and rejection of the ?superstitiously backward? Middle Ages.

      Conner?s lack of cultural knowledge also leads him to misread Southern literature, which grates me terribly. He writes of the first half of the twentieth century, ?Most of the Southern writers?who faced a choice of echoing the Northerners or foregoing any hope of publication, fame, fortune?dutifully echoed the liberals and ravaged their own region. Thus did Caldwells and Faulkners become literary lions.?

      First, Conner has confused the past 30-40 years with the first half of the twentieth century, when Southern writers, the Southern Renaissance generation that the current leftist professors of Southern literature denigrate, were widely respected. He also has followed what I call the anti-intellectual conservative line on evaluating whether a Southern novelist writes to secure non-Southern praise: his work features a number of unseemly characters. This Southern anti-intellectual view is a mirror image of what I call the simplistic Yankee view of Southern literature: Southern writers who portray evil Southern characters do so because they hate the South and know it to be inferior.

      Neither Caldwell nor Faulkner hated the South; neither wrote to flatter northern prejudices. Caldwell was a leftist and wrote to call attention to Southern poverty, which assuredly existed, in order to secure socialism to cure the poverty. His early works were popular outside the South because they were praised by reviewers who recognized their leftist slants and because they were easily misconstrued by the average simpleton Yankee as an insider?s send-up of inherently inferior Southerners.

      Faulkner was not a leftist and was never beloved by book buyers or fiction critics for periodicals. It took French critics and the 1930s-40s rising group of Southern teachers of literature (Caroline Gordon, Allan Tate, Robert Penn Warren, Cleanth Brooks, etc.) to explain his work. It is true that the average simpleton Yankee fiction critic and professor of American literature read his own prejudices into Faulkner and concluded that Faulkner was saying that the South is defined by all manner of awful things (which were virtually unheard of up north), but he did not need Faulkner ?s fiction to believe such bilge. Faulkner?s fiction revolves around crime and sin, around man failing moral tests, because Faulkner knew the Classics and the Bible, knew that they told the great truths about the human heart in conflict with itself.

      All great literature must be erected upon such knowledge. Any culture that fails to produce such literature is artistically, intellectually, and, probably, spiritually anemic. Until the South begins once again to produce?and honor?such literature, whatever political gains it might make will prove ephemeral.

      In conclusion, I repeat that The South Under Siege is worth buying; Frank Conner should be commended for undertaking such an arduous work and investing his own money to make it available. If we fail to support him, there will be no more who follow his path, leaving us only the PC junk now published ad nauseum.

      Jimmy Cantrell

    9. Sgt. Skull Says:

      They’ll be blood on the walls because niggers need whitey’s tax dollars. If the majority of blacks in a given county wished to form a new one whites would jump for joy and say “good riddance”! Black politcos, being the parasites that they are, are stricken with fear over the potential loss of white tax revenue.

      This is why it’s so amusing to argue with black and mexican nationalists. I always ask that if we are so wicked and evil why they and their people risk life and limb to emigrate to white nations, or why can’t they return to their native lands? Why can’t they form self sustaining, and independent communities? We on this forum know the answer and it’s not the pat response of white racism advanced by the anti-white radicals.

      I even recall crypto racist doing some back pedalling on FTL when one caller challenged blacks to return to Africa. She said we have to learn to share America and can’t have it all. What a chicken shit response. They always moan about being ripped from their homelands by evil white
      masters but won’t return when given the chance. Is it because life is much better with whitey?

    10. lawrence dennis Says:

      Even though it comes from whitey, niggers know that “Pecunia non olet.”


      Indeed, although American nigger ‘culture’ was largely a creation of it’s Jewish sponsors and promoters, its principal theme is the bizarre anti-world that exists in the nigger brain, an anti-world centered entirely around his relationship to whites: his hatred of ‘evil’ whites, his ‘exploitation’ by whites, his ‘victimization’ by whites, his ‘history’ that was ‘stolen’ by whites, his ‘resistance’ to ‘racism,’ “We shall overcome,” “I have a dream,” “By any means necessary,” “A high-tech lynching,” “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit,” “No justice, no peace,” and so on, ad nauseam. The only other ‘themes’ in nigger ‘culture’ are “I be king o’ da’ jungle,” “Let’s get it on” and “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.” All of the money that rich American niggers have comes from ‘entertainment’-hypnotized wiggers via the Jew. And the money that ‘inner cities’ get comes from taxes on whites via insane liberals aligned with Jews. The Raison d’Être of the nigger in America is his imagined self-importance vis-à-vis whites. Without whites around, the nigger ceases to exist, disappearing into the dustbin of history, unloved and unmourned, just another dark creature whose life was “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short,” thus by nature made. Even the (mythical) ‘noble’ nigger (a popular staple of jew-created ‘entertainment’) can never rise above that of his crude surroundings when stuck among his own kind. When nigger #1 inevitably kills/robs/rapes nigger #2, and no non-nigger is around to record the event, then was there any crime committed at all?

    11. Rob Smith Says:

      Nothing goes right until we go white is a great slogan…….

    12. John Says:

      Nothing goes right until we dump the Kike!

    13. NewWorldOrder Says:

      Why should the south not hold the north and west accountable even today for what their ancestors did to the white race and being so brainwashed they also took part in it by their mockery of the south that was contrued as a nothing but bunch of inbred white trash hick bumpkins or the same thing you still see on jew Springers bullshit show?

      Yet, in the past 50 yrs the south has seen 75 million whites from the north and west escaping the vast cesspool concrete jungle wastelands filled with niggers spics and every concievable form of misegenated half breed thanks to the jew brainwash and takeover of western culture and society in every way.

      When will the big apology come? So far all we see are whites from the north and west escaping to the south and kissing the niggers ass because they are scared of the southern white even though they come into his region looking for a refuge from their crime drug havens.

      Apology is not enough. There must be retribution for the inflicted damages on not just the southern whites but on the entire white race. As soon as whites regain control and all the niggers jews spics and slants or reds or yellows are killed off or about 7 billion people then the NWO will have to formed with the 50 millions true southern whites in charge and 50 million from southern Europe.

      At that time we must devise a new constitution for the worlds 500 million whites who would then be required to get rid of the 7 billion dead non-whites and use dozers tro push them into large holes or have massive airdrops into the ocean and once this done the NWO will be created with the 100 million true clean whites at the top as the ruling class with 100% control and citizenship of the new world planet with whites only. The remaining 400 million white race traitor descendants will be relegated to 60% human and will be the workers for the ruling class 100 million pure whites.

      We will split up the world into 5 sections that are formerly the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe. On each of the new white continents we will have 100 million 60% whites and 20 million ruling class whites for equalization. Under no circumstance will the 60% whites be allowed to mix with the ruling class in any continent and since only whites are involved with pure white rulers in charge only the world will become an incredibly advanced place of technology and white advancement. There will no jews no niggers no spics no slants no fags no atheists. In other words this will be the true white heaven on earth and the 100 million pure clean supreme superior purebred white rulers are the new chosen ones as it was written by the ancients who were stupidass jews but knew in the end they would be wiped out with all the non-whites perverts fags and oddballs and that the chosen few would rule the planet.

      For those 400 million 60%er whites who will be the working class servants of the supreme ruling class 100 million whites they will be marked with chips and not be allowed to misegenate with the pure white supreme class but will be allowed to live and serve their white master race.

      The true white master race will rule earth forver and quick advancements will be made for space travel and beyond with vehicles that can go a million times the speed of light that travels at 186k mps and this will allow inter galactic travel to other worlds millions of light years away. Whites will also invent time machines to correct the past and erase the jew evils with their tools. Whites will also invent ageless processing so they can live for 1000s of yrs although the 60% white slaves will not be able to participate.

      The new 100 million pure superior white race will enjoy trillions upon trillions in the wealth of the world they own and control and will build great castles and cities free of any crime or brainwash as before in the hellhole created by the jews and their tools.

      The new superior supreme whites will build bridges across the oceans for easy travel and space ships to travel to distant new civilizations they will create. There will be no waste fraud or jew nigger spic shit as before as all that will be eased and cleansed from the earth similar to the great flood ethnic cleansing that also didnt work out either and had to be destroyed this time by white supremes.

      The NWO of white superiors will be an incredible advanced race and planet with no tax problems no filthy misegenation no worthless lies and scum and no brainwash by the evil hellish jew media or hollywood that will all be destroyed along with the filthy nasty cities and towns and all that goes with it.

      Earth was meant for the chosen few supreme white superior race only and not any filthy evil non-white scum or perverts fags atheists etc who all come from the same jew hellhole.

      The 400 million white workers will also live in crimefree environments and be allowed to procreate with each other only and be assigned mates for sustaining the working class of whites to serve their white master race superiors.

      This NWO will arise out of the ashes when the major earth war comes aka Amegeddon that will wipe out the scum inferiors and only leave the 500 million whites with the 100 ruling white supreme master race in charge and the 400 million white 60% workers doing the manual blue collar work for their white slave masters.

      This is the master plan. We figure it will come within the next 50 yrs and we will have to use nukes to wipe out the inferiors and preserve the 500 million whites inorder to create the NWO. This is the only way. There is no other choice. Accept this plan or you will be destroyed in the future when the wheels begin rolling and action is taken.

    14. Mati The Estonian Says:

      kikes must go first – blacks are to dumb to do something whitout them.

    15. White Russian Says:

      Niggers are children of the devil; they are like their father in every kind of way; killing, stealing, and destroying

    16. lynn Says:

      hey who was the first open heart surgent im confuse i have no problems with blacks becuz that invented alot things which we use to day and what do it make yall feel good….there on your mind that bad you have to talk about what they living a free life hell our kind dont work either and we call them white trash do you know who the richest person and the world is a black person so think about what your say when you say fell free to email me at [email protected]

    17. Jim Says:

      I agree. One thing I disagree with is the hatred of all Jews. Any conservative Jew that wants to fight the nigger with me is my friend. The Jews in the media are liberal white killers, but the Jews I see in everyday life seem to be just as anti-nigger as I am.

    18. jim Says:

      jews are the seed of the serpent in the garden of eden. the serpent was and is none other than lucifer (Rev.12:9). true israel travelled north over the caucass mountains, called themselves caucasians and settled europe and north america. those who claim to be jews and are not are actually the synagogue of satan, and are satan’s children doing there father’s evil work on earth. Blacks are nothing but pawns used by humanist kenites (sons of cain the first murderer and satan’s child i.e. the jews). white women who don’t love their own people and date blacks are in my book very low class. i don’t hate them though, they are simply ignorant brain washed victims of this evil society that the kenites have engineered.
      these kenites have 4 major dynasties they use toi mislead and destroy our people; education (i.e. teaching evolution and liberalism), religion (satan’s favorite place to opperate from is the pulpit, hint God doesn’t send out beggars and circus acts, He sends teachers of His word not super preachers on ego trips who only care about their word), economy (kenite jew bankers make our people slave through credit cards and interest rates for example), and politics (they are in the process of building a one world government, using guises s/a the environment (being green). their goal = prepare our people to worship satan when he is soon cast down to earth (rev.12:7) claiming to be “Jesus” (2nd Thess.2:4).

      p.s. Christ told us to leac\ve the kenite jews alone in the parable of the tares of the field in Matthew 13. many of the tares look so much like wheat (caucasians) that our ignorant brothers and sisters wouldn’t know what we were doing if we annilated them. the angels will get them at the end and throw them into the fire !!!

    19. Charlie C Says:

      God this website is refreshing. It is truly mind boggling what I see going on in this country today. I’m 44 and I feel as though I was born a hundred years too late. We now live in a culture where ignorant miscegenitic bafoonary is celebrated and the white family cowars without allys, though the white race is the hand that has fed the very beasts who are hell bent to destroy us. I just saw this a.m. where a pharmacist in Oklahoma made a 16y/o monkey “good” in obvious self defense, yet now faces 1st degree murder charges. The truth has been exchanged for a lie in these last days.

    20. white man awakening Says:

      I have been a fool 4 too long. I am a EUROPEAN AMERICAN