2 May, 2007

“Jewish American Heritage Month”

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Saluting the people who have nearly wrecked Western culture. And, uh, “Jewish Americans?” What on earth is a “Jewish American?” As the famous rabbi Stephen S. Wise once admitted, wherever Jews reside in the world, they are Jews first and foremost. In other words, if a Jew lives in France, he isn’t a Frenchman. Instead, he’s a Jew who currently lives in France. Big difference there. Frenchmen are White Europeans. Jews aren’t White. They’re a tribe of part-Arab shekel collectors who pose as White people when it suits them:



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    1. Mark Says:

      Speak for yourself there Georgie. I bet that half-wit didn’t even write that. “Here George I have something for you to sign through for Jews, it will look good on your record.” “Okay sure, no problem. Do you have a pen?”

    2. Will Stuteley Says:

      Is it a coincidence that the proclamation occurs on the anniversary of Hitler’s death (April 30)? Ooooh, how clever! Stupid zhids…

    3. Junghans Says:

      For being purportedly only 3% or less of the population, Jewry’s grip on their de facto Amerikinder colony looms rather large to most observant, objective thinkers everywhere. Only those being blindsided and harvested seem to be clueless to the surreal reality. The swindle is extremely unnatural and truely unbelievable.

    4. jackumup Says:

      Rabbit steve is absolutely correct a jew is a jew is a jew no matter where the are, from their whining screeching voice to their hook noses they stand out in a crowd like a nigger at white sale, as far as honoring them that’s ridicules, their honored all the time at porn awards, gay freedom ceremonies, government sponsored housing for niggers in white neighborhood openings, bank failing investigations, abortion clinics, crack houses, industrial auctions, divorce settlements the list goes on and on where ever there is fraud ,deception, immorality, perversion the jew is its glory

    5. Dudeman Says:

      No, but now wait a sec. Only the sephardim are part arabic correct. I thought that ~80% of the jews (ashkenazim) were khazars. That ain’t arabic. Am I wrong here?

    6. jackumup Says:

      Rabbit stevey is on target, a jew is a jew is a jew. From its whiney voice to its hook nose and beatie eyes it resembles no other form of race on the planet, as far as honering it, the yid is honored when ever there is a porn award, credit transaction, abortion, lawsuit, section eight housing developement, mayday in russia, every funeral for a dead service man in the middle east, in any form of usary, perversion, theft, deception, oppression, slavery the list goes on & on…………FUCK THEM

    7. Lutjens Says:

      “Dudeman Says:

      3 May, 2007 at 3:23 pm

      No, but now wait a sec. Only the sephardim are part arabic correct. I thought that ~80% of the jews (ashkenazim) were khazars. That ain’t arabic. Am I wrong here?”

      Ben Freedman does a pretty good job of explaining what they really are.


    8. Mark Says:

      Genetic studies put Ashkenazim as a mixture of Asiatic (Khazarian), Semitic, and Mediterranean. Sephardim are mostly Semitic in contrast.

    9. Dudeman Says:

      What the crap is a “schtetl” anyways?!? Ah nevermind. I don’t want to know.

      Thanks Lutjens. I’ll give it a listen. BTW, did you guys see this :


      Seems the vermin filth don’t think that their government is extreme enough.

    10. jigabooze j. jigaboos Says:

      “What the crap is a “schtetl” anyways?!?”

      Good question. It’s too bad there is not an easy way to find out.