21 June, 2007

Palestine: More Tikkun Olam as American Foreign Policy

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Bush is a champion of “democracy,” right? Then what’s the problem with Hamas leadership? After all, the Palestinian people already voted, in democratic elections, for Hamas. That should have resolved the question of who should manage the Palestinian government [1]. That should have meant that Hamas, after winning the majority of seats in parliament, would share power with moderate president Mahmoud Abbas of the Fatah party. But no. America didn’t like the results of those elections so it rejected them (for Israel’s benefit) [2] [3]:


[1] the 2005 election: [Here]

[2[ the 2006 election and the rejection of the results by the U.S. and the EU.: [Here]

[3] the EU’s boycotting of Hamas: [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to “Palestine: More Tikkun Olam as American Foreign Policy”

    1. KLyyon Says:

      Hamas was rejected due to its commitment to the destruction of the state of Isreal. Had they decided to put down their weapons and talk peace, the whole world (except Iran) would have supported them. Peace with Isreal is the only way the Palestinian people are going to have a life or a country. Right now, many Palestinians are fleeing Hamas’ control of the Gaza Strip because they want peace in their lives. They don’t want continous war with anyone. Is that wrong? Unfortunately, Isreal fears letting terrorists in among those trying to leave so that the people who want to get out are stuck in the middle. Fatah made a huge mistake by running multiple candidates for the same position instead of just one like Hamas did. That’s why Hamas won. Simple math. The Palestinian people want the life and hope for their children that peace with Isreal would bring. What’s wrong with that? The Palestinian people are tired of conflict, and just want to live-not continue fighting and dying. What kind of existence is that? Though the Bible says that when Isreal and Palestine unite in peace that the Heavenly Father will bring about the end of the world-Judgement Day. The Bible also says “whosoever loves Isreal loves me”. That’s something to think about while spewing anti-Semitic hatred toward the Jewish people.
      Better watch your tongue! May God Bless You.

    2. ati sand fleas Says:

      you foozebags that think GOD is a middle easterner are NUTS… If
      your’re white and spouting off that nonsense, your’re nuts AND stupid…A WHITE PERSON ” CANNOT”, repeat “CANNOT” live in that SCORCHING ENVIRONMENT !!! You are being JUized to accept some desert camel jockey’s delierious heat stroke dream….Don’t forget, the ashkenazie dropped the H from their original name,ie, HASH HISH KENAZIE…..Some northern white people have figured out this SWINDLE !!!