18 August, 2007

Two additions to our Local Affiliates

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We don’t know who they are yet, but the force is strong with these two:

Why Los Angeles Sucks!

Newspapers. Pure crap. In L.A. we have the Daily News, asmall paper that at one point was what some might consider a fairlyright wing publication geared toward the San Fernando Valley section ofthe city. It’s been co-opted, and is now another ass-wipe rag dedicatedto cheerleading the destruction of America and white people via theimportation of immigrants who have no allegiance to their new place ofresidence. It does this by constantly running stories about immigrantswho are patriotic, working their way up, better than any of the peoplethat used to comprise the “old America”. Same crap we see in everypaper and news magazine in the US. The “big gun” newspaper here in townis the LA(tino) Times, which has been battling the NY Times for acouple of decades to see which paper can be the most anti-whitebird-cage liner in the former United States. Basically, the paper fawnsover blacks, hispanics, all non-whites in fact, homosexuals andseemingly can’t cram enough adoring stories about jews into theirpages. These people are all so vibrant, hard working and productive I’msurprised the Times hasn’t flat out asked all the straight white malesout there to commit suicide – right now – just to get it over with.

Voice Of Deseret (Utah)

But what’s just as attractive is the traditional American pro-family atmosphere that prevailed in Utah, and that I think still prevails, although there are potent forces who seek to weaken and even completely overthrow that atmosphere. And it’s those forces and their manipulators that I intend to expose and explore on this blog. It will be political, it will fire you up, and it may even piss you off from time to time. What it won’t be is boring and politically correct. We have enough of that in society. The best way to defend free speech is to exercise it in the spirit of John Peter Zenger.

See a full list of our local affiliates here.

  • 4 Responses to “Two additions to our Local Affiliates”

    1. Anchorage Activist Says:

      This is gratifying news, particularly the L.A. blog. We’ve long needed someone to report from within the “belly of the beast” itself. I lived in Buena Park, CA (Orange County) from 1962-69 and it was mostly white and mostly clean. Not anymore, from what I hear.

      The judicial atrocity against the Shaun Walker Trio, perpetuated as it was by a mostly white jury finding them guilty on April 2th after just 5 hours deliberation, exposed the critical need for a pro-white voice for Utah. It appears to be edited by someone who doesn’t currently live there but who has strong ties to and detailed knowledge of the area. And the strong homosexual influence encompassing the “City of the Saints” (which from personal experience is one of the most picturesque cities in the USA) is truly revolting. Three out of the leading four mayoral candidates in bed with Big Fag! What the hell’s gone wrong? Bring back Brigham Young and blood atonement!

    2. web surfer supreme Says:

      The L.A. blog is funny and sad at the same time. I see in the thread on Friday Night’s FTL, the guy who writes it popped and mentioned that he is aware of big jew. Good for him.

    3. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      From the “Why Los Angeles Sucks!” blog:

      “Slow. S-l-o-w. S…l…o…w. I’m not talking about traffic. I’m talking about the non-white shuffle. You guys out there in the various parts of the former US that suffer the scourge of “multiculuralism”, you guys know what I mean. The shuffle. To be more precise, the black and brown shuffle. Never is it more proudly demonstrated than when these jagoffs walk across the street. Whoa, I mean shuffle across the street. Maybe if I said the way they drag themselves across the street might it be a better description. Most people in large and midsize cities in the US have seen this phenomena in action in crosswalks and on not too few an occasion, jaywalkers of color treat people to this demonstration of power and control. No need for lights or a crosswalk. When I say power and control, I mean power and control in whatever passes for a mind in these people.

      Say you’re out for a drive, and the light turns red at an intersection. You pull to a stop. The pedestrians walk across the street in normal fashion when they see the “walk” sign flash. White pedestrians that is. Then the “don’t walk” signs start flashing. “Don’t Walk” is apparently the cue for a mexican or black to show you who’s boss. The “don’t walk” signal means the flag is up, and they can now begin what at first might appear to be a laborious trek across the street. The pace is excruciatingly slow in order to guarantee that traffic will be held up until the esteemed-up mini-minds make it to the other side. The pace is also slow to show all those fuckers – meaning you white people in your goddamn cars – who’s boss. Slow. Very s-l-o-w. All the better for everyone in their cars to actually see knuckles dragging across asphalt. Yep, they sure show us. Show us that at least some of the material in the “Bell Curve” is correct.”

      Good stuff. This happened to a friend of mine in St. Louis. He was kind of a hard ass, from one of the few remaining French families in that town, and he was driving down a street in south city when a nigger tried to pull a stunt like this on him, so he stomped on the gas pedal and chased the ‘groid up on the sidewalk, through some bushes, and across a lawn. I thought it was hilarious at the time. Looking back at it I’m not real happy about the property damage that was caused to a lawn that almost certainly at that time belonged to somebody White, but I’ve lost it once or twice because of exposure to diversity so I can certainly understand where he was coming from.

    4. Barth Gimble Says:

      Both blogs are good. The LA blog is funny and depressing at the same time. I like the picture he uses in his profile. He knows the “why?” to all of this.