7 September, 2007

Feed, September 6, 2007

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Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus

Killing bees – and Whites.

Nigger-Lover Nifong

Through the entire whore hoax, not a single newspaper has published the statistical facts about interracial rape: it is exclusively black on White. Forty thousand White women are raped by niggers each year. That fact is deliberately suppressed by the jews controlling the mass media. This shameful conduct was rooted in a broader trend toward subordinating facts and evidence to faith-based ideological posturing. Worse, the ascendant ideology, especially in academia, is an obsession with the fantasy that oppression of minorities and women by “privileged” white men remains rampant in America. Its crude stereotyping of white men, especially athletes, resembles old-fashioned racism and sexist. Precisely what we talked about in our 9/6 radio show – the difference between factual truth – istina – and should-truth – pravda. White males are evil, as determined by the communist ideologues running Duke and higher education, so called, in general. The facts don’t matter to leftists. They are cultists, and theirs is a tradition of murder and lies. Stuart Taylor and K.C. Johnson ask: Can this trend be reversed? The power of extremist professors will continue to spread unless mainstream liberal academics, alumni and trustees stop deferring to them and stop letting them pack departments with more and more ideologically eccentric, intellectually mediocre allies. Not likely to happen. The left is filled with head cases. No one in the real world will pay them for their shitty screeds so they hole up in the fantasyland of academia. Change academic culture? Change media culture? The only way to do that is to get rid of the jew overclass that is the driving power behind the race-communism fostered through these institutions. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEWS.

Murray on Jew Genius

Read this article correctly and here’s what you get: jews produced virtually nobody significant until 1800, and the big names they produced from 1800 on as likely to be monsters or products of nepotism and publicity as anything. Jews are a footnote in world history, which is the story of the Aryans. Which is one of the reasons the jews attempt to arrange the genocide of our people, disdaining our achievements in System textbooks. What’s really remarkable about jewish greats is that in time nearly every one is revealed as a fraud – think Einstein, Freud and Marx, all of whose ideas are discredited, and whose legacy is one of obscurantism leading to murder. The laughable attribution of monotheism to jews is cut from the same bolt as the liar’s lingo ‘judeo-Christian.’ Wherever bullshit or politics can be parlayed  through mass media into prize-winning achievement, there you’ll find the jew. Whether it’s a urinal winning an art prize, a masturbating kook typing literature, or no-math physics, jews achieve top rank only in moralizing, pseudoscience and nepotism. Whites, by contrast, have to perform real work to achieve notice. What’s truly remarkable about the jews is that for all their self-proclaimed verbal genius they have produced no writers of the first rank. Where is the jewish Twain? Him I want to read. Where is the jewish Rabelais? Him I want to read. The answer is Him ain’t be. Nothing but saucepans and senna leaves as far as the eye can see. The jews always have been and always will be a malarial slough off the Aryan mainstream of human cultural development.

What is a Jew?

Not least, it’s a thing that doesn’t like to be called by its name. You can’t insult a Christian or a Muslim by calling him a Christian or a Muslim; you can insult a jew. Why? Because the scam doesn’t work unless the jew has the mark’s confidence. The mark loses confidence if he takes the jew for an outsider, an alien, a member of a hostile, predatory tribe. “British in public, yiddish in private.” That’s how jews do it. The jew is the creature that runs from its name, and that pretty much sums up its character.

Thought Crime Roundup

Won’t somebody please, please do something about untoward limb movements? A Czech soccer player was fined about $10,000 for raising his arm in a gesture officials said was a Nazi salute. Here on right-wing Austrian soldiers. Here on support for loyalist parties vs SPD. The German neo-Nazi National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) party has surpassed the co-governing Social Democrats in the east German state of Saxony, news reports cited a poll released by the Forsa institute.  Stats:  Some 18,142 neo-Nazi crimes were registered in Germany last year , up from 15,900 in 2005. The number of anti-foreigner attacks stood at 511 in 2006, indicating a 37 percent rise from the previous year. Would be interesting to see what is defined as a crime. Most likely is that any public expression of anti-commie attitudes is registered. Here on skinheads in Russia. More here, claims of “shocking” rise in violence. Sova estimates there are more than 60,000 skinheads in Russia. What kind of a world is it in which those who mention obvious facts become subjects of criminal investigations? Jews control the West. They’ve set up a cult for Whites, refusal to participate in which is grounds for prosecution.

Nigger Vick

Bloafing* liberal fool misattributes spitter quotation to Cosby. But get this wonderful quote from Notso Sharpton: The Rev. Al Sharpton, sometimes presidential candidate and demagogue extraordinaire, blogged: “If the police caught Brett Favre (the white Green Bay Packers quarterback) running a dolphin-fighting ring out of his pool … would they bust him? Of course not. They’d get his autograph … then bet on one of the dolphins.” Even for a nigger…! If it wasn’t for the violence, nigs would be like some wacky cartoon channel version of people. The things they say…cannot be predicted. All you can say is nig + low IQ + shoulder chip + English = hilarious. Whites must realize that blacks are not Whites. In a nutshell, White normal and nigger normal be two different things. Jews have carefully catered to and nurtured the nigger mentality that there’s no such thing as injustice against a White man. He comes from a guilty race; anything you do to him is justified. This is not a minority attitude in the colored cities, this is how the vast majority of brothas and sistas sees things. Which creates a very difficult environment for Whites to function in. Every time they go up against a ‘minority’ – i.e. a member of the races that make up 92% of the world’s population – they’re in danger. A media and legal environment decades in cultivation sees to it that nothing is on the White’s side and everything official supports the nig’s.

* Bloafing = blogging without purpose or talent; wordclog in Internet pipes; shit better not written/shit that would not exist save for newtek’s facilitation of everyego’s excression**.

** Excression = verbal excretion passing as expression, usually in electronic form.

Neo-Jews Using Music to Spread Hate Message

the number of neo-Nazi and skinhead concerts in the country have doubled in the past seven years to 160 and the country is home to about 100 right-wing rock bands. The Internet is the stake we will drive through the heart of the  jew. Jews hate racism – White racism. They’re all for jew racism. Here Lithuanians go after commie jew involved with murdering Aryans in Jews’ War II. Here on a “far rightist” making waves in Greece. The Popular Orthodox Alarm party of George Karatzaferis, who has pledged to stop illegal immigration of Albanians and has upset Jewish groups with his rhetoric, is expected to reach the three percent threshold in parliamentary elections on September 16. Meanwhile, the Pope’s back to doing what he does best, kissing jew ass. The essence of Catholicism is seen in the Pope’s behavior. The nazis did nothing to harm the Catholic church. The jews, both as jews and as commies, murdered tens of thousands of priests, tens of millions of Christians, and made clear their determination to destroy the church. How does the Pope repay nazi fairness? With denunciation. How does the church repay jewish hatred and violence? With groveling. Catholic = coward. That’s the only conclusion an outsider can draw. Notice too the result of the application of the golden rule, which ought to be relabeled the Pyrrhitical Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The pope apologizes to jews around the clock, really goes out of his way to lick their ass. What does he get in return? Nothing. The jews keep up their campaign of disrespect and hatred of the Pope’s religion, and there is no recorded record of any rabbi anywhere at any time apologizing for his race’s role in murdering tens of millions of Christian Whites under the Jewish Tyranny called communism. “Treat others as you want to be treated.” What if others aren’t like you? What if they’re hostile? What if their interests oppose yours? What if we all can’t just get along? What if biology makes us incompatible. No, the correct policy is to treat others as their behavior shows they deserve to be treated. Jewish behavior through history shows that they deserve to be exterminated. Here on America-based kikes trying to weasel German citizenship so they can run scams in Europe too.

Switzerland Protects Itself, Jewsmedia Shrieks in Horror

Ostensibly British publication shits on Swiss for protecting their nation from muslinigger scum. The Swiss are gathering signatures for a referendum that would allow judges to ship not just criminals nigs and muslimes back to desert and jungle, but force them to pack their relatives too. Similar to a nazi practice called Sippenhaft. After all, it makes no sense to crush one tentworm and leave the rest of them. The media campaign against the Swiss protection is run by jews, who have a genetic hatred of Whites called loxism. Jews detest settled, successful White society and always try to destroy it, both from within, through termitic activity in the instances their number are foolishly allowed citizenship, and from without, through their media. Every nutty native culture is valuble and must be protected, according to the jews – except White culture. That must be destroyed. It’s too successful, too beautiful, too appealing. It shows the jews up. They hate it. They use whatever power they have at their disposal to take a crowbar to it. Dr Schlüer is a small affable man. But if he speaks softly he wields a big stick. The statistics are clear, he said, foreigners are four times more likely to commit crimes than Swiss nationals. “In a suburb of Zürich, a group of youths between 14 and 18 recently raped a 13-year-old girl,” he said. “It turned out that all of them were already under investigation for some previous offence. They were all foreigners from the Balkans or Turkey. Their parents said these boys are out of control. We say: ‘That’s not acceptable. It’s your job to control them and if you can’t do that you’ll have to leave’. It’s a punishment everyone understands.” Makes sense. The way to beat jews is to take no shit from them. Ignore their smears and do what is right. Never hestitate to name the jews – to call jews jews and to spotlight the jewish motive behind every anti-White proposal. Band with other Whites and attack the jews, just as they attack you. That’s the only way that can win. Not naming the jew, not discussing his particularly jewish motive in hating and attacking Whites – that’s falling into the jew’s nose. That’s doing exactly what he wants you to do, for he knows you can never win. It takes a team to beat a team. That is the reason jews declare White identity illegal. Whites can be blamed as  history’s bad guys, but Whites must never, ever be allowed to rally behind their race – as every other race is encouraged to do, by law and subsidy. Whites, by contrast, are legally discriminated against in a thousand ways, and if they try to form 501c3 educational foundations to defend themselves are denied by courts. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEWS. He is fiercely proud of his nation’s independence, which can be traced back to a defensive alliance of cantons in 1291. He is a staunch defender of its policy of armed neutrality, under which Switzerland has no standing army but all young men are trained and on standby; they call it the porcupine approach – with millions of individuals ready to stiffen like spines if the nation is threatened. Linked to that is its system of direct democracy where many key decisions on tax, education, health and other key areas are taken at local level. Heavily armed White men making local decisions. A yid’s worst nightmare, itz. Switzerland shows the way to go. That is what we desire after our White state is established. Initially there will be a dicatatorship – there can be no other way. But ultimately, devolution is the political way of the White man. Libertarians ought to understand but do not, or affect not to, that there’s no such things as individual rights outside a White context. Nigs aren’t capable of them. Jews are natural totalitarians. Asians – who knows what their deal is, that’s for them to work out. Whites need to look in the mirror and accept that they should rule. Not jews. Not muds. Not white women. White men. They alone can create the institutions that secure the good life. Any other group running things will produce misery. Would you board a plane painted Nigair? Then why would you vote for Grobama? Do you imagine political leadership is easier than flying an airplane? Speaking of which, here’s a frightening story from Nepal. Officials at Nepal’s state-run airline have sacrificed two goats to appease Akash Bhairab, the Hindu sky god, following technical problems with one of its Boeing 757 aircraft, the carrier said Tuesday. See now, when these Asian clowns are on the other side of the world we can guffaw as nature intended; when our nation is filled with these chinkiwinks, and they’re legally privileged over humans… well let’s just say no matter where we walk, we can’t be too sure of the footing.

Aryan Attitude Toward Iraq

Exhibited by Scott Ritter, a good man smeared by the Judeosystem. “Who is killing them?” Another easy answer: Iraqis. We are occupying their homeland. We are violating their sovereignty. We are butchering, abusing and torturing their citizens. Our continued presence is an affront to the socio-economic-political fabric that is (or was) Iraqi society. If someone occupied my hometown in the same manner Americans occupy Iraq, I’d be killing them any way I could. And I would be called a hero by my own people, and not a terrorist. Thanks to menticide-by-media combined with decades of dumbing down, most Americans 1) know little, 2) what they do know ain’t so. AmeriKwans have been trained to think not like jews but what jews want them to think. This is dangerous to the future of our race, to say the least. Forget about our country. It’s over. The jews murdered it. There is no reality feedback loop to check jewish ambitions. Just lie after lie after satellite-broadcast lie. There is an al-Qaida presence in Iraq. However, the majority of what is known as “al-Qaida in Iraq” is composed of Iraqis, not foreigners. The whole phenomenon is a direct result of the American occupation of Iraq, and would dissipate the moment America left the country.  This is very easy to understand stuff. It’s just that reality is never allowed to break through the media bubble the jews have imprisoned the goyim in.  The ‘Kwan has been taught to dismiss everything he dislikes as hate. That’s the motive-spotting-for-dummies the jews teach the idiotic college girls and freepertardim alike. What Jewish Tyranny has laid bare is that fact that more people, even Whites, believe in magic than reason.

D.C. Denigging

Too expensive for coons in the crapital.

Thinking About College

No shit?! Turns out there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of boxes very probably even one located in a city near you where you can pay TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars a year to latinas and niggers and feminists and people of pilpul pule about EVIL WHITE MALES just like you. I don’t get it. Why doesn’t everybody go to college?

Books: Letters From Nuremberg

Dodd said there were too many jews at the victors’ trial. No mention that those on trial were tortured – by jews.

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      /k?meeli?n/ (also chamaeleon)

      noun a small slow-moving lizard with a long extensible tongue, protruding eyes, and the ability to change colour.

      — DERIVATIVES chameleonic adjective.

      — ORIGIN Greek khamaileon, from khamai ‘on the ground’ + leon ‘lion’.

    3. Occidental Dissent » Jewish Genius Says:

      […] VNN, Alex Linder has posted some thoughts about Charles Murray on Jewish genius. Murray reminds me of John Derbyshire’s take on the […]

    4. lawrence dennis Says:

      On the “Denigging of DC”, the article states:

      By 2006, the census estimated that 38% of D.C. residents were white.

      Now consider how heavily fortified Jews are in that area, and also consider how many Latrinos are counted as white….

      I wouldn’t bet the actual amount of whites to be more than 20%.

    5. Petrarch Says:

      The way the jew media packaged the Duke lying nigger whore case was intended to serve two purposes:

      1) The incitement of racial hatred of White in order to motivate more niggers to rape White women.
      2) Promote White guilt and White self-hatred so that White accept being raped by niggers.

      How else can it be explained that most Whites do accept the fact that niggers rape tens of thousands of White woman each year. This acceptance only occurred after the jew took complete control of the media and entertainment industries. Before then, White regular lynched niggers for rapping White women.

      There are many things in jew media/entertainment controlled Amerikwa that you may NOT find in other society in recorded human history, and the acceptance of White women being raped by niggers is one.

      Does anybody really believe that if tens of thousands of jewess were being raped by Palestinian men that there would be a lot of dead Palestinian men? Don’t think that is true? The fact that more Palestinian children are murdered every year by the jew then niggers were lynched in America should point to the truth. Surely the Palestinian children are not doing anything near as horrible has rapping woman, but they still seem to find themselves dead on regular bases.