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21 January, 2010

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“Is there anything funnier or ghastlier than a jew sitting in moral judgment of a human?”

10 December, 2007

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Soldiers Thank you, blacks and women. Without you protecting us from imaginary terrorists 8,000 miles away, where would we be? Notice the similarity between this army video commercial and college commercials: both make special points of not featuring White males, even though it is White males who do the vast, vast, vast bulk of the […]

17 September, 2007

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Turbo-Nosed Troofs Black man making sense. Video. Here on the differences between men and women. Kevin Lamb on Jew Novak One peculiar omission from Novak’s book is the scant mention of a program in which he served as an active participant for years: M. Stanton Evans’s National Journalism Center, an internship program for aspiring conservative […]

14 September, 2007

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White Genius: Super Filter “Clean air, clean water,” shriek government and so-called evironmentalist nitwits. Who comes up with something? Some guy working on his own. It’s always that way. Mr Pritchard’s bottle can clean up any water – including faecal matter – using a filter that cuts out anything longer than 15 nanometres, which means […]

12 September, 2007

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Hangdog Handmaiden Britt Hume abandons all pretense of being a journalist and fellates Petraeus while armchair Pattons nationwide lean their recliners back a notch and Foxjob themselves to glory. Boobola is Back Tell a friend. The good news is that since the Belgians left several decades ago, the Congo, under black hoppature, has failed to […]

7 September, 2007

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Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus Killing bees – and Whites. Nigger-Lover Nifong Through the entire whore hoax, not a single newspaper has published the statistical facts about interracial rape: it is exclusively black on White. Forty thousand White women are raped by niggers each year. That fact is deliberately suppressed by the jews controlling the mass […]

6 September, 2007

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With host Alex Linder. Main subjects: Chris Bollyn article on 9/11 and Israeli connection; discussion of istina vs pravda, from Frank Ellis’ monograph Marxism, Multiculturalism and Free Speech; discussion of Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminist techniques for soul-analysis and soul-spying as used and perfected by 200 years of revolutionaries, from end of ch. 1 of E. Michael […]

5 September, 2007

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Problems and Meta-Problems Our problems are not our worst problem. Our worst problem is the problem that prevents us from doing anything about the other problems. Can you guess what that meta-problem is. I’ll tell you. Itz the jew. The jew loosed the nigger. The jew prevents us from doing anything about the nigger. The […]

3 September, 2007

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AmeriKwa: Cowards ‘n’ Nitwitz All Compact Mencken said Americans were the most poltroonish people on earth. Has anything changed? Let’s hope the ‘Kwa and Kikistan go down to defeat. Onward and downward for bushy. How we live these days. To be sure, there will be factional conflicts among this elite, and a degree of free […]

3 September, 2007

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Bad, Bad Problems for AmeriKwa Nothing will go right for the U.S. until the jews are removed from power. Don’t be fooled by ideology – jews are commies, conservatives, liberals and all points in between these conventional positions. They’re just masks for jew money and writers to hide behind; they mean nothing more. The real […]