22 October, 2007

Stop Holocaust Comparisons, Jewish Leader Says

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Actually, German expulsion isn’t half of the matter of German suffering during or after World War II. At least 9 million Germans were murdered in one way or another after that war, a fact that is rarely mentioned today. In other words, more Germans were “holocausted” than Jews. Indeed, according to Eisenhower’s own words, those Germans were deliberately, ethnically cleansed [1][2]:


[1] here is an online book about the holocaust of German civilians after WWII, called “Gruesome Harvest.” Note this important and bizarre comment by the part-Jewish, American general Dwight Eisenhower: “Our primary purpose…is destruction of as many Germans as possible.” Gee. “Destruction,” huh? Not “disarm”? Not “arrest”? Book: [Here]

[2] German victims mentioned: [Here] and [Here]

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  7. 9 Responses to “Stop Holocaust Comparisons, Jewish Leader Says”

    1. Chris Says:

      Speaking with the Netzeitung Internet news agency, Graumann said that the anniversary presents a “great opportunity to make a clean slate. It would be good if the association could actually shake off all the chains of nationalistic thinking.”

      WTF? hypocrite kikes! I was going to bitch about double standards with kikes being free from critique in being nationalistic in israel, but we all know this and we are all sick of bitching. noose+tree+kike= results.

    2. Lutjens Says:

      Dieter Graumann… Fuck you, sheenie. Die.

    3. Alek James Hiddel Says:

      “stop demanding compensation”

      Is this a joke?

      Do the Jews have any plans to “stop demanding compensation” from the Germans?

    4. sgruber Says:

      One standard for jews, another standard for the goyim.

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    5. 2050 Says:

      you got it right chris

    6. Glenn Miller Says:

      Nothing, and I do mean nothing, boiled my blood moreso than learning about post war attrocities committed against German women, children, and the elderly, by the jew-led Allies.

      Dr Fields “Thunderbolt” newspaper used to run regular lengthy articles on the subject, and being part-German myself, I naturally became a raving anti-semite as I learned more and more.

      Then finally, the realization that the jews have the same or similar plans for us, drove me to become a jew-hating Nazi member of the NSPA and NSRP beginning in 1974, 5 years before I retired from the US Army, and has driven me ever since.

      The books “Crimes and Mercies” and “Other Losses” are the most credible and persuasive books on the subject, in my judgment.

      Sieg Heil !!!

    7. Noctir Says:

      Will these fucking hook-nosed parasites stop whining? Fuck them. They needed to be annihilated, but the forces of pussy politically correct, Christian faggots gathered to thwart the mighty German Reich. The goddamn Jews won’t be happy until they’ve destroyed all of us. They’re already succeeding in their goal of creating a dominant generic brown multicult race that will serve them after the last white man has died. Of course, all of this race-mixing doesn’t apply to Jews, the most inbred race on the planet. They want us all dead, and we are allowing it. WE ARE ENABLING THEM. The one time a powerful Aryan country tried to solve this problem, other white nations betrayed them. We are doomed…

    8. MIKE Says:

      PEOPLE HERE ARE FULL OF SHIT. Germany had a perfect chance to deal with jews, and set a standard and example of taking back their country. What they did, was start a war due to arrogance, and they (the Nazis) left the german nation literally in smoldering ruins, and gave jews all the ammo they are gonna need for the next hundred years of parasitism. You can whine and bluster all you want about the ‘great ‘ reich, but they were a bunch of fucking losers. goebbels, I could throw up just thinking of his vile ways- a creepy little side-show geek, like some caricature from a horror movie. Himmler, a fucking psychological freak along the lines of the feminine looking pedophile child stalkerwho was the great doctor (where have we heard that title before)pierce’s little ass-sucker, and when it came time to fight, Himmler went on sick call. They were a joke, and their bumbling and arrogance wasted the skills, talent, and hard work of a great nation. WTF is wrong with the idiots on here? The third reich was a fucking disgrace, from every possible angle. germany was strong in spite of it’s leaders, but it’s leaders sent them down in ignominy.

    9. Socrates Says:

      MIKE Says: “PEOPLE HERE ARE FULL OF SHIT. Germany had a perfect chance to deal with jews, and set a standard and example of taking back their country. What they did, was start a war due to arrogance, and they (the Nazis) left the german nation literally in smoldering ruins…”

      Germany started WWII? I thought that England (and France) declared war on Germany.