11 November, 2007

Free Talk Live Sunday 11-11-07 With Mark Faust

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Let’s explore the over abundance of Jews in Hollywood and in the Law schools of the world.

Of course I will have plenty of TNB as well.

Music Starts at 7:30pm EST, White Education Starts at 9pm EST

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Feel free to call in and speak your mind!

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  • 8 Responses to “Free Talk Live Sunday 11-11-07 With Mark Faust”

    1. Greg Says:

      the reason there’s so many jews in law school, Hollywood and hospitals is because they’re smart, educated, and motivated. Racist white trash like you guys will be lucky if you can keep a job at the Waffle House. Judging by the ignorant, illiterate and criminally misspelled language in the forums, all you racist rednecks are uneducated and will never hold important positions like lawyers or doctors or producers. Think about it.

    2. sgruber Says:

      Greg, you write poorly. You failed to capitalize the “the” that begins your first sentence. “There’s” is a contraction of “there is,” which means your tense is wrong. The Oxford comma is otiose nowadays; moreover, your use of it is inconsistent. Language can be misspelled, but it cannot be “illiterate” or “ignorant.” Positions are not what lawyers, doctors and producers are. Was your post some kind of a parody?

      Antis might be surprised to learn the identities of the contributing readers of this site. Is your co-worker kosher?

      There is a solution of the jewish problem. (We do not capitalize “jew.”)

    3. sgruber Says:

      Spot the error in my post, Greg. If you do, your prize will be a deluxe can of dehydrated water.

    4. Mike Mazzone Says:

      Hey Greg, I am my own doctor, lawyer, and producer. My importance and influence are greater than you might realize. Just because a white man doesn’t have a fancy title doesn’t mean he’s not educated and effective.

    5. Tim Harris Says:

      I guess we could also start listing Greg’s logical fallacies. Ad hominem, and sweeping generalization, for starters.

    6. Zip Says:

      Greg, if you’re a jew you’re part of a tribe that ruthlessly persecutes white nationalists in the professions. Even having a politically incorrect opinion can get you sacked. James Watson is the latest to be made an example of. So don’t expect all white nationalists to be open about their beliefs, especially if they’re educated professionals or businessmen who need to borrow capital from jewish bankers on occasion.

      The very first jew wise man I ever met was a millionaire. He hated them based on the greed and dishonesty he’d observed up close. At the time I was shocked by his “hate.” Now I share it.

      The jew is creating more of us all the time.

    7. Herrman Koenig Says:

      Jews have more tribal loyalty than gentiles. “A house divided” is still not a good idea.If we could get it “together,”we would win the culture war.

    8. sgruber Says:

      Oops, Cary Grant’s real name was Archie Leach, not Larry, and there is no evidence he was a jew. (And many mentions in various biographies that, “unfortunately,” he wasn’t a tribe member.)