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23 November, 2021

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The liberals have a slogan: “think globally, act locally.” That’s a great slogan. You can often do the most good, politically speaking, by acting locally, because you can better keep an eye on things in your small area. Get involved with the local community, e.g., the city council, the PTA, etc. Get to know the […]

19 June, 2008

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Distributors of pro-White fliers are ticketed in the Detroit area (see near bottom of article): [Article].

24 February, 2008

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Please join Stan Sikorski as we all pay tribute to a great White Man, James “Yankee Jim” Leshkevich. Stan and co-host James Hawthorne will be joined by Suncoast Rebel Girl, Alex Linder, Bud White, Rob Halford, and others. Phone lines will also be open so folks can pay their respects. The number will be announced […]

28 January, 2008

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Please join Stan Sikorski for FTL Monday in support of Arthur Jones who is a White Man’s candidate to represent Illinois’ congressional district 3 in the U.S. Congress. Arthur Jones is an upstanding White Man with views every White Man can understand. Information will be available throughout the broadcast directing listeners on how they can […]

10 January, 2008

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Disclaimer:  Nothing contained in this document should be construed as legal advice.  The information contained below is for educational purposes only and relates strictly to the legal use of public records. There are two under-utilized areas of public law that are useful in dealing with bad neighbors and other persons in your town that are […]

25 November, 2007

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Everyone should be educated on the benefits of diet and exercise so that they can be here to fight for the future of their children and grandchildren. AND How much do you REALLY know about the current economic crisis that we are facing as Americans? Why is it happening? What does the future hold for […]

11 November, 2007

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Let’s explore the over abundance of Jews in Hollywood and in the Law schools of the world. Of course I will have plenty of TNB as well. Music Starts at 7:30pm EST, White Education Starts at 9pm EST Listen Live!:Winamp Embedded Players: Real Media Quicktime Feel free to call in and speak your mind! Skype […]

28 October, 2007

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Do you still think us “Racists” and “Haters” are crazy? Well then I suggest you listen to tonight’s broadcast of VNN’s Free Talk Live with your host Mark Faust at 9pm est as he goes through all the FACTS and evidence of how World Jewish Power has a tight grip on the governments of the […]

5 August, 2007

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[Rally speech audio archive – hear every speech.]   Backstory: Rise of gang violence in Kalamazoo, Michigan, including dozens of black-on-White attacks and usual cop-pol-media coverup, leads radio host Hal Turner to call a rally on August 4, 2007.   Following are 19 images from the rally. They are all under 200kb.

4 August, 2007

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-=>Live Streaming Audio<=- -=>Skype Chat<=- -=>Forum Thread<=- Media coverage of the rally: [Here] More media coverage: [Here] and [Here]