9 December, 2007

Free Talk Live 12/09/07 9PM With Mark Faust “Religion and Myth”

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God wants you to join the party, he told us so!

We go live at 9PM EST

Ever wonder why so many people world wide believe in such fantastic tales of magic and mysticism when it comes to their religion, BUT they avoid much more obvious truths that stare them in the face so plainly? Join Mark Faust and Arch Stanton as they blow the lid off of the top of the religious establishment. There will be so much evidence to show that most religions stem from one major source. You will not want to miss this one.

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  • 42 Responses to “Free Talk Live 12/09/07 9PM With Mark Faust “Religion and Myth””

    1. Marwinsing Says:

      Here God – suck my middle digit.

    2. Marwinsing Says:

      Is the pope really a catholic? Hmm… it’s a frigging crypto-kike.

    3. Marwinsing Says:

      Is it true you guys clinched an interview with the incarnation of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson Esquire? Apparently he came back to earth as a roach? Just wondering… should be rather interesting… does he mention what methods he intends to use to genocide goy? Ah well tomorrow I do my weekly shopping… will remember to get the Doom Fogger for household pests.

    4. Hoosier Says:

      If God is all powerful, can he make a rock so big that he can’t lift it?

      That was my question when I was about 10 years old. I never did get a straight answer. Apparently a 10 year old can out think most Christian theologians.

    5. Tim Harris Says:

      Hoosier — God can also not “create” a true proposition that says, “2 + 2 = 5”.

      I’m thinking, maybe you should have read a book or two after age 10.

    6. Dave Mannon Says:

      I don’t get why this divisive topic is being given air time. What necessary relationship is there between WN and particular brands of metaphysics? Uh, none because it’s a PERSONAL issue.

      Funny how on Friday night VNNB decries Jewish attacks on Christianity in the instantiation of the Jewish war on Christmas yet on Sunday night proceeds to attack it just like so many Jews. That sounds like a more relevant contradiction than the one cited by Hoosier above. (Can God draw a 4-sided triangle? Oh, golly gee, then He mustn’t exist.)

    7. Michael Burks Says:

      This speakers lies are so transparent it is utterly inconcievable that he has been invited to speak on a VNN broadcast. If anyone wants to learn about the true White Belief system go to http://answpspiritualhour.blogspot.com/ to learn. All other interpretations of christianity are false in the eyes of god!!!

    8. Bill Says:

      This is one of the most enlightening programs I’ve listened too. I will defiantly DL this show put it on cd and pass it around, dose Arch Stanton have any other audio files this is interesting as hell and makes a lot of sense.

    9. Bill Says:

      It’s the history of the Jew; and how the Jew has infiltrated there agenda on the white race through the false Jewish brainwashing religion of Christianity.

    10. Tim Harris Says:

      I might have thought that your hostility to Christianity might be the result of jewish brainwashing.

    11. jimbo Says:

      what has often puzzled me is that, if xianity is “yooish”, then how come it is attacked so often & so voiciferously by the kikez?

      y is Jesus Christ the most villified person (apart from Adolf Hitler) in the yooishe panopticon?

      some-thing doesn’t “add up” there!

      perhaps the original xianity was NOT yooish! but was ‘made so’ by infiltration & subversion over the centuries!

      the fact is that @ least ½ of the original Bible is MISSING….as can be seen here; it is more than possible that those portions we DO have are gross mis-translations!

      y were ‘sects’ like the Gnostics and the Cathars of southern France so violently persecuted?

      it is also A FACT that the jews controlled much of the ancient world(@ least: those parts where there were white Gentiles…Cicero confirms this!)…just as they now control much of the modern world.

      as such: they would clearly have been in a position to ‘sic’ the rich & the powerful onto any social movement they perceived as a threat and/or to simultaneously subvert such from within…..just like they are now attempting to do with various flavours of “white nationalism”!

      any-one interested should read the ‘Epistles of Polycarp’ cited @ the above link….this second-century bishop from ‘Smyrna’ (i think that corresponds to some-where in present-day Turkey…?….it was called ‘Asia Minor’ back then!) seems to imply that most of the “early persecutions” inflicted on the xtians was NOT because of pagans or Romans but because of the jewz!

      perhaps Gnosticism was closer to the original xianity and the original ‘xtian message’ was a philosophy closer to Socrates or Plato than the vicious judæo-xtian mind fuck now peddled!

      *i would hazard a guess that the yoos may well have had some-thing to do with “offing” old Socrates too!….wasn’t that about the time that Antiochus Epiphanes tried to impose some order, reason & sanity on them?…..the bloody, vengeful & intransgient mind-set of the kikez (viz: the blood-thirsty Book of Esther in the jewish ‘Old Testament’) would be inclined to take retribution on any-one they seen as a threat to their long-held plans of white genocide….whether that person be a military leader intent on saving Aryans from their enemies or a scholar/philosopher intent on improving the Aryan intellect……*

    12. Fr. John Says:

      “…I don’t get why this divisive topic is being given air time. What necessary relationship is there between WN and particular brands of metaphysics? Uh, none because it’s a PERSONAL issue. – Dave

      Dear Dave;

      The reason so many of us (millions and millions, as opposed to the bare thousands of the ‘hug a tree/Odinist/agnostic’ types) believe in a transcendant God, is because we look to a better world, a world redeemed from evil, and a world where Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross is applied to us, each of us, individually, to make up the deficit in our goodness, which is so lacking, even among the best of mortals.

      The other reason could be, of course, is that NO civlization, ever, at ANY TIME, was able to exist without a Theological framework! And, as EVERY ONE of the Founding Fathers professed at least SOME belief roughly equivalent to today’s ‘bible believing Christian,’ (For even Jefferson’s supposed ‘deism’ is FAR and away MORE scriptural, than the least liberal of the liberal Churchianitians out there) to deny the OVERTLY CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS character of the USA’s founding, is both to consciously (and unconsciously) aid and abet the Jews, who HATE it (Christianity, and America’s history) with a passion unknown to human minds.

      That the modern occupant of the Papal Throne, along with the Patriarch of Istanbul, are in the hands of the Jews, is clear. That John Hagee is a traitor to Christ, as well as the Christianity he claims to follow (but doesn’t) does NOT negate that Christian belief- only Hagee. But that false sort of belief does not NEGATE the comments and revealed religion ( which many of those communions now deny) or that this different ethos of Christianity came OUT OF an attempt by “jews” (i.e., Edomites, bastard non-Israelites, who are the forefathers of the Pharisees, and thus, of modern “jewry”) to subvert TRUE biblical Mosaism. No, it is ALL THE MORE REASON to try something that has NOT YET been REALLY, TRULY tried, and to weed out from the ‘garden of the Lord’ those plants that ‘do not yield an increase.’

      As a man, an American, a Father, and a cleric, I stand clearly with Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Jay, Franklin, as well as St. Augustine, St. John Chrysostom, Archbishop Cranmer, the KJV, Shakespeare, Wesley, Whitefield, Stevenson, Dostoeyevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Mozart, Beethoven, Bruckner, etc. in believing that Christianity (when unadulterated) is the BEST handmaiden to Western Civ that ever existed.

      You stand with Nero, Nietzsche, and the other nihilists of non-human ilk, such as Camus and Sartre, Genet, and Stalin.

      As the Bible says, “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. As for me and my house, I will serve the Lord.”

      Good day.

    13. -jc Says:

      Many people are angry when they learn a little about the history of religion. Don’t forget that the specialty of the usual suspects is perverting and an pandering to your normal, natural inclinations, e.g., sex. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.


      transitive verb
      Latin cooptare, from co- + optare to choose

      2 a: to take into a group (as a faction, movement, or culture) : absorb, assimilate b: take over, appropriate


      5 slain at missionary training center, church
      COLO. | Gunman among dead; cop says shootings may be linked
      December 10, 2007
      COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—- A gunman shot four staff members at a missionary training center near Denver early Sunday, killing two, after being told he couldn’t spend the night. About 12 hours later and 65 miles away in Colorado Springs, a gunman fatally shot a parishioner at a megachurch and wounded four other people before a guard killed him, police said.
      One of the hospitalized victims from the second attack died Sunday at about 10:10 p.m., said Amy Sufak, a spokeswoman for Penrose Community Hospital in Colorado Springs.
      The police chief in Arvada, a suburb about 15 miles west of Denver where the mission workers were shot, said the shootings may be related to those in Colorado Springs but declined to elaborate. No one had been captured in the Arvada shootings, authorities said.
      Early Monday, authorities were searching a home in suburban Englewood, about 15 miles south of Denver, that they said could be related to the Colorado Springs shooting case. Results of that search were not immediately known.
      ”Colorado Springs has identified its suspect, and we’re there to see whether their suspect and ours are the same,” said Arvada Deputy Police Chief Gary Creagor.
      Witness descriptions differed in each incident. A handgun was used in the shootings at the Youth With a Mission center in Arvada, while a rifle was used at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, police said.
      The gunman at the New Life Church was shot and killed by a church security guard after entering the church’s main foyer with high-powered rifle shortly before 1 p.m. and opening fire, Colorado Springs Police Chief Richard Myers said. Four others were wounded, and one later died.
      The church’s 11 a.m. service had recently ended, and hundreds of people were milling about when the gunman opened fire. Nearby were parents picking up their children from the nursery.
      Police arrived to find that the gunman had been killed by a member of the church’s armed security staff, Myers said.
      ”There was a courageous staff member who probably saved many lives here today,” Myers said.
      Gov. Bill Ritter ordered state authorities to help investigate. The FBI and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were assisting. Officers found several smoke-generating devices on the church campus, Myers said. Their intended purpose wasn’t clear.
      New Life was founded by the Rev. Ted Haggard, who was fired last year after a former male prostitute alleged he had a three-year cash-for-sex relationship with him. Haggard, then the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, admitted committing undisclosed ”sexual immorality…”

    15. jimbo Says:

      Nietzsche, a man who despised tyranny, can’t be “lumped in” with Stalin et al; Nietzsche’s hostility to xtianity can be interpreted as an attack on the ‘creeping influence’ of judæo-xtianity….which was used to ‘justify’ those hideous fratricidal wars: WWI & WWII!…Camus, Sartre & Genet were all products of that post-WWII filthy judæo-bolshevik virus that infected and almost destroyed white Western civilisation, culminating in the hideous out-rage of “the counter-cultural revolution(s)” of the 1960s & the 1970s…..of which we still suffer the ‘after-affects’!

      what the state of xtianity would be to-day if the Third Reich had to have prevailed is, of course, ‘up for grabs’; the only sure thing is that the life of every White person on the face of the Earth would have been almost infinitely better than it is now!

    16. Hoosier Says:

      # Tim Harris Says:
      9 December, 2007 at 8:30 pm

      Hoosier — God can also not “create” a true proposition that says, “2 + 2 = 5?.

      I’m thinking, maybe you should have read a book or two after age 10.

      I did. What’s your point? It’s not my fault most Christian pastors make claims that “God is all powerful and can do anything” where a ten year old can figure out it’s not true. But most Christians walking around today will tell you the same thing, “God is all powerful” and other inexplicable things and there’s no talking to them. I am not a Christian, but I’m not all that Christian hostile either, and see some good things about it.

      But when you have a group of people walking around LITERALLY believing in such things as:

      A God creating day and night, water and plants, THEN gets around to creating the sun and moon,

      A woman eats an apple, because a snake seduced her, and dooms every one in her species to unending horror after death. God forgot to give her knowledge of good and evil BEFORE her action, and so she broke God’s rule even though she wasn’t given the capacity to follow it. No matter, we’re all doomed to eternal torment.

      But centuries later, the same God impregnates a virgin, and gives birth to another form of himself, Jesus, who saves everybody! Hooray!

      And so on. I’m assuming the person reading this, can see how adopting such beliefs could make a person incredibly gullible in other areas. On the other hand, maybe people for the most part are a pretty dim lot, and adapting Christianity is 1000% better than other things, and the Jews hate it, so there has to be some good in it.

      I think I’ll download the show now.

    17. Olde Dutch Says:

      I listened to the first few minutes of “Arch” and he was off to a logical start.

      Unless one considers the jew cult as an ancient Mediterranean temple cult with a marriage taboo—one really doesn’t get it. Think of the jews in terms of the cult of Jupiter, with cult temples and centers located all over the Mediterranean world.

      At the time of Christ, 55 jew cult temples have been identified in the City of Rome itself! There were jew cult temples in Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, North Africa, Cyprus—Tacitus, the dean of the Roman Historians even thought that the jew cult originated in Cyprus, but he didn’t rule out North Africa, or possibly even in Ethiopia. LOL.

      You need to have a little bit of a sense of humor in viewing the jewish cult background of Christianity. There is comedy, in the ancient sense of the word, in God sending his son to be killed by the jews in order to save mankind.

    18. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      As a famous philosopher said- you can’t reason a person out of a position that they didn’t get into by reason.

    19. Stuyvesant Says:

      Hey guys,

      This is not a comment on this show but on the lack of comments on either govnn or vnnforum on a very important news item.. Are you sleeping or what ? Italian ex-president Cossiga (85) said on 30 november in Italy’s largest newspaper Corriere della Siera that ‘every intelligence agency knows that 911 was carried out by CIA and Mossad’. Cossiga is known as a rare decent politician. The story is ingnored in almost all mainstream western media. Things are unravelling fast now. This might push the jews into desperation and a ‘flight forward’. Stay away from large, predominant white cities (Seatle ?).

      Irving predicted an american progrom in 2014. It might be much faster.


    20. Wild Bill Says:

      After listening to the intro of this show I was really braced for something that would shake my faith. Ha! My faith is secure.

      One of the mistakes is he goes on and on about the constellation of the Southern Cross supposedly being a basis of religious theology. Maybe someone should tell this fellow that this is obviously baloney, since the Southern Cross CANNOT BE SEEN in the northern hemisphere! Neither the Egyptians nor anyone else above the equator could see it!

      Then there’s issues raised about various “mistranslations” in the Bible. Here’s a tip: Christianity existed BEFORE the Bible. There was no Bible at the time of the first Christians. Yes, they had the Greek Old Testament but that’s it. There was no New Testament books at that time. As time passed the four Gospels were written and gradually circulated, but it wasn’t until the fourth century that the Bible as we know it came into existence. And the King James version of the Bible didn’t exist until many centuries later.

    21. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      The Bible=earliest jewsmedia.
      My family are mainly Baptists and so I was scheduled to go to Baptism classes when I was age twelve. I’ll never forget the moment when I disembarked my bicycle and looked through the basement windows of the church where the classes were being held. Several of the indoctrinated had already arrived looking so damned pompous and starry-eyed about everything. As for me, I was not sure of anything. Every question I asked was answered with,”You must have faith”. There was no concrete proof.
      I made my parents unhappy that day, because I got on my bike, rode home and told them the lie that I wasn’t ready yet to accept the teachings. The truth was that I had been questioning the validity of Christianty and all religion for some time. In all these years, I’ve never changed that opinion. In fact, today I think Christianty does our race much harm by bringing muds into our White nations through the missionary system, and by teaching us to turn the other cheek, and other unnatural behaviors.
      In the past, I tolerated Christians because apparently, some people need this in their lives and after all, who am I to decide what’s best for others? Today, however, I feel that White Christians waste precious time and energy, and that they would be be better served by dealing with our biggest problem, ie., the impending death of our beautiful race rather than wasting time, money and resources on jew-inspired hocus-pocus.

    22. Socrates Says:

      Campbell Crawford Clan Says: “The Bible=earliest jewsmedia.”

      Indeed. It’s important to note that St. Paul, a big figure in Christianity, was a Jew named Saul before he became a Christian. Many people feel that Saul/Paul was merely doing what Jews usually do, i.e., infiltrating and subverting from within.

    23. Marwinsing Says:

      Xtianity got jooed. Damnitall Saul ugh Paul. Life can be so damn simple (especially sans the nigger-mud-jew) – you don’t have to be a pope, priest, prophet, rabbi or some mystic guru to forecast the weather (or future). Just tilt your head up, look at the sky, if you see grey clouds, you know it’s gonna rain. Acid.

      Oh, those devious monks.

    24. Dudeman Says:

      >Wild Bill Says:
      >10 December, 2007 at 2:08 pm

      >One of the mistakes is he goes on and on about the constellation
      >of the Southern Cross supposedly being a basis of religious
      >theology. Maybe someone should tell this fellow that this is
      >obviously baloney, since the Southern Cross CANNOT BE SEEN in
      >the northern hemisphere! Neither the Egyptians nor anyone else
      >above the equator could see it!

      Wrong. Refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crux: “For example at the latitude of Athens in 1000 B.C., Crux was clearly visible, although it was low in the sky. [1] However, by 400 A.D., most of the constellation never rose above the horizon for Athenians. [2]

    25. MHK Says:

      Socrates, you should read this:


      Research shows that Paul was actually a man named Apollonius whose works were plagiarized by the church. And the Jesus story was fabricated from wholecloth at the Council of Nicea.

    26. Stronza Says:

      Father John: whites, founders of America, came to Christianity by force, if you look far back enough. Prior to Christianity & Islam and its involuntary conversions, religion was not something developed and arrived at by people sitting around in committee. (Hmmm – we need a religion!) It was the simple expression of ethnicity/race. Yes, all civilization happened within a theological framework, as you say. If we can once again be with our own kind long enough in a given spot on this earth, we will find ourselves thinking alike – that will be our “theology”.

      What is Christianity? It’s not only believing that Christ “died for your sins”; it’s the profound belief by the individual that everyone else is more important and worthy than him or her. Incessant self-sacrifice that will result in a world “redeemed from evil” – isn’t that bizarre even to you?

    27. Wild Bill Says:

      >Wrong. Refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crux: “For example at >the latitude of Athens in 1000 B.C., Crux was clearly visible, although >it was low in the sky. [1] However, by 400 A.D., most of the >constellation never rose above the horizon for Athenians. [2]

      But according to Wikipedia, these stars were not known as the Southern Cross:

      “Due to precession of the equinox the stars comprising Crux were visible from the Mediterranean area in antiquity, so their stars had to be known by Greek astronomers. However, it was not regarded as a constellation of its own, but rather as part of Centaurus.”

      So I am correct that the neither the Egyptians or Greeks saw the “Southern Cross.”

    28. Wild Bill Says:

      One other thing, the Southern Cross is in a similarly opposite place in the southern sky as the North Star is in the north. IOW, the sky rotates around both. The sun never rises or sets at either of these locations in the sky.

    29. jimbo Says:

      “Wild Bill”: Then there’s issues raised about various “mistranslations” in the Bible

      the ‘mis-translations’ are those that occurred from the original Greek ‘koine’ (or ‘common Greek’)….i think that is the correct ‘term’…most of the Old Testament has been grossly mis-translated….also: its author-ship & origins r problematic….i hesitate to ascribe the more profound parts to the yoos….

      what is now called ‘the Southern Cross’ may well have been known as a separate constellation to the ancient Egyptians who, apparently, developed a ‘messianic’ mythos similar to the xtian one….they may well have used the vrs constellations & the zodiac to formulate “a ‘gospel’ in the stars”…..some xtians even claim that such ‘signs in the sky’ constitute a “proto-evangel” (!)

    30. Alex Linder Says:

      Good find, Stuyvesant. I’ve not been up on news lately or seen that, but it looks very interesting. I have in my ltd time online last few weeks looked around to get a sense of openness and I’ve found quite a bit on the subject of 9/11. It’s good for recruiting libs and cons alike, the WTC demolitions.

    31. Tim Harris Says:

      Can someone give a link to the chat forum thread for this FTL? I can’t seem to find it.

    32. Fr. John Says:

      I did. What’s your point? It’s not my fault most Christian pastors make claims that “God is all powerful and can do anything” where a ten year old can figure out it’s not true.

      YOu cannot make that statement, as you have NO empiric, scientific proof.

      And that is the only ‘god’ the modern apostate worships. So, find your ‘missing link’ that God is NOT all-powerful, and I might, just MIGHT listen to your ravings.

      On second thought, nah… The Fathers say, ‘after the second or third attempt, leave a heretic to wallow in his own error.

    33. Fr. John Says:

      Yes, all civilization happened within a theological framework, as you say. If we can once again be with our own kind long enough in a given spot on this earth, we will find ourselves thinking alike – that will be our “theology”.

      Stronza: And this is news, why? the ORTHODOX have always held to a ‘national’ church as opposed to the Papal, Roman/pagan multicultural model. That the West is in the mess it is, is that is never freely got away from that multicultural, miscegenated model.

      You assume that I am a Roman Catholic Priest. I am not. I am Orthodox, and believe quite clearly that racial compacts, and homogenous groupings of like races are the ONLY hope for a future in Christianity. Rome is a heretical assembly, even if it is millions strong. We have held to that view since, about 1054 A.D.

    34. Wild Bill Says:

      The stars of the Southern Cross aren’t part of the zodiac because they don’t move. They stay in one place. Like the North Star in the northern hemisphere, all the other stars in the southern sky essentially rotate around the Crux. That’s why its used for navigation because it stays in the same place. If you measure the angle of the star above the horizon, that will tell you your latitude. IOW, the “Sun God” doesn’t rise or set at the Southern Cross.

    35. Wild Bill Says:

      Father John, which Orthodox jurisdiction are you part of? I am also Orthodox – ROCOR.

    36. Stronza Says:

      As a matter of fact, Father, I respect the Creator of the Universe plenty, and I know perfectly well that there is nothing I could do that could make Him/It indebted to me. I just don’t care for some of the Jesus stuff. If there was a Jesus Christ, and that is certainly not outside the realm of possibility, I think he appeared to the zheds because they needed his teachings more than any Europeans ever did. Not that it’s all wrong, it isn’t.

      Well, I hope you & your Church will publicly & openly own up to its antimulticultural ideology. If I had need of a church again, I would pick the Orthodox for various reasons (silly, inferior, womanish reasons the folks at VNN would say). One of these reasons is that my family is Orthodox on my mother’s side (nice darkish people from Eastern Ukraine).

    37. Hoosier Says:

      Like I said, there’s no talking to Christians. It’s like trying to reason with someone on an acid trip.

    38. Hoosier Says:

      I worded that awkwardly. I’ll rephrase: Like I said, there’s no talking to Christians. It’s like trying to reason with someone who’s on an acid trip. There, that’s better.

    39. jackumup Says:

      Arch Stanton brings a fresh approach to the old testament. any one who practices a form of Christian religion knows that the old and new don’t match, any one who reconciles these tales of lies, deceptions, blackmail, incest, murder, slavery, debauchery, usury, and any other form of jewish lifestyle as Christian heritage needs to tare up their john hegee weight watchers membership and realize THEY AS HUMANBEINGS can not possible live that life style and endure the guilt produced by their conscious (soul) jews have no souls that’s why they can continue their immoral practices generation after generation, their story of adam and eve tell us this, they were created like a genetic experiment with out the universal or if you will, natural conception. don’t believe me next time you talk to one be aware of its eyes and then feel you own GOD GIVEN INSTINCTS, you will know.

      We need to develop this weapon of truth that Arch has started by not arguing for our indoctrinated (false) belief system, but step back and view this whole institution with our common sense, I believe it would only take a few of us to make a large impact on society as a whole

    40. Heather Blue Says:

      I was on the defense. I knew Mark was going to neutralize Christianity – which distracted me. I assumed Mr. Stanton was going to do the same and although the sound was on I did not actually listen to him. This was not fair to the man. So, this evening I listened to the entire program again.

      Mr. Stanton gave an account I had never heard. Indeed, it may have gone over the heads of a lot of average folks like me. Everyone should listen to the program again.

      It was almost as if Mr. Stanton was there in Biblical times. He knows a lot about Judaism and the hideous nature of the Jews. He understands the Jews. Their evilness is almost beyond human understanding. But isn’t that a necessary perquisite for a parasitic species? What other belief system could they possibly have that would accommodates the carnivorous needs of the Jewish soul?

      Mr. Stanton also seemed to understand Jesus in a personal way. Can you imagine that? I was fascinated. As a matter of fact, I find everything about the life of Jesus endlessly fascinating.

      I liked Mr. Stanton’s talk. Although points here and there are up for conjecture what Mr. Stanton was saying made me sense a powerful Presence on the periphery of human awareness.

    41. VNNB Says:

      # jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:
      10 December, 2007 at 11:18 am

      As a famous philosopher said- you can’t reason a person out of a position that they didn’t get into by reason.

      I like that…

    42. TheWhiteBloodbond Says:

      There’s an impostrous spawn imposed on the Amalekide related Europeids – with the purpose to destroy their bloodline – which is depicted by the ritual breaking of white bread & drinking red wine (‘blood’).
      The spawn was “born” in Bethlehem, meaning ‘breadhouse’, which was a core-symbol of Paganism & the Aryan bloodline. It is feared & desired by the envious, ugly jews, who deformed Paganism to judaism.
      They demonized ‘Pan’, (ia meaning bread & a two horned red Greek god) to “the devil”.

      The Europeids have to bear all sins of others & share their racial flesh for the benefit of “the world”. Redemption can be found through death.

      Only after the white racial body has vanished, the Turco-Mongol-Hun descended “jews” fabricated, Noahide “law”-place in history will be insured forever. The “New King” of the world will be able to ‘return’ in the incarnation of the jews/juden/juifs/joden (from Þiudans, meaning king) to enslave the world forever.