15 December, 2007

MILANO: The Word Racist: A jewish Construct

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The Word Racist: A jewish Construct

By David Milano

In the early parts of the last century Americans were already quite familiar with terms that dealt with race and reality. Terms like racialism and racialist. These words arose in the English language through the British colonial and South African experiences. These words were in popular usage, not in a derogatory sense as one would think, but carried the connotations of science and practical knowledge to the people that heard them.

Against this cultural backdrop, cultural Marxists entered the scene after an underhanded victory in the Russian revolution. With their ideas of one humanity united via international socialist revolution, they faced an American populace with a sober understanding of race. What was needed was a play on words, the sort of debate framing that has made jews famous the world over.

The word racist made its modern day appearance in the English language in 1932 as a noun. It was first found in a translation of jew Trotsky’s The History of the Russian Revolution done by Max Eastman.* Though, sociologically speaking, a comparatively obscure book by itself would not be likely to gain traction without subsequent reinforcement.
A very similiar term was used by Magnus Hirschfeld, a German jew who fled from Germany to France and died in 1935.** That same year his book, titled in the French Rascisme, seemed to be embraced by radical social degenerates in America with ties to jewish communism. Thus the term racist gained a firm foothold amongst America’s far left radicals. Hirschfeld’s struggles against decency in Germany now began to fit into the larger equation of anti-German sentiment and his railing against the supposed plight of non-Aryans at the hands of European peoples.

Rascisme, which wasn’t published in English until 1938, seems to have by that time become an adjective used by French speakers to describe National Socialists and those that sympathized with them. Before its publication and even more so afterwards, American communists were doing the same. At this time historically, jewish mania against Germany was beginning to peak, and the far left which was a branch of radical jewish interests faithfully toed the party line. Though the Soviet-German pact signed in August of 1939 and the subsequent orders to stop propagandizing against the Germans issued by the Comintern presented a pointed problem to communists in America. The effect of the Comintern orders seemed to have mixed results and internal divisions arose. While the rage against Germans in particular became stagnant, communist rhetoric against “racists” grew by leaps and bounds. On June 22nd, 1941, the Comintern having been attacked, the previous orders were ignored and subsequently rescinded.

With American entry into the war later that year, the propaganda war began in earnest. With the ceaseless demonizing of Germany, the once outcast communists found common cause with mainstream America. Everywhere one looked there were slurs against Germany. Overlooked by Americans facing a huge and destructive war was the fact that much of the early material in this campaign was gleaned from the one readily available source of anti-German propaganda: communist jews. With jewish involvment in the mass media this effect intensified and eventually took on a life of its own.

During the war the racial angle in the propaganda efforts was down played or recast as, “Germans over and against all.” The American public, though in a war, were not ready to eschew their time-honored traditions of racial realism – Jim Crow, segregation and free association. Despite this, jewish communists at this time silently moved into positions of prominence throughout the American press.

By the end of the war, the lines of the cultural struggle had been redrawn. With jews having furthered their stranglehold on American media, and communism having a free hand in Eastern Europe, the next phase in the demonization of common sense was about to begin.

After the war the Comintern began to send funds to jewish radicals and subversives in America. What started as a trickle ended in a torrent of laundered money, fake businesses and fraudulent non-profit organizations. The main goal of this campaign was to destroy the very essence of America. The communists in the East had rightly surmised that America as a nation was merely an expression of the Whites that created it, built it and sustained it. With the destruction of their identity, so too would America fall.

Jews, whether athiest or religious, were more than willing to aid their communist brethren. With their de facto control of the organs of mass communications, they were in a perfect position to carry out this task.

Not surprisingly, they began by using the means at their disposal to frame the debate. No longer was a man that saw the differences between the races a racialist, he was a racist. And just what was a racist? Well, the communists had long ago established that. He was a vicious and ignorant person of questionable character who was associated with the mortal enemies of all mankind, the nazis.

All this came to pass not immediately, but over time. Men were bullied here and there until those that saw it learned to be quiet. Their silence gave rise to ignorance. Which gave birth to the troubled times of today in which we labor to bring  light and truth to our people.

Hope has died they say. I say it has just risen.

*Credit to Jett Rink. http://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/1930/hrr/

**The Oxford English Dictionary Second Edition 1989, Francis



Discussion of origins of ‘racism’ and ‘racist’ at vnnforum: http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=63224

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    1. jimbo Says:

      ONLY the jew ‘won World War Two’……and that ‘winning’ meant the right to subdue formerly white nations via the triple strike of: ‘land, people, gods’…..land: expropriate/steal the wealth of the said white nation(multi-national companies, privatisation, globalisation &c!), people(destroy the racial homogenuity of said white nation by ‘open slather’ Turd World immigration) and gods(under-mine & subvert the moral & philosophical beliefs of said white nation by gaining control of the media & academia….hence: terms such as ‘racism’!)

    2. Yikes sez da Kikes Says:


      The Kikes must own or control this company. The last few weeks have seen just about every website and blog exposing the Jews and their Lies banned as “Racism and Hate”.

      Ironic considering the Jews’ “religion” is canned “hatred” for every living thing that inhabits the planet not on bended knee in worshipful adulation of the Narcissi.

    3. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      The next time you’re talking to a lemming point out that the so-called sciences decided “all races were equal” long before science was actually qualified to make that assertion based on cold, hard facts. The decision was 100 percent driven by agenda and social engineering. After several (in some cases supposed) cases of genocide in the 19th and 20th century, the sciences wanted to make sure this “never happened again.” The easiest way was to push the idea that all people were “equal.”

    4. Bill Daniels Says:

      We’ve worked out a theory of slurs that relies on an understanding of who names whom what. We agree wholeheartedly that, “Not surprisingly, (Jews) began by using the means at their disposal to frame the debate. No longer was a man that saw the differences between the races a racialist, he was a racist.”

      The power to name and our willingess to accept the name have been two of the chief aspects of the doctrine of tikkun olam, the Jewish religious obligation to “heal the world to benefit Jews.”

      That’s why we think attacking their claims to supremacy need to be addressed on many levels, but not excluding the homely topic of who names whom what.

      Racist is a key name, but others are gentile, goyim, shiksa, anti-Semite, isolationist, and so on.

      The sooner we catch on that we have granted the power to name us to the Jews, and the sooner we act to rebut that claim to supremacy in our neighborhoods, our schools, and our media, the better.

      To understand more about naming being part of slurring, go to:


    5. dggbini (i think it was) Says:

      WN seems to operate on the same principle as PC and other ultra-orthodox movements — someone challenges the main line, more forceful restatement of that line is enough to quell any doubt.

    6. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      One might well research which other common jew ad hominem buzzwords and phrases were specifically coined by jews, for their use against Humans. The term “genocide” is one of them. Another is “anti-semite” coined by Herzl and Co, with the implication that jew=semite => entitled to live in Palestine. Likewise is Jewlover McDonald’s pet term, “philosemite” => jewlover = semite-lover. I NEVER use such polluted language, and those who do can safely be assumed to be judeophiles, whether conscious of it or not. The term judeophile, by contrast, addresses the exact nature of the sickness, love of jews. One can call jew-haters,… HUMAN!

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris
      HUMAN and proud of it!

    7. Tim Pennington Says:

      great work David

    8. America First Says:


      Tommy’s Oct. 31 07, is a must hear!

      Get it on it.

    9. David Milano Says:

      Thanks Tim.

      We’re chipping away at jewish lies one hammer stroke at a time.

    10. sgruber Says:

      It might be more interesting if someone were chipping away at their skulls.