27 December, 2007

New Book About Israel’s Arsenal of Weapons

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The Jews really scored big when they got their own state in 1948. Before that, they were mostly rootless con-artists, ready to flee from “anti-Semitism” to any country that would take them. Today, they’ve got their own country, which automatically gives them “legitimacy” as well as shelter from “anti-Semitism,” and more than that, they’ve got some of the most powerful and sophisticated weapons on earth. Anyway, this sounds like an interesting book:


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  7. 5 Responses to “New Book About Israel’s Arsenal of Weapons”

    1. America First Says:

      There will come a day as the final stage of the tyrannical hate tribe goes for the final reach and the web will be sabatoged in some way.

      Here is something that I am surprised has not been removed. Most at all White sites have read this, but if you have not, then please have a look.


    2. clan bigot Says:

      interesting that all these jew shills are or were dago/stooopid british freemasons !!! “earl” warren, jumpin jimmini “earl” carter and the royal list goes on !!! just 2 of the worst sunsabitches thatever drew a breath.. follow the earls to their stinking bejeeeesus foundation !!

    3. clan bigot Says:

      i forgot to mention the name Pearl as in daniel pearl….P meaning son of earl….. anutter foozebag jimmi earl carter and earl warren dipshit nigger lover type !!!!!!

    4. Hellzapoppin Says:

      Thanks for that link to the Edwin M Wright piece America First. I’ve never seen it before and it’s very interesting.

    5. America First Says:

      Hellzapoppin, your welcome

      Clan Bigot Earl Warren didn’t like congoids and savages, he was a pervert who did what TPTB wanted, he was just a whore puppet. If the kikes had not got over on US wth that filthy WW2 he would not have dared to do any of filthy decree’s.

      WW was a tragic disasaster for US and all Whites.