31 December, 2007

The Trial of Sylvia Stolz

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Not only did the German government go after Ernst Zundel, it went after his lawyer, too:


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    1. Carpenter Says:

      Primarily the charges have to do with “Obstruction” of the Zündel trial as well as disrespectful remarks about “BRDDR.” (BRDDR is a reference to the German government that has often been used since the BRD merged with the DDR. Critics say the “BRDDR” combines the worst characteristics of both those Cold War governments.) Sylvia is also charged with “Insulting the Memory of the Deceased” (meaning Jews) and “Inciting the Masses” which is punishable under Article 130 of the Penal Code. On behalf of the BRDDR the District Attorneyis demanding that Sylvia be disbarred from practicing law, in addition to other punishments. Judge Glenz announces that the Court, while meeting in chambers, has accepted the indictment.

      Germany is not a democracy. No democracy is a democracy.

    2. Marwinsing Says:

      Sylvia’s getting the kulak treatment. With Judge Glenz — and by default, that white-hating Chancellor Angela Merkel — fronting as fake Molotov/Stalins and puppeteered by their sheeny masters in the background…

      No small wonder that the EU is now just a rehashed version of the old Soviet Union. Oh, how our elites HATE us! Sooner or later we’ll just have to shoot them all out of power. The whole damn lot of them.

    3. apollonian Says:

      Most Sublime Aesthetic Measures, Appeal Now Necessary Next Steps For Zundel, Stoltz
      (Apollonian, 1 Jan 08)

      Patriot and anti-semitic comrades: this entire episode, beginning at least w. heroic Ernst Zundel (see Zundelsite.org, also IHR.org) back in 80’s, is really simple matter of crusade for TRUTH itself. Note this (“crusade”) then amounts to very crusade for Christian-type “Holy Spirit”–isn’t that dramatic and exciting?

      For Zundel and now Stoltz have done quite enough in strict rationalist mode–they must expand appeal to volk MENTALITY as by means of aesthetic, hence Christianity, properly understood. Basic definitions are crucially important, and volk must overcome that EQUIVOCATION fallacy/trap at the outset.

      Hence then basic definitions must be upheld and honored, beginning with and including separate and distinct identities of Christian and Jew. For it’s now necessary step for such soldiers of truth, Zundel and Stoltz, to recruit the largest portion of volk population by means of aesthetic and epiphany, hence Christian honesty (hence ANTI-SEMITISM), Jews the enemies of truth itself (as Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

      Of course, in more pedestrian, philosophic-type terms, again, it’s Western objectivity (Aristotle) VERSUS Talmudic subjectivism, hystericism, special-pleading, collectivism, narcissism, fascism (ZOG-Mammon), etc.

      But again, note in parallel fashion, it’s also simple battle of RELIGION, reason vs. insanity–do u observe that distinct and characteristic satanic genius and organization behind that Talmudic-inspired insanity?–could it possibly have to do w. Greek Tragedy? And is there any doubt to Jew genius for harnessing power of gentile hubris and stupidity in this glorious “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler?

      Thus mere truth (hence human reason) really does need that mighty BODYGUARD of aesthetic sense, emotion, and sentiment, very PURPOSE of Christianity, its insight and EPIPHANY.

      So anti-semitic sports-fans and patriots, obvious task before us is ART OF EPIPHANY, this built upon more pedestrian facts, honesty, and inductive logic. Thus by means of such “epiphany” the volk evermore lose “fear of the Jews,” etc.

      Hence then one of first steps along for this epiphany is surely removal of HERESY which fallaciousness begins in simplest LOGIC (hence DEFINITION) as, for example, Christianity is supposed something other than what it is/was designed to be–most effective ANTI-SEMITISM, downright Hegelian anti-thesis to Pharisaism which conspired to murder Christ (and Truth itself according to Gosp. JOHN).

      Thus basic definitions are important–and EQUIVOCATION fallacy is necessary to be examined, especially regarding Jew-friendly “Christianity Inc.,” financed by Jews, and oriented towards Jew, esp. as we see, Israeli, purposes (see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref. on “Judeo-Christian” [JC] heresy).

      Hence then Christian volk must be mobilized, this to be done not merely upon basis of strictly rationalist defense of truth itself (hence distinction of identity [anti-thetic in Hegelian fashion] btwn Christian and Talmudic), but further upon basis of AESTHETIC, hence “religion,” founded upon reason (objectivity), extending then to Christian sentiment.

      Hence then TO WIT: VNN/Linder and any/all truly anti-semitic patriots must UPHOLD AND CHAMPION THE TRUTH IN ALL REASON, thus denying the equivocation/conflation/confusion of (Hegelian) anti-thetic essences of Christianity and Talmudism, this again in simplest spirit of reason.

      For observe that to equate the two, Christianity and Pharisaism (Talmudism) IS TO POSITIVELY SECOND and uphold odious JC heretics, dupes, and vile “Sadduceans” of modern-day, doing murderous work of Jew–murderous then to truth, hence then humanity, most of whom need and require leadership, who have most difficult time with strictest reason, etc.

      Thus VNN/Linder and all earnest anti-semites (including Zundel and Stoltz) can understand: anti-semitic patriots don’t have to be strictly “Christian” of some particular sort–but they must be rational enough to so tolerate and at least minimally sympathize.

      CONCLUSION: Again note: making mere rationalist pt.s (as of law, hist., etc.) is one thing for Zundel and Stoltz; gaining their freedom against ZOG-Mammon however, for practical purposes, requires harnessing of human emotion/sentiment–a job for Christian aesthetic and anti-semitic EPIPHANY (perfectly consistent w. all human reason, never forget). VNN, no less than all anti-semitic patriots, needs to get priorities straight; strict truth and reason are consistent (anti-semitic), and they have an anti-semitic aesthetic too, perfectly consistent w. genuine Christianity, ultimate anti-semitic vehicle for mentality, both rationalist and sublime sentiment too–anti-semitic necessities for practical success and victory. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    4. apollonian Says:

      Complete Anti-Democracy Is Anti-Volk, Hence Intolerable
      (Apollonian, 1 Jan 08)

      Carpenter: good repetitious post on “democracy,” comrade, u appending some kind of info (on Stoltz trial) for ur premise/pretext. Note then pertinent issue is basic issue of rule-of-law versus ZOG-Mammon fascism founded on that Jew fraud and counterfeit institution known as “Fed,” financing everything else, including “Jews-media” (see Natall.com, “Who Rules America?” for expo/ref. on Jew media monopoly).

      “Democracy” then is seen in proper perspective: within rule-of-law (anti-fraud, hence anti-semitic), hence Constitution, democracy a CRUCIAL PART whence the people in general are sufficiently consulted in proper respect/deference thereto.

      “Carpenter,” note the people (and their rights) must and will be respected–and “democracy” then is necessary part/mechanism, however imperfect, of that necessary government service/function/purpose, security of freedom, rights, etc.

      CONCLUSION: For to completely remove democracy in all/any form is simply to install downright dictatorship which cannot and will not be tolerated, eloquent as u, Carpenter, imagine urself for ur anti-democratic statements. Reason then REQUIRES “Carpenter” to acknowledge that democratic necessity, merely urging whatever rational republican conditions, as original American founders. Honest elections and death to the Fed.

    5. Olde Dutch Says:

      What are Linder’s plans for the New Year for VNN.

    6. Coup d'Etat Says:

      You can always tell that jews have much to hide when they suppress any form of debate.

    7. Friedrich Braun Says:

      The struggel of “The German Joan of Arc”


    8. sgruber Says:

      crusade for TRUTH itself. Note this (”crusade”) then amounts to very crusade for Christian-type “Holy Spirit”

      The crusade for truth amounts to a crusade for the Christian Holy Spirit?
      But Christianity, as a branch of supernaturalism, is not rational, not truthful. Virgin birth?

      The number of people who regard Jesus “turn-the-other-cheek” Christ as a Jew-hating warrior with a fiery sword in his hand can be counted on one hand, Appy perhaps being the middle finger.

      Supernatural-worshippers are by definition irrational and subjective-or at least immature (children believe in fairy tales). Thus, they necessarily are…what they actually are, not what Appy would like them to be. What Christians are falls into two broad categories: 1) the insane, raving about “the true name of Christ” and buried in heuristical hair-splitting exegesis; 2) nigger-lovers (“God is love”), with a strong dose of Israel-first-ism. This is necessarily so, because, despite Appy’s lovely aesthetic portrait of Jeboo in blood-red velvet, only the defective go for the supernatural seriously.

      Among a certain type of extreme Catholic, Appy’s approach may hold some sway. Most Whites are extreme Catholics, by training or temperament. I repeat: it’s a lousy sales strategy to uphold fairy tales as our organizing principle. If I’m wrong, then why did Christianity turn out exactly as it did turn out post-Pope Innocent III?

      Jesus has been tried AND FAILED. He ain’t coming back, Appy.

    9. sgruber Says:

      Oops: meant to say “Most Whites are NOT extreme Catholics.” Sorry.

    10. ein Says:

      What can one say, in final conclusion, about one like “sgruber”?

      I’ll tell you. I’ll say it for you. Sgruber is, thank goodness, a steady voice of sense and sanity, a light in the darkness, a voice in the wilderness, and one writer (tho’ not the only one here) whose posts I always enjoy reading.

      They are a pleasure to come across amid so much degenerate, obscene trash that is generated by the oversupply of ranting, spaced out lunatics who are unfortunately so common on sites like this. Whether those posters are genuinely just crazy or have deeper motives they’re serving is impossible to say, but they’re not worthy of any attention. Sgruber is. He makes a lot of sense to me. Appolonian, his attacker, is undecipherable (and not worth the bother anyway).

      Sgruber deserves to be complimented, and I do. Keep up the good work, Sgruber! You’re an asset to us. (And go away, Apollonian! You’re a detriment.)

    11. Socrates Says:

      Apollonian: 1) there is no such word as “u.” 2) You’re off-topic. The topic is Sylvia Stolz.

    12. ein Says:

      I have read about a unit in the Israeli military tasked with posting on American and other English-speaking forums. It wasn’t speculation, they actually quoted an Israeli officer.”

      Interesting. You’re reading my mind. I detect a distinctive Russian (or otherwise Slavic) flavor in Appy’s writing. I won’t say how I know and give it away. I wonder just what Christian religion he’s promoting in his rantings. It’s strangely vague.

      Oh well, we shouldn’t humor him with any further attention. The subject is supposed to be Stolz.

    13. GrandMaster oberführer Double Diamond jim! Says:

      *note to above post*…..Socrates, Plato & Pontius Pilate…..(see: Acti Pilati @ abv lnk!)……were in the early xtian pantheon of “the saints”……early xtian triptychs depicted S & P as amongst the souls liberated from Hades after Christ’s descent into Hell before His resurrection!…..Christ Himself could not have been a jew! because His “embryo” was implanted in the Virgin Mary IVF-style via the agency of the Holy Spirit….as such and with to-day’s technology: a white man could be born from a niggess!….the Acti Pilati refers to first-hand Roman accounts of Jesus & letters to Tiberius Cæsar depicting Christ as having clearly Aryan features (light-coloured hair & eyes) apropos “the greasy, swarthy natives” of Palestine as it then was!

    14. ein Says:

      “Socrates, Plato & Pontius Pilate…..(see: Acti Pilati @ abv lnk!)……were in the early xtian pantheon of “the saints”……”

      You’re bring back memories of something I read several years ago. To my best recollection, I believe that Pontius Pilate is considered a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

      Also, I realize there are a million theories and speculations, but purely for what it’s worth and while I’m at it, I also read somewhere the assertion that Christ was the son of a Batavian soldier in the Roman Legions. (Batavians were a Germanic or Celtic tribe inhabiting what is now Holland in Roman times.) Unfortunately, I can’t begin to remember where I read this; it was long ago and I wasn’t interested enough to follow up on it..

    15. Grand Master oberführer Double Diamond jim! Says:

      i ain’t “appo” WTF hell that is (?)

      i’m going by the accounts of the xtian NT….IF u accept those, then Christ could not have been jewish; i’v also posted on numerous occasions that most of the Bible is either missing or mis-translated; a large portion of its original material may well have been plagiarised from more Aryan sources like the Hindu Vedas or, even, early Buddhist scriptures (Christ was even reputed to have visited Kashmir amongst other locales before his “ministry” commenced!……He may well have got many of His teachings from Buddhists…..hence: their non-yooish nature which clealry uspset the kikez of the time!)…..as such: it is difficult to say who Christ’s “human” parents may have been…it is certainly possible that they were not jews either!

      the strongly anti-semitic nature of much of the early church (which continued well up until the Middle Ages and even beyond!) and the vile hatred directed by yoos against it (most of the ‘persecutions’, even in Rome, were apparently instigated by them!), evident to this day in the Talmud, leads me to accept as a definite possibility that the original xtian teachings (cf: Gnosticism & Catharism) may have been more “Greek” than yooish…maybe even some-what “neo-Platonic”!

      as with all things: just about every-thing just about every-one thinks they know is wrong and just about every-thing just about every-one has been told about just about every-thing is a pack of fckn LIEz!

    16. 1492 Says:

      “Christ Himself could not have been a jew! because His “embryo” was implanted in the Virgin Mary IVF-style via the agency of the Holy Spirit”

      “No, it wasn’t, appo. Don’t say things that aren’t true.” – carpenter
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      That’s the first time I have seen the word “embryo” employed in this context. Big difference! Otherwise, it was divine “seed” (semen), that was brought by the angel and implanted in Mary at the Immaculate Conception. This means that Mary would still have been the biological/genetic mother, making Jesus half hers, whereas a pre-fertilized embryo would have cut her out of the picture altogether, genetically speaking, and made her just an incubator. In that case, any womb could have served as well.

      Even if the father had been a German soldier in Roman service (not uncommon) or anyone else, Jesus would have been, under Jewish law, the son of a Jewish mother. Nuff said.

      Oh well, we’re quibbling over fantasies here anyway.