15 January, 2008

Mark Faust and Mishko Call the “Freedom Fighters” Radio Show In Response to Their Comments About Russ Dove and VNN

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Mark and Mishko called the show to get an explanation of why the Free Talk Live Guests Russ Dove and Christie Czalkowski were so easily booted from Freedom Fighter Radio’s programing. It turns out that the host and founder of the “Freedom Fighters” radio show and website is a Jew. Case Closed. Listen to Mark and Mishko the horrible “Racists” as they get to know the hosts of the show.


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    1. Mark Faust Says:

      We made this call last night (January 14th 2008) for anyone who may be wondering how old this is.

    2. Marwinsing Says:

      Ha-hah… should be good – got it downloading right now.

    3. Commander Melcur Says:

      I’m lost, this means almost nothing to me.

    4. Commander Melcur Says:

      In regards to disliking ones mother. Jebus himself said, “cast not pearls before swine.” If one’s mother is a blind swine, then she’s a blind swine, hate, love, respect, disrespect, etc… have nothing to do with it.

      Some mothers deserve to be despised by their own children. In fact, the percentage of mothers deserving of no respect from their own children grows every day the Jews maintain control of the media, government, academics, etc…

    5. Magnus Says:

      Enjoyed listening to you guys on the show. I would love to see you guys get Jim on your show to discuss the holocaust. Better yet I would really like you to have them watch


      and then debate the facts shown in the videos. Perhaps we can watch Mark turn a jew into a holocaust denier before our very eyes!


    6. ubersaxon Says:

      These guys, as informed as they are, had no chance. It’s like they have a restrictor plate on their thought process. By the way, good showing Mark and Mishko, way to stay focused and away from the stereotypes us “racists” are associated with.

    7. Subrosa Says:

      Mark, you should not talk to a jew on the level of an atheist. You should have handed him his ass by going the CI route, because the jew has no answer for it. It works. Honest.

    8. Subrosa Says:

      So the guy that owns “Freedom fighter” is a kike. Who would have thunk it?! WHY ARE JEWS ALWAYS HOLDING THE MARBLES?! THIS HAS TO STOP!

    9. Commander Melcur Says:

      You can tell who’s a jew simply by listening to them, if they’re condemning anyone and everyone EXCEPT kikes, then they’re Jews.

    10. nick Says:

      Mark Faust is the man. You were in top form with all the facts. I think you won over “the other guy” in the call. The truth is beautiful!

    11. Mark Faust Says:

      The exchange was very cordial, he had some Jewey tendencies like interrupting when the conversation was taking a turn for the worst for him and changing the subject when I began to pull out facts and quotes about the Jews. I must say I expected nothing more than silly Jewish antics when I first found out he was a Jew….BUT he did compliment our professionalism, and our non hostile demeanor numerous times during that call. He also changed the title of his blog post to better suit us. Cheers to that. The fact is that a guy like that can be buried in facts, numbers and plain old Aryan logic and he knows it so he was not going on the offense knowing it would have been a bad move. I feel no anger or resentment toward him.

    12. Yankee Jim Says:

      When I heard you two on the show…that basketball star on an old Cheech and Chong LP came to mind!

      I think his name was…”AhmGwanna KickBootie”! :)


    13. Mark Says:

      If you can get past all of his stuttering and stammering… a bit annoying. Doesn’t sound like his show is worth listening to.

      So he said he’s a Jew for Jesus? WTF. He tries to cite exceptions to disprove the rule… sorry. The fact is Jews have a disproportionate amount of influence in non-Jewish countries, even if there are some good Jews. Jewish organizations work to subvert our country, that’s just a simple fact. Yes, there are a lot of shabbos goyim that hate their people and have to be dealt with as well.

    14. Craig Cobb Says:

      That Christie Czalkowski makes interesting vids on the invasion, and I understand that there has been massive graft of Minutemen funds and she is on the right side of that issue, however…I also saw the vid of her iin which she did admit that she turned in some Minuteman or Minuteman-type who had trashed the outdoor encampment of some illegal Mexicans, including their little magick Xtian votive set-up on an upside down cardboard box with a “Virgin”dolly and a cross or something. What kind of activist is Czalkowski, then? The kind who is a Xtian loon first and a “Constitutionalist” or whatever she is secondarily. She is not even a racist, as she herself states over and over.

      In any case, as I recall, the White man is getting prosecuted for a hate crime for having “destroyed” the spics’ “religious” shrine. Fucking great, huh?
      What an activist!

    15. Darren Says:

      “You can tell who’s a jew simply by listening to them, if they’re condemning anyone and everyone EXCEPT kikes, then they’re Jews.”

      or modern day evangelical christians

    16. contumacyman Says:

      When I clcik on “click here …” it takes me to “PUTFILE.COM”, and it has the search words for “MarkFaust…”, but, there is no audio nor video. There is only a place to download a plugin (windows media 11 – did that), and then “more videos”.

      How are you guys gaining access to this audio file?

      In the dark over here.

    17. VONBLUVENS Says:

      Good work, Mark. This is what confrontational radio is all about.

    18. Pony Says:

      Sounds like Russ Dove was the only real man on that fucking station. A jew in charge of freedom? What a fucking joke. GOOD JOB GUYS

    19. Mishko Says:


      It should automatically play. Open the window, and let it sit for a few, it does take some time to load.

      With regards to the show, Jim initially seemed a little hostile, but after he figured out that Mark and I aren’t belligerent, quit the opposite, we were very respectful and we had the facts on our side, so he gave us some time to speak. It’s unfortunate that their connection wasn’t that good because Mark and I had to keep skyping each other, letting the other know that it was there turn. It was a tag team type of event.

      For the record, we didn’t prepare and literally were just talking to each other and I said, I feel like calling these guys, then Mark had the great idea of doing a skype call to them.

      Regardless, it was an interesting call, and I think we got our points across, we shed some light on Russ and Christie, and they walked away understanding that we’re not “evil” , uneducated “neo-nazis” that the jews portray us to be.


    20. Pony Says:

      If you guys ran VNN broadcasting like they run Freedom Fighter Radio….we wouldn’t know a god damn thing.

    21. Uncle Paul Says:

      jews aren’t for talking to…

    22. Mark Faust Says:

      # Pony Says:
      16 January, 2008 at 11:51 am

      “If you guys ran VNN broadcasting like they run Freedom Fighter Radio….we wouldn’t know a god damn thing.”

      Yeah I know…The things they look at as huge revelations are things that us White Nationals know every fact about and have known about for years. Like I said to those guys “We didn’t even scratch the surface” of what we know. Freedom Fighter Radio as well as many other supposed “Politically Incorrect” shows are in the kindergarten level of knowledge compared to VNN media broadcasters and forum posters. They figured that out real quick and gave us the floor the last half of the call.

    23. Obadiah 1:18 Says:

      Gentlemen, the myth of the good Jew is as big a lie as the myth of the Holocaust. There ain’t no such thing animal. If you think you can buddy up with this manic, yammering nut, or reach some kind of mutually beneficial consensus with him and his fellow “non-elitist” Jews, you are fools. You can’t fraternize with the enemy. Inviting him to come on FTL, where no doubt he’ll present himself as your friendly neighborhood kike who wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone a White person, will set a dangerous precedent. At this critical point in our history, we cannot afford to let any of our number succumb to the foolish notion that not all our deadliest enemies are bad, and that some of them might actually be our friends.

      Repeat after me: THERE ARE NO GOOD JEWS!

      “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.”

    24. Mark Downey Says:

      “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, and in addition even his own life, he is not able to be My disciple.” Luke 14:26

    25. Marwinsing Says:

      Two goy cattle bulls versus a homo erectus jew. My bets are placed already. Where do we collect our winnings?

    26. Marwinsing Says:

      Politics + Religion = Race

      Politics is fucking shit.
      Religion is fucking shit.
      Race is everything.

      ie: fucking shit + fucking shit = everything

      Yep folks, it’s ALL about RACE.

    27. New America Says:

      A quick observation:

      Did you notice the Jew, when challenged ABOUT the most basic tenets of Judaism – the religion of demons – announced he was with Jews for Jesus, and he was a Jew for Jesus.

      Notice something here:

      One, he is STILL a Jew – First, Foremost, Forever, and “for Jesus” comes in a distant second.

      Two, to my hearing, he did not say, “I am a Christian.”


      Essentially, it seems, he is still RACIALLY a Jew. who sees Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, and NOT as the founder of Christianity.

      These soulless demons change the name, but the game, is the same.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!