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18 December, 2019

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One day, I talked to a White nationalist about Hugh Hefner. I said that Hefner wasn’t Jewish. He said, “how do you know he’s not Jewish?” I said “well, at least, he isn’t listed as being Jewish.” He said, “how do you know that his family didn’t convert to Christianity back in 1870?” That’s a […]

13 July, 2016

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal Jewess and a U.S. Supreme Court justice, made some unusual (unusual for court justices) comments about Donald Trump. But is this surprising? No, for two reasons: 1) the Jews are worried about Trump becoming president. They see him as an unpredictable populist who, unlike previous presidents, may not do “what’s […]

2 August, 2015

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(Above: classic Western architecture) Here’s something for conned-servatives to think about: America’s most “important” city, New York City, is not Western: it’s home to many different ethnic groups, most of them non-White (that includes Jews). Ditto Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and Detroit. In fact, you could argue that America should no longer be […]

17 July, 2014

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by Lasha Darkmoon. […] “The Jewish Problem, more commonly and euphemistically known as the ‘Jewish Question’, has agitated the minds of political analysts throughout history but has remained unresolved to this day. For centuries, a ready and makeshift solution to the problem consisted in the mass expulsion of the Jews. Just get rid of the […]

31 May, 2013

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It’s interesting that the singer would say that, since America has been very, very good to the Jews. In fact, you could say that America “saved the Jews.” America allowed millions of Jewish refugees to come here. Jews (many of them communists) fled Imperial Russia and came here. Then later, more Jews (again, many of […]

18 February, 2010

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But what’s the diff, right? Aren’t Jews just White people with bigger noses? [Article].

14 September, 2009

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How far the Ashkenazim have come from snowy Europe! They’re nothing if not adaptive.

12 November, 2008

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What a great way to brainwash millions of citizens. After “special” training at government facilities, they’ll be ready to serve Zionism/globalism/any other “-ism.” Won’t those citizens really be a gentile corps of sayanim? [Article].

2 November, 2008

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Now that the media has “pre-elected” Obama by favoring him for weeks (isn’t that election tampering?), it’s time to revisit Rev. Billy Graham’s comments about Jews and America: [Article].

29 September, 2008

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You already knew that the rock-n-roll industry was full of Jews: musicians, managers, record company executives. Well, now here’s Rush Hashanah, which is 24 hours of the rock group Rush on TV during the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 29: [Article].