18 February, 2010

Another Jew Joins the Obama Administration

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But what’s the diff, right? Aren’t Jews just White people with bigger noses?


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    1. old dutch Says:

      Sunstein is a good example of, “all Jews are assholes”. LOL. I tend to think it’s genetic. The Jews must have an asshole gene that effects their behavior.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      What about kahnspiracy theories like the one that Saddam had WMDs, or that Iran is building a nuclear bomb? Why are those dangerous lies OK to spread around?

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      “But what’s the diff, right? Aren’t Jews just White people with bigger noses?”


      I suppose to the Negroes and the Orientals, Whites and Jews look alike, in the same way we can’t tell the difference between a Hutsi and a Tutsi, a Sunni from a Shiite or a Slope from a Dink.

    4. Arminius Says:

      Talking of conspiracy “theories” is already deliberate falsification by conspirators. A conspiracy must deny to the last breath that the conspiracy exists, admission means the end of it. Period.
      It is remarkable, that high ranking Jews begin to worry about their most important secret after reaching the pinnacle of their power. It proves, more and more people recognize the signs and evidence of the Jewish conspiracy. And they talk about it, because it is becoming too obvious, not only in government, politicis, finance and media.
      Remarkable, too, the leading Jews are looking for ways and means to prevent exposure before it is too late.
      But the suggestion to impose censorship against talk of conspiracy, read: unrestricted suppression, is not only proof of conspirative action per se, it reveals the feeling of desparation and- last not least- fear their game could soon be over.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews were responsible for the worldwide financial meltdown. They are also the ones who lied us into invading Iraq for them. They are currently committing acts of genocide against the Palestinians in Occupied Palestine. Now they want us to invade and destroy Iran for them, a country that has 4 times the population of Iraq and is at least twice as large.

      Is it my imagination, or are the Jews getting even more evil as their end approaches?

    6. Aealo Says:

      The evil is iherently there; they’re just writhing with greater jolts of deception.


    7. tbow002 Says:

      “The Ends Justify The Means’

      This is the key jewish moto that proves Jews are capable of doing anything to fulfill their agenda..
      However, they have conned so many suckers into helping them that they can easily shift blame to any of these duped fools or all of them and just call them the “Progressives”
      Jews did learn something from the Holycaust and that was to absorb other non jews into their agenda in order to diffuse blame.

    8. Luke Says:

      Good comment, Tim McGreen. And, yes, I agree with your analysis about how Jews appear to be losing their ability to restrain their own evil nature and conceal their evil behind selected gentile puppets.

      The speed with which this Sarah Palin woman is being exposed as a Jew butt kissing neo-con stooge is truly remarkable. And, she is helping to expose herself- either because she is a dumb as a rock, or maybe she’s trying to help expose the Jew in her own bizarre way – by openly calling for World War 3 and another Jew war against Iran.

      I mean, is there any idiot in American politics who doesn’t realize that Bush and his gang of rubber stamping, war mongering, lying GOP buddies were shit out of power because the people are sick and tired of all these wars for the stinking Jews?

      How long can both mainstream political parties continue to defy the wishes of 80-90 percent of the population before revolution happens?

    9. Justin Huber Says:

      If I’m not mistaken, Palin went on some pro-Israeli rant at that tea bagging party they had in Tennesee. I remember drawing the ire of all my relatives a couple of years ago when I declared that Palin was a dunderhead and a Jewish shill.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      I believe a lot of Blacks are starting to realize that their original suspicions about that Barry Sotero character were true, that he is in office to serve his International Jew masters, not the colored folks who voted for him. Sometimes the Negro can be surprisingly aware of Jewish power, although he probably still believes that Jews are just an unusally aggressive and arrogant species of White people.

      As far as that dingbat Plain is concerned, her current assignment is to corral all those Tea-Baggers back into the GOP. Just flash ’em your million-shekel smile, Sarah, and wink at those yokels in a flirty, come-hither way. Soon, you’ll have them all panting and running after you as you lead them straight back into the ranks of the Republican Party.

    11. festerbestertester Says:

      tikkum olam—The Jews want to change the world or perfect it?

    12. renfro Says:

      Jews are Asiatic at root. A bastard mongrel race. The blood Jew has already removed his cloak in America.

      Rather than blaming everything on Jews, White people should ask why they gave all their power to Jews.

      The Jew doesn’t build civilization because they are encapable of discipline and tradition. Avoiding such a great task gives them plenty of time to exploit the civilizations they live in. Gouge Gouge Gouge !

    13. mrcrouton Says:

      The Jews and a few goyim enablers like Bush and Cheney are the main culprits of 911.

      Netanyahoo, Wolfowitz, Silverstein, Zelikow, Feith, Chertoff; the list goes on and on. And the Jews in the media cover it up.

      Alex Jones does a good job of keeping the patriotards blaming gentiles for 911. But it was a Jew job for Israel. A few gentile oil interests tagged l;ong for the ride and profit, but without the Jews it would never of happened. Just like what Churchill said about Soviet Communism. It wouldn’t have happened without the Jews. And so it was a Jew sponsored mass murder. and now a Jew covered up mass murder,like Katyn, and everything that happened in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      Now that 911 is commonly known as an inside job, tyrannical Jews like Sunstein want to criminalize gentiles who do their research and figured out it was the Jews who did 911.

      They are getting desperate, and we must do our part linking Jews to the 911 millstone.

    14. nom de guerre Says:

      Sometimes the Negro can be surprisingly aware of Jewish power,

      That’s true of Injuns also, I recall an Injun I worked with who told me the company I was working at, a real divershitty sweat shop, was “run by a bunch of God damn Jews.” But on the other hand muds are no allies, they seem to be taken in by the jew, about like a cobra is by one of those Wog flutists, mesmerized I’d say. You really have to watch muds though, they’re alot of hot air, there always on the take from Whitey, with their own lil guilt trips, not quite as sophisticated as Hymie, who has 4000 plus year credentials. Jews will always try to empathize with the crowd, they are sycophants extraordinaire.

    15. nom de guerre Says:

      Main Entry: sycophant !si-ku-funt
      Pronunciation: \ -f?nt also -?fant \
      Function: noun
      Etymology: Latin sycophanta slanderer, swindler, from Greek sykophant?s slanderer, from sykon fig + phainein to show – More at – fancy
      Date: 1575
      1575a servile self-seeking flatterer- Synonym – see parasite

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      I wonder if “Alex Jones” is on the CIA payroll? He always manages to exculpate the Jews and the Zionist Entity from any wrongdoing. And he never complains about the Mestizo invasion of the Southwest, either, even though he is in Austin, TX. He blames the US government for a lot of things, yet he never calls for any kind of overthrow of that government. And who paid for his fancy broadcast studio? And why did a Christ-lover like him decide to marry a Christ-killing Jewess? And why is he always so reluctant to talk about his past or his family?

      Very, very strange.

    17. nom de guerre Says:

      wonder if “Alex Jones” is on the CIA payroll
      Yeah, you know when you have alot of fuss n’ feathers its mostly shadow boxing