27 February, 2008

“Jewish Hypocrisy on the Issue of Intermarriage”

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by Patrick Grimm. (Two additional points: 1. Jewish leaders always lie about the Jewish/gentile intermarriage rate. They say that the rate is high, but it isn’t. 2. A little intermarriage is actually good for the Jewish tribe, since it “weeds out” the less-committed, fence-sitting Jews, making the tribe more cohesive):


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    1. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Controlled intermarriage is an essential strategy in the Jewish program. Its matrilineality is probably based on some aspect of Jewish characteristics (what outsiders would correctly call ‘pathologies’ ) being related to mitochondrial DNA whilst its patriarchiality being, well, necessary-a matriarchical, as opposed to matrilineal, society would implode, which is why they push feminism.

      On us.

      As Dr. RPO noted Jews-I would add Ashkenazi Jews- have the “very considerable advantage” of looking like us. If they were Sephardim how far would they have got? Sephardim in fact are no threat to the white race, merely a minor annoyance, since they stand out like dark Arabs and usually are not that smart or inclined to bother with outsiders much. At worst they would be like the gypsies.

    2. Stuyvesant Says:


      Do not miss this remarkable article in the haaretz! It basically says that Israel has no right to exist as a pure jewish racial state. The real decendents of the biblical jews are -of all people- the palestinians who have been kicked of teir land by ashkenazim turks! And there never was a real diaspora. And in reality the jews are not ethnically pure as was always thought. Groundbreaking!