9 February, 2008

Long Beach Persecutes MacDonald

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Psychology department to issue statement on professor’s controversial literature

Staff and faculty are worried that psychology professor Kevin MacDonald’s work has anti-Semitic and racist overtones.
Andrew Smith
Issue date: 2/7/08 Section: News

The Cal State Long Beach Psychology Department has recently initiated new plans to disassociate itself from controversial psychology professor Kevin MacDonald.

The department is currently considering publishing a statement to confirm its disassociation from MacDonald, with his research and writings on Judaism continuing to garner controversy and be used by publications considered to publicize neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideology.

MacDonald’s three-part series in evolutionary psychology, “A People That Shall Dwell Alone,” “Separation and Its Discontents” and “The Culture of Critique,” was labelled as anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi propaganda in late 2006.

The labels came from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a civil rights organization based in Montgomery, Ala., that tracks hate groups. The organization sent a representative to CSULB to interview students and faculty members about MacDonald’s work in November of 2006.

The recent developments within the psychology department to distance itself from MacDonald’s work came after the department’s advisory committee met to discuss his December forum presentation.

Questions were raised regarding the methodology and ethics of MacDonald’s work, which included his trilogy of books as well as his entries in The Occidental Quarterly – which has been described as a “white nationalist” publication – and the online journal VDARE.com.

The three-part book series stimulated the most controversy through its discussion of the influence of Jewish political and social movements on American politics and culture during the 20th century, according to associate professor of anthropology Ron Loewe.

“MacDonald is trying to argue that Jews undermine the foundations of Western society by supporting radical ideologies and radical political movements,” Loewe said.

MacDonald’s work also allegedly discussed “how Jews facilitated the immigration of minorities from southern Europe, and destroyed the whiteness of America,” according to Loewe.

On Tuesday MacDonald replied to a series of questions put to him by psychology professor Martin Fiebert that focused on the four main areas of racism: anti-Semitism, quality of “scholarship” and involvement with and support for extremist groups.

Fiebert’s questions were finally answered after several psychology, history and political science department members sent numerous e-mails to MacDonald requesting that he respond to the inquiries about his research and teachings.

The questions posed to MacDonald revolved around his relationship with J. Philippe Rushton, a professor from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, who has been criticized for his claims that race determines an individual’s abilities and behavior, and that blacks are intellectually inferior because of “smaller brains.”

In an e-mail response sent to Loewe and other CSULB faculty about the questions, MacDonald said that his only referral to Rushton’s work was in a graduate seminar that was not related to racial differences research, and that he would not focus any more of his efforts on the topic at CSULB. In the e-mail, MacDonald wrote, “I see the issue of race differences in intelligence and other traits as hopelessly politicised.”

In another e-mail sent to the Daily Forty-Niner, MacDonald also wrote, “I promised not to teach about race differences in intelligence in order to be able to teach [Psychology] 361.” He also wrote that he is “not happy” about the proposed dissociation of his work by the department.

MacDonald confirmed publishing his claims that the Jewish race was having a negative effect on Western civilization in “The Culture of Critique.”

“Individuals who strongly identified as Jews have been the main motivating force behind several highly influential intellectual movements that have simultaneously subjected Western culture to radical criticism and allowed for the continuity of Jewish identification … Collectively, these movements have called into question the fundamental moral, political, and economic foundations of Western society,” MacDonald wrote in the e-mail sent to Loewe and CSULB faculty.

The Psychology Department Advisory Committee will meet again on Monday to discuss the disassociation statement after concluding that the three current statements already posted on the department website did not provide adequate grounds through which to distance the department from MacDonald’s views.

The three statements, titled “Diversity,” “Misuse of Psychologist’s Work” and “Academic Freedom and Responsibility in Research,” discuss the department’s cultural diversity in teaching, its denouncing of the professor’s work for use as propaganda for racial/ethnic superiority groups, and also the expectation that faculty members whose work is controversial will “state that their views may not represent those of the department.”

The new statement, however, will focus specifically on the department’s disassociation from MacDonald, and is modelled on a similar statement that came from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa.

Produced by the Lehigh Biological Sciences Department, the statement outlined the department’s position on “Evolution and ‘Intelligent Design,'” and reinforced its support of Darwin evolutionary theory while disassociating itself from professor Michael Behe, who supported an alternate “intelligent design” theory.

“While we respect professor Behe’s right to express his views, they are his alone and are in no way endorsed by the department. It is our collective position that intelligent design has no basis in science, has not been tested experimentally and should not be regarded as scientific,” the statement said.


  • 27 Responses to “Long Beach Persecutes MacDonald”

    1. Socrates Says:

      The surname “Loewe” is often Jewish.

    2. Socrates Says:

      And Fiebert has a webpage dedicated to Yiddish words:

    3. hellzapoppin Says:

      I’m surprised they’ve taken this long to attack him. Maybe they thought because his stuff is a bit too “intellectual” for the average man it wouldn’t make any difference.

      Guess there is so much awakening going on “they” are starting to get worried.

      Buy his books now before they are banned.

    4. tennyson Says:

      Here is a book I found interesting:

      Cool website.

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      The SPLC has spoken, you freakin’ psychology wierdos!

      You people, who talk about self-actualization, individual perception, and the neutrality of cognitive thought–you abandon it all when the Jews tell you to!

      A rabble of dogs attacking a stag!

    6. Hengest Says:

      When will Harvard university disassociate itself from professor Noel Ignatiev because of his Race Traitor magazine that openly calls for the abolition of the White race by any means?
      I’m not holding my breath on that one.

    7. Booger Says:

      The Cultural Marxism that pervades our universities and colleges is one of the main reasons for our downfall and after Civil War Part 2,we will have to fix that.If your son or daughter attends one of these overpriced communist indoctrination centers,then you aren’t doing them any favors.It was only a matterof time before the Kosher Krowd set its sights on prof. McD.He will soon find himself an ostrasized outsider for daring to speak the truth or any part of the truth.Academic Freedom is only a pipe-dream in the ZOG-run Kwan.I do however,admire his courage for even daring to speak the truth.May our enemies be disemboweled with a dull,rusty knife.

    8. Muckraker Says:

      Alright folks, it’s war…. We do EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING to help this most important patriot/intellectual/communicator in our midst. We SEND MONEY, we WRITE letters on his behalf – WE DO NOT let this modern-day Patrick Henry/truthteller GO DOWN without a LIFE OR DEATH FIGHT. We DO whatever it takes. We KNEW it was just a matter of time before the Zionists zeroed in on one of our greatest warriors. We must COMMIT ALL to ensuring that HE/WE will prevail against the Zionist evil that confronts him. This, like defeating the amnesty, is a major test of our newfound restoration of free speech Vs. those who seek its destruction. DO NOT let Kevin MacDonald down. This is a significant opportunity to rally against the concerted attack on MacDonald and expose the war on free speech in America.

      Spread the word on all white-racially conscious websites. We go to bat on this, PERIOD, or we deserve our fate.

    9. America First Says:

      Thank you Muckraker!

      Muckraker Says:

      9 February, 2008 at 11:13 pm

      Alright folks, it’s war

      I have purchased seven of his C of C’s for gifts, but that is nothing, this Knight, who has stepped forth to defend all of us rather than keep his month shut Deserves the helpf of every man who hears this call for help.

      I have already email Kevin three times over the last month with supporting words, he need more now.

      Let the filth know he is not alone.

    10. Brian Stone Says:

      Guilt by association and kafkaesque show trials aren’t supposed to be part of the Western tradition. At least they weren’t until the jews made them so.

      The academic “scientists” leading this particular witch hunt are a disgrace to their calling. These are the people that love to sneer at religious zealots and their “God did it” belief, but when someone comes along and applies evolutionary theory to humans, they become every bit as irrational as the “intelligent design” characters.

      You can’t have it both ways. If humans are subject to the same evolutionary laws as every other creature on planet Earth, then Kevin McDonald’s work is perfectly valid. The only question should be upon the scientific merit, not whether his work strokes the right egos or not.


    11. America First Says:

      Brian Stone

      By 1923 ju’s had “The Business” in their control, WW 1 had made Billionaires of many of them here in the US. Look are the male actors in “Salome” by Oscar Wilde.

      Wars broke our backs and they put our women on their backs for them selves. Whilte using their “Business” to sic savages on US in every way possible.

      This 1923 piece of business is interesting perhaps.


    12. N.B. Forrest Says:

      So the Goddam Kikes are getting their way yet again, putting the thumbscrews to a White scholar whose ass they are not worthy to lick….At least this oppression proves that Prof. MacDonald’s great work is hitting the scum hard.

      How much more of this humiliation is our race going to take? How long before this motherfucking plague of repulsive, hook-snouted ticks is given a real Zyklon fumigation, as opposed to the fairy tale one?

    13. -jc Says:

      Kevin MacDonald’s version of the story here: http://www.kevinmacdonald.net/Beirich.htm

      And you’ll notice there’s no campaign against this pasty, flacid prick at Cal State: http://criminaljustice.csusb.edu/Levin.htm

      If there were ever anything that proves Kevin MacDonald’s points it is the instant persecution. I doubt that they’ll martyr him and what they’re doing now, if the light we’re seeing at the end of this tunnel is not a train, will disgrace the Jews that the State is allowing to at least chill free intellectual inquiry. After I wrote that I realized what a stupid statement I’d made: CSULB is a State university. I eagerly await the arrival of the education plank in Ron Paul’s platform which was announced a few days ago: I expect it to condemn government education. Go to http://www.RonPaul2008.com to pre-purchase his book due out in April and to sign-up for e-mail notifications of other important events.

    14. Muckraker Says:

      “MacDonald is trying to argue that Jews undermine the foundations of Western society by supporting radical ideologies and radical political movements,” Loewe said.

      MacDonald’s work also allegedly discussed “how Jews facilitated the immigration of minorities from southern Europe, and destroyed the whiteness of America,” according to Loewe.

      Might they dare try and refute either of these truths? Of course not because they CAN’T.

      So let’s circle the wagons with persecution and an orchestrated, concerted ostracizing of this scholar who DARES to write the truth. These bastions of academic anti-intellectualism known as “universities” are a joke and nothing but Soviet-style finishing schools from where the dumbed-down multiculti high schools left off. SICKENING.

      We need to DELUGE the University president and ask precisely the question Hengest posed (of course we know why the double-standards apply – one a jew; the other a White scholar) and DEMAND a refutation of a single thing Prof. MacDonald wrote.

      Moreover, Kevin needs to get a copy of “The Shadow University” if he doesn’t already have one, and draw inspiration from the White intellectuals who fought against their purges by suing the FUCK out of their oppressors and WON.

      To America First: You’re welcome!

    15. Dermin Courtierdale Says:

      Here’s the link to the email addresses, office numbers and hours of the members of the CSULB Psychology department.


    16. Muckraker Says:

      Thank you Dermin for doing that homework for us. Make sure that this story/link is posted on anywhere else that others may blog and email to other patriots.

      DON’T expect to see it posted on AmRen; Vdare definitely.

    17. Dermin Courtierdale Says:

      Yeah, amren is frustrating. It’s bad enough they won’t allow any comments, even polite and well considered ones, which point out that having a kike population is the disease and having nigger and spic populations are the symptoms, but amren also allows self-professed kikes to mouth off there while preventing anybody from firing up their kikenbabble translator to shine a spotlight on the kikenvermin and make him scurry for a dark corner.

    18. Muckraker Says:

      Agree wholeheartedly Dermin. That’s why not long ago I sent (excerpted) the following email to other AmReners’ that I occassionally corresponded with:

      I can no longer in good conscience post on AmRen. We are intentionally misleading our fellow whites by not being allowed to tell the truth as to WHO our enemies are. Jared’s critical miscalculation on the jews (thinking they could be trusted and co-opted) has led to them censoring EVERYTHING to do with them. I will no longer be a party to it, and I urge you to take your writing talents where they really count. I think if enough of us abandon AmRen, and start posting on sights like the exemplary newsfromthewest or Curt Maynard’s politically correct apostate (these are the sites deserving of our money and time), we can accomplish so much more. It is absolutely insane to get people incited over SPLC, ADL, B’nai Brith, ACLU, hate crimes laws, civil rights laws, the 11 billion open borders lobby, creeping totalitarianism and then PREVENT Whites from identifying the slimy organisms behind every subversive rock. The truth is so widely available now that Jared is more than disingenuous in what he is doing; he has been co-opted by the jews to serve their purposes. That’s evil.

      Note to Alex: I apologize for not including your website in the above suggested sites; at the time I was not aware of it. Thank you for what YOU do and providing a home for the truthseeker/tellers.

    19. Muckraker Says:

      jc: Thanks for those links. Note that after Kevin’s long-winded defense of his work to SPLC fascist Heidi Beirich in which he thoroughly cleans her clock, she has the gall to write back:

      OK. I’ll write no comment from you and that you wouldn’t discuss facts for the purposes of accuracy.


      Also, contrast MacD’s defense of the fact that he had to publish his work in Occidental Quarterly owing to the fact that it was the only outlet he could get it published with the sponsor of police state terrorism against Whites by Prof. Levin who brags that his “work” has been published in every (of course surprise! surprise!) jew-owned newspaper in the country. Note too that Levin used to be a cop out in the streets with his fellow vermin, blacks.

    20. America First Says:

      In 2006, I cancelled my subscription to AR, with a Nasty note saying that I could understand AR not being blatant on the jew topic, but what you are doing is wrong.

      Still AR doe does have some important info us to use. Especially the kike regime Japanese Reparations we paid for that was based on 100% lies.

      AR sucks, but some of this info that AR put out Stands By Itself.

    21. Muckraker Says:

      America First: I agree; they continue to do some fine work -some of which is priceless.

      Does anyone here have a link to Sen. Tennyson’s blood-curdling writings on Super spy agency B’nai Bri’th from the 1940’s.

      I read it several weeks ago for the first time (maybe on newsfromthewest, but they don’t have a search engine on their home page). Am kicking myself for not having saved it then.

      Much appreciated if anyone can help.

    22. James T Says:

      So they want to disassociate themselves from Macdonald — so what? He has tenure so it’s not like his career is in jeopardy, which leads me to believe it’s just meaningless posturing by his department — something of a knee-jerk reaction, but nothing of any consequence. MacDonald has been attacked for years by one Donald Schwartz, a CSULB history teacher, and quite an asshole (he graded me low I suspect because of my German surname — ended up dropping his class), and nothing really became of it.

    23. -jc Says:

      I’m glad to hear that there are some CSULB students here and hope they became racialists/nationalists courtesy of MacDonald.

      My guess would be that some end run around tenure case will make it at least to appeal but likely to the supreme court before long. Mark my words: Hate Crime trumps constitutional rights already.

    24. Bill Says:

      So……he states that the Jews undermine western traditions and thought…….the Jews get real upset and complain…and the western tradtion of free speech goes in the crapper and MacDonald’s career screeches to a halt. But, of course, he’s entirely wrong in what he says, right? Didn’t the Jews again just prove the validity of MacDonald’s argument?

      And then, of course, there is the official decision that since Intelligent Design has not been scientifically tested and proven, it cannot be and won’t be considered. But of course, Dawinism, also scientifically untested and remaining unproven, IS accepted as truth and science. Ummm Hmmm. I get it.

      I must be from the old school. Until something is replicated in the laboratory or proven through exhaustive observation, it remains a hypothesis and a theory. In order to prove a theory as scientific fact, it must be exhaustively and objectively studied. A hypothesis may be formed, but CONCLUSIONS are reserved until by objective scientific methods the hypothesis is proven or disproven.

      Today’s science seems to be of the dogmatic kind, stepping BACK to the dark ages wherein religious belief (there is no God, and Darwin is a Saint in this case) dictates scientific mandates and precludes any scientific investigation that might disrupt the dogma.

      Like the rest of disciplines in colleges of higher learning, science has now joined the ideology of the marxists. Marx be praised on high for his mercies.

    25. sgruber Says:

      Nah, Bill, Darwinism appeals to naturalism. Intelligent Design plumps for supernaturalism. Believing without evidence in stuff that could be true, beats believing in stuff that could not be true. Punctuated equilibria (or whatever) may be an undemonstrated dogma or lazy science, but believing in ghosts is an attack on the very foundation of science.

      The essence of science is not replication in a lab (that comes later); the essence is absence of belief in spirits and demons controlling the universe. Getting out of the savage-nigger mindset and taking reality as objective (the object of consciousness, not the subject). The scientist’s motto is: Wishing doesn’t make it so – neither my own nor that of an alleged Cosmic Consciousness the guessing of whose whims should be the goal of man’s efforts rather than the observation of concretes.

      If the world is lawful, hypothesizing the existence of a lawgiver is unnecessary: things are lawful on their own, why add God to the hypothesis? Far from complexity implying a Creator, it is undemonstrable that a Creator’s hand is required lest things fly into chaos. The Argument from Design is such a dusty old fallacy that has been exploded so many times across the centuries that one is amazed at the mystics trying to revive it today by hiding it under tons of scientific details.

      Intelligent Design is not science. It is supernaturalism masquerading as science to subvert it. So the Dark Ages can reign again (the ages of nigger-level or Spic-level IQ).

    26. Eine Kleine Kristalnachtmusik Says:

      What a bunch of fucking pieces of shit over there at insidehighered.com.

      Those hypocrytical, deceitful, lying mother-fuckers won’t allow comments quoting MacDonald quoting Jews themselves.

      Meanwhile they post comments full of self-righteous chest-beating spouting the lies of multi-culturalism and condemning censorship all the while they censor comments pointing out that multi-culturalism was a result of Jewish manipulation of our immigration policy.

    27. Cadderly Says:

      Agreed, insidehighered.com are a bunch of hypocrytical, deceitful, lying mother-fuckers.

      Now they’ve got some Kike Lieberman posting comments trying to twist the truth and say that MacDonald is against the 1st amendment because of these quotes.

      “As discussed at several points in this volume [Culture of Critique], the radical individualism embodied in the Enlightenment ideal of individual rights is especially problematic as a source of long-term stability in a Western society because of the danger of invasion and domination by group strategies such as Judaism and the possibility of the defection of gentile elites … ” MacDonald, Culture of Critique (1998), 324.

      “Traditional American freedoms such as the First Amendment freedom of speech (deriving from the Enlightenment liberal strand of American identity) have clearly facilitated Jewish interests in the construction of culture, interests that conflict with the possibility of constructing a cohesive society …” MacDonald, Culture of Critique (1998), 325-26.

      But of course they won’t allow a response which points out that MacDonald’s point is that when a host-population maintains a population of Jews, then individualism and individual rights become problematical because Jews deceitfully and under-handedly attempt to take advantage of it in order to facilitate Jewish interests which are at odds with the best interests of the majority host-population.

      So the answer is not to suppress individual rights or individualism. We don’t have to. All we need to do is not maintain a population of Jews.