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28 October, 2012

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We have free speech in America? Ha! We have the illusion of free speech. Just try to poke fun at any person in a minority class (Black, Brown, Jew, queer) and see what happens. (Of course, anyone can say anything about White, heterosexual males). It’s worth pointing out to newbies that political correctness began in […]

21 September, 2011

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What do the “Holocaust” and “9/11” have in common? Both involve Jews (although the official version of 9/11 doesn’t mention them). As a result, there’s only one “correct” way to view/discuss those two events. [Article].

9 November, 2008

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Holocaustianity: The world’s most obnoxious religion. (Florida law mandates Holocaust education in public schools): [Article].

25 October, 2008

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Adolf Hitler: The most over-demonized man in history. No words or deeds, no matter how innocent, are allowed to go uncriticized or uncensored if they might make Hitler “look human.” Of course, it “must” be that way, otherwise White citizens would discover the truth about The Führer: [Article].

9 February, 2008

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Psychology department to issue statement on professor’s controversial literature Staff and faculty are worried that psychology professor Kevin MacDonald’s work has anti-Semitic and racist overtones.Andrew SmithIssue date: 2/7/08 Section: News The Cal State Long Beach Psychology Department has recently initiated new plans to disassociate itself from controversial psychology professor Kevin MacDonald. The department is currently […]

2 May, 2007

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Just kidding. Actually, it’s the Jew World Order, since God’s Pets virtually invented the political Left in the Western countries. Here’s a new, pro-homosexual video for your little Timmy: More about the “gay”-rights movement here:

21 February, 2007

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The origin of everything the average White hates traces back to the jew and his insistence that everyone believe and act exactly as he dictates.

19 March, 2006

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[Roberts, longtime practitioner of cowphemism, the cowardly use of ‘nazi’ where jew is indicated, gets shit on by one of Horowitz’s beards at FrontPageMag for hinting what is discussed freely among loyal Whites: that jews produce the terror they need as pretext for their wars. Jews must keep even the gelded conservatives on the plantation, […]

14 March, 2006

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  We can’t remind the mexicants they lost in Texas. When you fear to stake your claim, you lose it. Before.  After.