2 May, 2007

Schools Promote the New World Order

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Just kidding. Actually, it’s the Jew World Order, since God’s Pets virtually invented the political Left in the Western countries. Here’s a new, pro-homosexual video for your little Timmy:


More about the “gay”-rights movement here: http://www.nukeisrael.com/fsggot%20jews.htm

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    1. New America Says:

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      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. amren posted this. . . Says:

      ” First AME Church.”

      “That Church was the place where the entire community of black elected officials and high ranking civil servants gathered to whip up the crowd to riiot.

      These officials included Mayor Bradley, the first and last black Mayor of Los Angeles, numerous black council menbers and members of the county board of supervisors, and many racial preference high ranking police and fire department officials.

      They were led by race traitor Stanley Sheinbaum communist economist married to one of Jack Warner’s (movie studio) daughters and the man the Warner movie fortune put in the Mayor’s office, Tom Bradley, first and last black Mayor of Los Angeles.

      That church was the epicenter of the rodney king riot. Mayor Bradley and Stanley Sheinbaum were major major instigators.

      What a concept the black Mayor of a city only 12 percent black leading a black riot against the 88 percent of the population that was not black. Mayor Bradley filled the same role in the Rodney King riot as Al Sharkton did in the NYC crown heights riot.

      A week after the riot meetings were held at the very highest level, Bohemian club, Jonathan club, chamber of commerce and the decision was made; blacks out hispanics in.

      Bradley was ordered to shut his mouth and serve out the rest of his term in absolute silence. He did so.

      The First AME church and all its members have seen their day. What a fitting place for Obama to speak.”

      Posted by at 10:20 PM on May 1

    3. mantra77 Says:

      What a great video! The link to this video,


      and this other link to the study showing gays having a 20 year shorter lifespan,


      represent the SUM TOTAL of all you need to confront the gay lobby.

      That’s it. Those two links is ALL you need. Then just compare and contrast to smoking, for example:

      What if smoking fanatics insisted on their right to propagandize kids with the wonders of smoking 4 packs a day? (If one pack a day costs you 5 years, 4 packs a day should be as healthy as the gay lifestyle)

      Wouldn’t these hypothetical smoking fanatics be harassing children?

      Yet when gay groups do the same thing we let them propagandize kids with a lifestyle that will extinguish 20 years of their lives.

      It’s hard to tell what’s more disgusting, gay groups determined to harm our children or society that lets them.

      End example.

      This argument simply crushes them. The only thing pro-gay advocates can say to this is that “nobody propagandizes kids”. That’s where the video comes in. They simply have no other arguments. Here’s an example of how desperate they become when faced with this argument [my comments in brackets]:

      The contents of that study you cited have nothing to do with what is being taught in schools [show them the video]. You might also want to examin the ages of people in the study. I’m sure we would all be interested to know that these people most likely grew up in a different era where society forced many of the behaviors that caused gay people to resort to the kinds of activities that could be seen as risky [bla bla yet average lifespan is 20 year shorter]. Also, your making a broad assumption about the entire population of gay people [bla bla yet average lifespan is 20 year shorter]. Not everyone partakes in practices (sexually and non-sexually) that would put them at risk to contract std’s or be diseased by your words [bla bla yet average lifespan is 20 year shorter]. There are just as many straight people out there that partake in pleasures that put them at risk [bla bla yet average lifespan is 20 year shorter]. What is being taught in school isn’t an attempt to “convert” kids to being gay [show them the video]. Many people thought the same thing about black people. Their lifespan is also shorter than a caucasian person (which I’m assuming you are. Should everyone who doen’t conform to what the christian movement wants have to sit in the back of the bus?? But society left that barbaric type of thinking in the past (for the most part). It’s only people like you that continue to perpetuate hate and ignorance [this last part is where he falls to pieces].

      Ok sorry I’m subjecting you to this raving gay tripe but I had to illustrate how absolutely and completely helpless they are when faced with this argument.

      Summary: All you need to blast any and all gay arguments out of the water are the two links above and a smoking analogy.

      Bob’s Riddle: All anti-white racists agree that it’s ok for whites to become minorities in their own countries. All anti-white racists also agree that a Japanese person who wants to become a minority in his own country is either a traitor or clinically insane. Therefore, what is an anti-white racist? Answer

    4. anon Says:

      so what? seems to me it is not a public school. people pay money to have their kids go there. It is every parents right to raise their child as they want. I am not sure why you really care if someone elses child is taught it is ok to be gay.
      This seems to be the problem with anyone who is too far on the left or the right: when you are on the fringe you feel everyone must feel the same as you. I don’t support what they are doing, I would not pay money to have my child go to that school. I am not going to teach my child something is right or wrong but that something just is. It is not my place to point out that someone elses lifestyle is wrong, they may feel the fact that I like hunting and shooting is wrong. That is their right, as it is my right to feel that pushing your own beliefs on others is is wrong.


    5. Lutjens Says:

      You gotta be shittin me. Reading, writing and math is no longer important. Learning how to buttfuck other boys or muffdive other girls is the priority of the day. Breeding a dumb, soft, weak, faggot society. Parents are to blame here. Private schools or homeschooling…. seems to be the alternative.

    6. axehandle Says:

      Repulsive beyond words.

    7. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      Soviet-style mindcontrol at its most frightening. Chilling to see how easily the children are programmed into regurgitating pc phrases like little parrots.
      That these dikes and fags are allowed to teach children is a sure sign of societal decomposition.
      How did it ever come this far?
      Tolerance as a medical term litterally means how much poison (toxins, e.g. medicine) the organism can absorb without terminal failure.


    8. Dudeman Says:

      Shit, at this point I’m wondering if the kikes invented faggotry itself!

    9. Thoughtcrime Says:

      By contrast, why is it that the strict, nuclear, heterosexual family construct is NEVER taught? Why is that the concept of a traditional nuclear family is ignored, never to be admired or emulated? Instead we get this limp-wristed liberal programming.

      Since when is it so important that children feel so much and think so little? Is this why the damn gooks and other foreign exchange students are snatching up so many spots in our American college science programs? It seems like extreme feminism has invaded the school systems, both public and private. Why are all these emotionally laiden, disgusting liberal topics allowed to take up valuable teaching time? Since when did this great country become EMOTION 24/7? I want to puke.

    10. Back in the USSA Says:

      Thoughtcrime asked: Is this why the damn gooks and other foreign exchange students are snatching up so many spots in our American college science programs?

      No, not really. Teaching our children “homosexuality is all right” is not really connected to the problem of gooks in American universities, but it’s close. It’s Marxism = egalitarianism for one thing. I know personally Whites who were passed over for Asians thanks to “affirmative action” and diversity crap in graduate programs. And the second part of that is Capitalism. The thing the Hannity-insanity “conservatives” — and, of course, the kikes — looooove so much = money. Some Chinese have told me that major American universities have advertisements in their country. The reason? The school will get up to 5 times the tuition for foreigners, and some of that money comes from YOUR pockets, fellow sheeple, through government-sponsored “aid” programs. More Marxism-Leninism in Soviet Amerika. Or AmeriKwa, I suppose. What’s not to hate?

    11. Briseis Says:

      Watching that was creepy in the sense that it was not only indoctrination, but that it was of a sexual nature, and I believe that discussing people’s , ahem “relationship preferences” and (gag) “Lifestyles” are NOT APPROPRIATE to young children and for schools to handle.
      Again, more of this shove it down your throat leads to less tolerance rather than more!
      and again I will find a way to beat them at their own game. Maybe I should write a childrens book called “Privacy” or “That’s not my business”
      or “Too Much Information” or “I don’t care to hear about that.” “I don’t HAVE to like cabbage, tv or YOU”- you know, cutsey, manipulative little stories (and how would you feel , Lars, if someone made you feel bad ,because you were scared , or because your mommy and daddy believed laws should be followed?), but with OUR values. Neat-o idea, that.

    12. Lutjens Says:

      “anon Says:

      2 May, 2007 at 3:54 pm

      so what? seems to me it is not a public school. people pay money to have their kids go there. It is every parents right to raise their child as they want. I am not sure why you really care if someone elses child is taught it is ok to be gay.”

      You and those that think and speak like you are out of touch with reality and are the root cause of the problem. Quit politicizing the destruction of the human race.