25 October, 2008

The Constant Policing of Hitler’s Image

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Adolf Hitler: The most over-demonized man in history. No words or deeds, no matter how innocent, are allowed to go uncriticized or uncensored if they might make Hitler “look human.” Of course, it “must” be that way, otherwise White citizens would discover the truth about The Führer:


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    1. gw Says:

      “All I was saying is that with the amount of hordesmen who came from the steppes, there must be trace amounts of Mongol blood. But since they were absorbed into majority-Nordish stock 600 or so years ago, the genetic influence on the community would not be noticeable anyway.”

      Don’t take those silly arguments seriously, Krystian! They are an embarassment to serious people. It’s like those who try to tell us Italians aren’t white. Divide and rule!

      As far as being “absorbed”, I doubt if many Mongols settled down and stayed. They came and they went. Why would they stay and live among the people they had looted and plundered? “Trace elements” maybe. (Yes, they did rule for a few centuries, from a great distance and nominally.) Perhaps they left a few scattered genes behind, but far more likely most of them went back from where they came..

      “Like I said ..We need to work together,.. if we are to survive.”

      Right you are, Krystian! Very sensible words, I’m with you on that. Those who sow dissention are enemies.

    2. Jim Says:

      In spite of Hitler’s tactical errors during the Jew’s World War, he is still the greatest White Leader in all history; the only leader of a great nation to stand up against the most terrible entity that has ever existed – THE JEWISH MONEY POWER that today controls all nations of the earth.

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      You’re right, Jim. Now, all we have to do is learn from Der Fuhrer’s successes as well as his mistakes and we will be on our way to victory!

    4. Francesca Says:

      The fake Hitler is a reflection of what the Jews really are, ie, neurotic, cruel, hate-filled, devious. The real Hitler loved children and animals, nature, art, his mother, his race…All exceptionally fine attributes!

      If you want to keep your sanity, remember, Jewish projections knows no bounds. And I mean NO bounds.

    5. Jim Says:

      If the Mongol blood in Slavs has been lost in 600 years then why hasn’t the Semitic blood of the Jews been lost in 1700 years? I know Jews with fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes. In reality, many Jews resemble their host countries ie. German Jews look German, Polish Jews look Polish. This applies mostly to non-German Jews, because most Jews look Eastern European/Slavic.