25 February, 2008

“The Wolf of Wall Street”

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Dr. William Pierce noted that most of the super-swindlers – i.e., businessmen and financiers who steal huge sums of money – have been Jews. The “Wolf” is Jewish, too:


Belfort mentioned as being Jewish: [Here].

Dr. William Pierce on super-swindlers: [Here] and [Here].

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    1. John Says:


    2. lawrence dennis Says:


      Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, Martin Siegel, and Dennis Levine will long be remembered for the Wall Street insider trading scandals of the 1980s….

      As James Stewart makes clear in this book “Den of Thieves,” all four of these principle financial shysters are jews.

    3. john creagh Says:

      A great movie which acurately portrays jewish stock swindlers is “Boiler Room”.


      The jewish screenwriter worked at one of these firms like Belfort’s, and his depiction of how they go about swindling naive investors is totally believable. (The central characters are specifically identified as jewish). The movie offers a damning indictment of materialistic jews who pursue wealth with total disregard for the harm they inflict.

    4. Booger Says:

      Thanx for the movie tip John,i’ll check it out.Any movie that fingers the Jew is worth watching in my book.A documentary on the Jews worth watching is an A & E production called “An empire of their own”,which i believe is also a book on how the jews created “hollywood”.That most of the New York Moguls who took home those outrageous end of year benefit checks from their swindling efforts,are jews,shouldn’t surprise anyone either.One of them actually had the timerity to say he had “worked hard” for it!Yea Right!Like the kike ever works hard at anything except our destuction is a sad,sad joke.This cunt-try sickens me to no end.

    5. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      Yes, and these kikes never really pay, do they? A few years in a federal penitentiary and a few million dollars in restitution. They steal hundreds of millions and often only pay back a tenth of what they stole.
      Sounds like the kind of deal most hebes would jump at.