14 March, 2008

Iranian for Aryans on ‘Beowulf’

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I just watched “Beowulf”


“Beowulf as depicted by a Nordic female painter. Beowulf is a hero through-and-through.”


“Beowulf the Modern: a bastard product of Jewish cultural perversions.”


I thought it was a sordid affair. It was, as to be expected, a corruption of the original tale. It Jewed everything down. There were Jewish superfluities of sex, urination, belching, insulting Christianity, feminism, violence, and deconstruction of a Nordic hero.


Examples include:


1) Sex: gratuitous displays of a buxom slattern and gross badinage between her and a punkish, tattoo-ridden “warrior”. In a much later scene, the female water demon is naked and wears high-heeled stilettos in 7th century Denmark! Also, Beowulf said he will fight the demon, Grendel, naked, and proceeded to immediately slough off his clothes in front of the Queen! And this is supposedly how ancient Nordics behaved! What Jewish lies!


2) Urination and belching (two Jewish fetishes): Two men urinated – right in the building! – and discussed Christianity. A woman belched and other women laughed. Again, Nordics were made to look uncouth and niggerish.


3) Calumny against Christianity: The ex-king’s adviser wore a big cross on his chest and man-handled his crippled slave. This put Christians in a bad light by making them brutes and hypocrites; how Jewish!


4) Feminism (for non-Jewish consumption, of course): The Queen is irate at Beowulf because he has taken a younger woman as consort. Though the Queen wears a cross on her necklace, she’s still good, because, well, she’s a woman and she’s the victim of (it can only be White) male oppression and maltreatment. I’m sure if a nigger was the hero, this would elicit a sly smirk from the audience, because the nigger is, well, a “god”, and “all Man”; or rather, all pseudo-Man n’$h!t.


5) Violence: Extremely violent and sanguinary. A failed Jewish attempt to add “interest” to a flop of a movie. The awe-inspiring Nordic special effects are just that: effects. No substance, no meat, no depth.


6) Beowulf is no longer the hero par excellence but a psychoanalyzed, and therefore deconstructed, victim of Jewish radical critique. He is a deflated Super-Goy who is “exposed” as a liar, a cheat, an adulterer, a fraud, a charlatan, a non-interventionist, an America-Firster, a 7th century Holocaust-Denier, and worst of all, an anti-Semite!


Zemeckis, the gentile producer said that this movie is not the one we were “forced” to read in high school (no one forced me!). Rather, it’s a movie about high adventure, belching, swearing, and fornicating.


Zemeckis, I hope you burn in Hell! My only question for you before you roast is why you didn’t throw in niggers, spics, chinks, and kikes as warrior-heroes in Beowulf’s entourage. This shows that you’re still not sufficiently Jewish!



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    1. White patriot Says:

      Yeah, go to his blog. Check out Jahan’s kike face and his half-breed family.

    2. Jahan Says:

      Correction to the above:

      Jewish impersonator says go check out Jahan’s profile, but don’t read his blog. Its full of things critical of Jews, and its the Jewish impersonator’s duty to divert attention from it.

    3. White patriot Says:

      By all means, read Jewhan’s blog.Read every word. It is a perfect example white-wannabe, Jew propaganda. Jewhan is on a sacred mission from Yahweh. He wants to save the white man from our complacency. Jewhan wants to be the Aryan Messiah. Read Jahan the Jew’s blog and be saved!

    4. Robert Cardillo Says:

      I figured this movie would be a load of rubbish. One reason is I REFUSE to see anything with Angelina Jewlie. I am so sick of her overrated race traitorous mug. I’ll stick to the book!!!ROHOWA!!!

    5. Jahan Says:

      Dear Jew,

      Are you trying to be ironic – or just so, without knowing?

      You’re the wannabe – coming to this website, and posing as a White person.

      I, on the other hand, am completely honest about who I am – and don’t hide my ancestry.

      I don’t want to join anyone or anything – but I have feelings for my mother’s people.

      Its not a token for admission to some stupid organization or make-believe.

      Yes, you are completely correct.

      I do indeed want to save my mother’s people from complacency.

      They are my mother’s people – its my duty to do whatever I can.

      See you later, loser fake-wannabe-Nazi-hunter

    6. White patriot Says:

      Jahan says:
      Yes, you are completely correct.

      That’s very half-white of you, thanks.

    7. Jahan Says:

      Jew says:

      That’s very half-white of you, thanks.

      That’s very Jew of you – no thanks.

    8. White patriot Says:

      Jewhan, Jewhan, Jewhan… when are parasitic, bacillus-carriers like you going to learn some manners? The proper response should have been “You’re welcome, sir.” What’s the point? One of the intrinsic traits of your loud, blustery, degenerate race is lack of simple courtesy. How do you hope to assimilate if you continue to act like that? You may have dropped your kaftan, beard, and sideburns, trying to look like a white American (give it up, it’s an impossibility with your Iranian-Jew rat face), but you will never be able to truly deceive the Aryan people. Jewhan. Never.

    9. Hoosier Says:

      # Terrorsaurus Says:
      15 March, 2008 at 12:16 pm

      Try another version of the movie called ‘Beowulf and Grendel’ starring Gerard Butler. It’s an excellent film and a completely white retelling of the Nordic legend. Five stars!

      Thanks for the tip, Terrorsaurus. This movie can be downloaded for free, although very slowly, via bittorrent, here:


    10. Hoosier Says:

      correction: this looks to be a better torrent to download, the other one I gave is both the English and Spanish version, so much longer.


      I’m still learning about bittorrent.

    11. White patriot Says:

      This isn’t the whole saga, more like a character study, but it’s worth watching, especially with the rousing Wagner score! Enjoy! ROHOWA!

      Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfw4wgCBdL4

      Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Lo1ImAudjo&feature=related

    12. Jahan Says:

      So-called “White” patriot,

      A parasite is something that contributes nothing, but causes complications for a body that is infected by it.

      A Jew like yourself is a perfect example – he has no qualms about lying and impersonating – and impeding the defense of White people by attacking those who are defending it, and trying to divide his opposition.

    13. Jahan Says:

      By the way, Jew:

      You misspelled RAHOWA.

      Nice try – better work on your impression of White patriots.

      … and fuck you, for screwing with my mother’s people.

      I won’t forget it.

    14. White patriot Says:

      The real wrong was your sand nigger father fucking your white mother – it produced your half-breed ass and muddied the white gene pool. WE WON’T FORGET THAT, JEWhan.

      … and ROHOWA is just fine: \http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en-us&q=ROHOWA&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

    15. White patriot Says:


    16. Jahan Says:

      Dear Jewish wannabe manipulator, posing as a so-called “White patriot”,

      Pissed, aren’t you?

      Its RAHOWA, mon idiot.

      Your much-vaunted cleverness has failed you .

      You’ve been revealed – so stop trying to convince us….

    17. Jahan Says:

      PS to Jew wannabe “White Patriot”, who doesn’t know anything about the people he’s trying to impersonate:

      How did you manage to mis-spell the word “RAHOWA”?

    18. White patriot Says:

      I’m not pissed about anything, Jewhan. Unlike you, I was born 100% Aryan.

    19. White patriot Says:

      My misspelling is minor compared to your miscegenation. I’m better at math than spelling. Here’s an example equation:

      Sand Nigger Father + White Race Traitor Mother = JEWhan

    20. Topkea Says:

      Let it go, White patriot, this faggot cunt-face sand nigger shitbag is probably one of IFA’s proxies sent to protect his camel-dung brown shitskin from the rightful interests of Aryans on this site who are asking themselves why a fucking, filthy mongrelised sand nigger is allowed to comment on this site!

    21. Jahan Says:

      That’s enough now, “ROHOWA” Jew.

      You made an irretrievable error.

      I’m sure the real White patriots here appreciated how you portrayed them.

    22. Jahan Says:


      I have never met an intelligent White patriot who uses ridiculous words like RAHOWA (or “ROHOWA!”, as Jewie puts it).

      However, what real White patriots can learn from this, is that this is exactly how Jews WANT White patriots to behave.

      (Which explains why all the idiotic skinheads and other subculture trash get all the media coverage, while Dr. William Pierce and his acquaintances were never mentioned by the Jewish-controlled media).

    23. White patriot Says:

      Thanks for being the voice of reason, Topkea. I will let it go, because this half-breed JEWhan is relentless in his so-called “defense” of White, Western European culture and especially offensive in calling us “idiotic skinheads and other subculture trash!”

      So long, or should I say… Shalom, JEWhan.

    24. Jahan Says:

      Dear Jew, daring to pose as a “White patriot”:

      You think you’re clever.

      … and you think that the White patriots on this website are stupid, and will just fall for the ridiculous caricature you made of them.

      That’s why you screwed up here – and that’s why you Jews will be defeated.

    25. Jahan Says:

      Look at the Waffen-SS kicking Soviet (and Jewish) butt, in Kharkov, in 1943:


      Outnumbered 8:1, and they destroyed three Soviet tank armies…

      … better than stupid Hollywood movies like “Beowulf”.

    26. White patriot Says:

      Enough arguing! Let’s have some fun. Here’s a game. Find JEWhan in the photo:


      Tip: Give it up. JEWhan is lost in the crowd, because all rat-face, kikes look alike.

    27. Jahan Says:

      Dear bungling Jew,

      Why don’t you just go and shave your head, get some tatoos, and vandalize the nearest synagogue?

      That way, EVERYONE will forget your little “ROHOWA” flub, and believe you (hehehe!)

    28. Jahan Says:

      … and now, back to truly White, Jew-free entertainment:

      Here is a damaged film from the Eastern front, showing Germans fighting at Kirovograd, in early 1943 – south of the battles raging around Cherkassy/Korsun:

      In the Ukraine, the heavily outnumbered and out-gunned Germans fight on, struggling to contain the tide of an offensive of over two million of the Red Army.


      German units are swept westwards, or surrounded, and are forced to fight their way out of encirclement.

    29. Jahan Says:

      PS: I apologize for referring to that death-struggle, as “entertainment”.

    30. white patriot Says:

      RaHoWa/ROHOWA = Racial Holy War

      It’s not how you spell it, it’s what you are, kike.

      Jahan/JEWhan = Iranian Jew

    31. Jahan Says:

      Dear Jew,

      Are you talking to yourself?

      You’re the one who needs a lesson in the meaning of the words you haven’t learend – and in what you are.

    32. Jahan Says:



      Notice how Jews laugh at stereotypes of “White patriots”, and fearlessly impersonate them, and toy with them – but shrink like vampires from the sight of German soldiers.

    33. white patriot Says:


      Oops, JEWhan had a Freudian slip. It’s quite common among Iranian-Jews with white mother issues.

    34. white patriot Says:

      By the way, thanks for the YouTube link. It was cool watching soldiers kick ass, without a kike, nigger or half-breed in the ranks! Panzers Uber Alles!

    35. Jahan Says:

      While Jew here engages in his little Jewish word games, let’s look at another German newsreel, from Kharkov, March 1943:


      Field Marshal von Manstein throws German retreat is thrown into reverse, crashing into the Soviet advance.

      Despite being outnumbered 8:1, the Germans took control of the battlefield, outmaneuvering their larger opponent.

      The Soviets rushed another tank brigade to Kharkov….

      …. and a brigade of NKVD troops – staffed by many Jews.

      They were all effortlessly wiped out be the Germans – hehehehehehe!

    36. Jahan Says:

      Watch the Jew criticize my lack of editing, as a nice excuse to avoid dealing with the subject of the Germans kicking his brethren’s ass.

      BTW, my Iranian grandfather fought on the German side.

    37. white patriot Says:

      I’ve read about your grandfather’s type – Jews who pass as Nazis, kind of like you, JEWhan.

      link: http://www.kansaspress.ku.edu/righit.html

    38. Jahan Says:


      That’s your job – and you’ve failed at it.

      Go complain to the rabbi.

    39. Jahan Says:

      Iranians served in das Heer and the Waffen SS.


    40. Jahan Says:

      … and now, back to what’s rightfully yours.

      Here’s a part of the subsequent newsreel, showing the situation in the Ukraine, in early 1944.

      The outnumbered but brave Germans counter attack against the Soviets. Several pockets of tens of thousands of Germans desperately fight on, against terrible odds.


    41. White patriot Says:

      “… and now, back to what’s rightfully yours.”

      Not yours, half-breed.

    42. Jahan Says:

      Belated reply:


      Its mine, fake “White patriot” Jew.

    43. Another white patriot Says:

      This half-breed Jahan believes that he’s a uniquely illuminated individual with a special task to fulfill – which is to admonish white Americans for failing to understand the dire racial holocaust we are in. We understand, mud boy.

      In point of fact, Jahan is mentally ill.

    44. Francesca Says:

      Christianity, sadly, has to be a Jewish Trojan horse. While I’ve outgrown pagan promiscuousness and immodesty, (not to mention licentiousness makes women deadly vulnerable to Jewish men-think Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, and even Frances Farmer.) I just don’t see how Christianity can be anything but suicidal for non jews. Think sermon on the mount. Consider the mind boggling materialistic pornographic genocidal vindictiveness of the Old Testament (for Jews) and then the pitiful lamb to the slaughter hobo passivity of the New Testament. Not sure what’s left. I like the philosophies of European reconstruction.

    45. David Garrison Says:

      Sorry, accidentally wrong email address on previous comment.

      Wow, that irate over “Beowulf,” I’d be interested in your thoughts about “Beowulf: Prince of the Geats,” where the hero is black. [www.princeofthegeats.com]