10 May, 2008

GRIMM: Anti-Jewish Sentiments – Part Three

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by Patrick Grimm: [Here].

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    1. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Another good effort blending MacDonald and Pierce, and at least this last section contains some originality.

      Patrick Grimm wrote: “Yet the majority of whites seem docile and tolerant, ripe for race-mixing, self-hatred and servility. This is the tolerance borne of the Jewish Communist spirit.”

      Actually the self-hatred is due to demoralization and it’s not really “TOLERANCE borne of the Jewish Communist spirit” but “TYRANNY borne of the Jewish Communist spirit.”

      Grimm’s got some good E-words that follow along with my alternative to Zionism that I called Extricationism: expulsion and eviction. Maybe Expulsionism and Evictionism are better? Whatever.

      Patrick Grimm wrote: “While working towards this goal there should be no apology and no equivocation, but only anti-Jewish sentiments expressed honestly, reasonably and simply. In this way we shall awaken our brethren and acquire our liberation.”

      Actually the solution includes creating a mass media to reach our people first, which he doesn’t mention. The internet is almost certainly not enough, although we can and should keep trying since it’s our best means of communication atm. Further, our messages must appeal to the brain and the heart in order to stir the small percentage of leaders from their slumber by the former, and to sway the masses emotionally by the latter. And if you think that’s wrong, you should realize that’s what the kikes are doing with their mass media as are the John Hagee-type shabbas goys.

    2. ED! Says:

      Take splended articles like this one and run off 1,000 copies. Fold them and put them in zip-lock bags, add a small ammount of cheap cat litter that has no deodorizer in it, this will add some weight to the bag. Drive down city streets at night and throw these up onto lawns the way the National Alliance does it. If enough of us would do this it would plant a seed in the minds of people who dismiss articles like this one at first. There will come a day when the seeds will grow when these people wake up hot or cold in the dark with nothing to eat, jobless without a penny in their pocket, and an eviction notice on their door. That procress has begun, we need to put the heat on this pressing issue, now more than ever! We must be inventive in our efforts to get the word out. This Jewish predatory version of capitalism is about to come unwound!

      Only then will they wake-up to the reality of what the major sum of Jewry has wrought!


    3. jim donaldson Says:

      Sticks and stones will break their bones, but names will never hurt us.

    4. randy gray Says:

      Our group was the first group to openly protest this fraud. Kevin Strom has a great story on MLK called “MLK the Beast”.