14 May, 2008

GRIMM: Misnaming Ourselves

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by Patrick Grimm: [Here].

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    1. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Wrong. Calling ourselves “gentiles” or even “goyim” to separate us from the jews is apropos. There is no other race of human beings that are as destructive and evil as the jews. All the races of the earth are different, separate and distinct from jews. We want the whole world to realize that distinction: there are jews and then there are the rest of us.

      Using the word “gentile” in no way plays a jewish game or demeans Europeans. Because once the world (or enough of it) recognize the jews for what they are, the ranking of the rest of the planet’s races is obvious and will be acknowledged. The White race is the master of civilization and the most capable and beautiful and has the right to preserve itself like any other.


      BUSH , ISRAEL & IRAN..

    3. Bo Says:

      The Patrick Grimm essay is a breath of fresh air, well-reasoned and thoughtful. The diverse white American peoples should demand the right to self-name, just as all other demographics do.

      Remember the sixties when a list of ten marks of oppression circulated? The first mark of oppression is when the members of a demographic group allow members of another group to name them. The second mark of oppression is when the members of the named group accept the label imposed on them.

      Gentile is a name imposed on us over 2,000 years ago and it strips us of our nationality, our demographic status, and our own richly-textured diversity of tribes, nations, and ethnies.

      Bravo for Patrick Grimm’s meme: “take command of yourself, name yourself.” It’s high time.

    4. Arch Stanton Says:

      P.T. Barnum was once quoted as saying something to the effect, “good publicity, bad publicity it’s all publicity.” Well the jews have long taken this concept to heart. The result is that we have a jew in our face most of the time.

      Most people fail to notice the incredible number of jews continually being trotted out and paraded across the center stage of their consciousness. Even though unaware, this constant barrage has the subliminal effect of presenting the jew as the most important people in the world. Need information on nuclear or quantum physics, psychology, law, medicine, child rearing, foreign policy, homeland security et al? Ask a jew! Typically we find the “correct” answer is invariably from some Jewish “authority” on the subject.

      Having been jew-aware for over 15 years now, I find the constant jew-in-your-face of American society to be somewhat maddening. Those who remain unaware of the jew have no understanding of how Jewish they sound in their conversation. If not referring to some jew directly, they refer to some inane Jewish creation put forth by either Talmudvision or Spielberg/Goldwin/Meyer’s Hollywood axis of scatologically “relevant” toilet scenes. The one certainty in American life is that we are always talking about Jews.

      Frankly I do not care to discuss the jew anymore than I care to discuss the visceral fecal matter in which they thrive, it is all quite disgusting to my mind. Yet it seems we have no choice, for the jew is always there and always out front. Stop and consider for a moment what a world without jews might look like. Imagine how empty and vacuous this world would suddenly seem with no Jewish source to quote and no Jewish personalities to laud. If America woke up tomorrow with no remaining trace of their Jewish masters, the world would indeed seem suddenly quite empty. Of course there is fat chance of that ever happening.

      Alex has said many times that jews are like women and the further I go in life, the more I find this is truly the case. I always used to wonder why I kept seeing so many men on drag in the movies and on Uncle Miltie’s TV show, but now I know it is a Jewish thing, which is undoubtedly why such displays never resonated with me. But it is more than just a pretty dress that makes up the jew’s highly feminine nature, it is their vain need to be recognized and constantly be held in the center of attention.

      I find it telling that women’s magazines invariably use women models in their advertisements. Obviously women like looking at other women because they internalize and identify their own physical appearance with that of the beautiful models in those ads. This is the vanity of the typical female psyche, “Look at me! Am I not beautiful, am I not desirable? But whatever the case, LOOK AT ME, ME, ME!!! (Of course as a fan of the beautiful models in these magazines, I am quite content with this aspect of the feminine psyche for otherwise those images would probably be that of some guy with a hairy butt.)

      Like women, Jews in general have an overweening need to be the center of attention all the time. Unfortunately they are among the ugliest people on the planet, both in body and mind. So we find our lives inundated with the ugliness, the filth and degeneracy, so typical of Jews. I never found a pie in the face, a fart, a toilet, nor a man in drag either amusing or relevant, but the jews sure do. Like everything else Jewish, such portrayals are both tasteless and debased; thoroughly degenerate from the normal cultural standards of the white race. But like Patty Hearst we have identified with our captors for so long that we have become like them, embracing their ideas, “standards” and attitudes. White males have now become as feminine as their jewish masters.

      Last night I was at a gathering and noticed a friend’s teenage daughter reading a book. I asked the young lady if I could see the book and she handed me a copy of Eli Wiesel’s notorious “Night.” Oy Vey! I almost cried out, but I held fast and simply asked why she was reading this particular piece of Jewish trash (Of course I did not use that specific terminology for it would reflect badly on god’s chosen pests, and were that to happen I would have been instantly assaulted by numerous non-jew Christians rising to the defense of those tragically poisecuted few who never seem to forget. I have yet to have anyone of these noble defenders of the jew tell exactly why they are so ready and willing to defend the Jews when they refuse to defend any other race – including their own!) And the young lady’s answer? Why nothing less than “it’s required reading for my English Class.” Required reading for English class? Where, oh where the fuck are the righteously indignant parents, morally outraged that their child is being exposed to this disgusting filthy form of Jewish pornography?

      Oy Vey! All those naked dead bodies, the sadistic treatment by those nasty Nazis in their natty uniforms, the hiding in the toilets of the death camp, the escape back to Germany with the German captors who had just moments before wanted all Jews gassed out of existence. But then her mother was in fact standing close by and she in fact remained silent about the matter. However there was a distinct air of momentary unease as many at the gathering well know my attitude about jews. There was a palpable fear I might say something unseemly to this virginally pure young lady; something like: Did you know Hitler was actually right about the Jews? Did you know the Holocaust was in fact a myth that never actually happened? Did you know that jews are a race of pathological liars who hate all non-Jewish peoples?

      If only these doting parents could somehow comprehend exactly what the jew has in store for their Nordic blond daughters. But not to worry, the jews have done an excellent job of programming the herd, so should this beautiful young lady ever fall prey to the viciousness of a marauding Negro or a leering Jewish rabbinical pedophile, there will be only apologies for having bad thoughts about the predator who raped and murdered their child. Oh well at least it wasn’t some evil, authoritarian, Nazi white male popping her cherry; now that would be truly bad form and quite possibly illegal old sport.

      Is it wrong to speak to volunteers the way I do? Perhaps it is because I am greatly saddened that I will wake up to that bright and sunny morning when I will no longer find some twisted and grotesque Jewish visage in front of my face.