3 May, 2008

Pro-White Political Candidate Running for L. A. Superior Court

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A curious term, “White supremacist.” After all, if Whites aren’t supreme, who is?


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    1. Mark Says:

      “The “Pace Amendment” would add this verbiage:

      ”No person shall be a citizen of the United States unless he is a non-Hispanic white of the European race, in whom there is no ascertainable trace of Negro blood, nor more than one-eighth Mongolian, Asian, Asia Minor, Middle Eastern, Semitic, Near Eastern, American Indian, Malay or other non-European or non-white blood, provided that Hispanic whites, defined as anyone with an Hispanic ancestor, may be citizens if, in addition to meeting the aforesaid ascertainable trace and percentage tests, they are in appearance indistinguishable from Americans whose ancestral home is in the British Isles or Northwestern Europe. Only citizens shall have the right and privilege to reside permanently in the United States.”

      As Johnson’s plan is summarized by James A. Aho in his 1990 book “The Politics of Righteousness”:

      Only bonafide, certified citizens will be permitted permanent residency in the United States. All others shall be compulsorily deported “in a manner economically beneficial to them” to their native lands. Although this will involve tens of millions of American residents, and is to be accomplished in a single year, Pace assures us that deportation will be “fair” and “minimally painless.” Money now “waste” on federal welfare and public education programs can be budgeted for moving allowances and the leasing of mass transportation facilities.

      Those who so wish may keep title to their property in absentia, at least temporarily. But failure to comply with repatriation will automatically result in its confiscation. Further enforcement procedures are not specified. On the whole, the author is optimistic that if the carrot of allowances is beguiling enough, bloodshed should be minimal. To this end, precautions will be undertaken to ensure that “the enforcers do not become over-zealous in their duties.”

      American Indians, Aleuts, and Hawaiians, although not real citizens, will not face relocation, but will be maintained in “tribal reservations” analogous to the arrangement in South Africa. Those whose age precludes easy relocation and others who can demonstrate extraordinary hardship may apply for provisional privileges to maintain their present domicile. But since such conditions are always subject to abuse, these should be observed only in the “most extreme” cases.”

      Sounds good to me.

    2. abe foxman Says:

      It appears that someone in the judiciary has his head on straight. The only objection I have is to the way native Americans and Hawaians would be treated. Whatever they get needs to reflect their original rights to the land and its resources. If any white person needs to make amends to a group, it is with this group.
      The only reason it’s gone wrong in the past is the involvement of the Jew and his ability to find and bring out the worst in the white man.

    3. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      I capitalize White, and not jew.

    4. Voir Dire Says:

      A hearty amen! Now if only (barring total expulsion or some permanent solution) we could add the following for the odious jews:

      Some Self-Protective Measures Which Are Long Overdue
      Defanging the Jews: A Solution for the Jewish Problem

      A hard-eyed reader thinks it’s time for a little self-protection.

      by S. O’Donnell

      1. The state shall first of all introduce an official definition of Jewishness, which shall be based upon ethnicity, not religion. This writer recommends two standards for definingJewishness: (1) Any citizen with three or more Jewish great-grandparents, i.e. the parents of grandparents, shall be officially designated a Jew; (2) With a view to the Jews’ emphasis on maternal ancestry in the definition ofJewishness, it shall be declared that any person with a direct maternal line of Jewishness going back eight generations or less shall be officially designated a Jew.

      2. An official list of common Jewish surnames shall be compiled by the state, e.g. Katz, Cohen, Greenberg, Feldman, etc.

      3. Each citizen shall be compelled to demonstrate, in reference to item No. 1 above, his ancestry. All citizens who meet the definition of Jewishness outlined above shall be officially registered and identified as Jews.

      4. In those cases where a Jew or his ancestors has adopted a non-Jewish surname in place of a Jewish surname, he shall be required to assume the former Jewish surname. In those cases where any officially designated Jew with a non-Jewish surname is unable to ascertain a Jewish surname formerly used by his ancestors, he shall be required then to assume one of the officially recognized Jewish surnames, referred to in item No. 2 above, e.g. a Jewish Broderick shall become a Finklestein or aLipschitz.

      5. The property of all citizens officially registered as Jews (see item No. 3 above) shall be confiscated by the state. Such property shall include, but not be limited to, real estate, cash, gold, precious metals, jewelry, investments, stocks, securities, art and antiques, and all other items not specifically intended for personal use. Such assets shall be seized and used by the state for the resettlement of Jews in specially designated residential areas and for their training and education, so that all Jews may acquire a productive craft or skill. All Jews will be required to secure employment that benefits and contributes towards the general welfare of the state.

      6. No Jew shall be allowed to own, direct (either personally or through another party), or work for any newspaper, television or radio network, movie production company, publishing house, advertising firm, Internet firm, or any other enterprise related to the communications media. No Jew shall be allowed to advertise in the media or undertake any action intended to manipulate public opinion.

      7. No Jew shall be allowed to work for or administer any university, college, technical or any other type of school. Nor shall a Jew be employed in any maintenance, service or janitorial capacity in any type of educational facility.

      8. No Jew shall be employed in any position, either elected or appointed, in public service, charitable organizations, or government.

      9. No Jew shall be employed in any bank or savings and loan association. No Jew shall lend or borrow money, nor collect interest for any type of service.

      10. No Jew shall be allowed to engage in the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, commodities, or precious metals or jewels.

      11. No Jew shall be employed in the legal profession or in any capacity in which he might be allowed to handle or access legal documents. No Jew shall serve as a notary. No Jew shall serve on a jury or participate in any function related to the courts.

      12. No Jew shall serve in any law enforcement capacity.

      13. No Jew shall serve in the armed forces or in any position where he might have direct or indirect dealings with the military.

      14. No Jew shall be employed in any medical or pharmaceutical profession, including nursing and the operation of ambulances. No Jew shall gain employment in any hospital or clinic.

      15. No Jew shall be employed by any institution or organization of higher culture, e.g. museums, symphony orchestras, cultural organizations, etc.

      16. No Jew shall be allowed to serve as an officer or director of any public or private organization that has not been officially designated as an organization for Jews only.

      17. No Jew shall be allowed to engage in the business of prostitution or any sex-related business, e.g. the sale of pornography or the production of pornographic films.

      18. No Jew shall be allowed to engage in the selling or handling of narcotics or stolen goods, or in any other illegal activity.

      19. No Jew shall possess, own or trade in real estate, precious metals or stones or jewelry, works of art, or antiques.

      20. No Jew shall engage in any conspiracy against non-Jews. Jewish hate organizations such as theA.D.L. shall be disbanded, their files made public, and their members who have harmed the state shall be prosecuted.

      21. All “Kosher marks of approval” shall be removed from food products, and no Jew shall receive monetary reward for certifying food products as “Kosher”.

      22. All Jews holding Israeli citizenship, as well as all officially designated Jewish citizens who have spent more than three months in Israel, shall be expelled. An embargo shall be imposed on the state of Israel, and no contact or communication with the state of Israel or its Jewish citizens, either direct or indirect, shall be allowed, under threat of expulsion.

      23. The state shall tolerate no violence committed against the Jews. The restrictions imposed upon the Jew by the state are not intended as a form of punishment, but rather as a means of breaking the long historical cycle of Jewish deceit and manipulation. The state shall work towards the formation of a class of honest, productive Jewish workers, craftsmen, and artisans.

      The state is not a democracy, just as democracy has not existed in America throughout most of that nation’s short history. The problems facing the state today are enormous, though not all of them, e.g. the falling birth rate of the European population, are of Jewish origin. The first step in the reorganization of the state, nevertheless, must involve the Jews, for without a solution to the Jewish problem, there is no hope.

      In order to solve the Jewish problem, all citizens must sacrifice certain rights, e.g. the right to privacy. Jews shall no longer be allowed to masquerade as non-Jews. Jews shall be officially and publicly identified as Jews. Their cultural and religious facilities shall be converted to museums that explain the millennia of Jewish deceit and perfidy. The Holocaust museums which the Jews built with the citizens’ tax dollars shall be renovated to show the Jewish practices that preceded and induced the Holocaust, e.g. the expelling of the Jews from most of the European nations, Jewish ritual murder as practiced by a Jewish elite down through history, the Jews’ historical role in prostitution and slave trafficking, etc. There shall be no censorship of Jewish books, movies, etc., although the “hidden” Jews of American popular culture, who have worked so hard to advance the Jewish agenda, shall be unmasked and publicly identified. The Jewish “sciences” that have engulfed academe, e.g. Marxism, Freudianism, the anthropological school of Franz Boas, multiculturalism, etc., shall be denounced and uprooted.

      The struggle with the Jews requires great courage and sacrifice of all citizens. Without courage and sacrifice, there is no hope for victory.

      “Now while they were going, behold, some of the guard came into the city and reported to the chief priests all that had happened. And when they had assembled with the elders, and had consulted together, they gave much money to the soldiers, telling them, ‘Say, “His disciples came by night and stole Him while we were sleeping.” And if the procurator hears of this, we will persuade them and keep you out of trouble.’ And they took the money, and did as they were instructed; and this story has been spread abroad among the Jews even to the present day.” Matthew 28: 11-15


      Note to rabbi Shabazz: Me too!

    5. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      LMAO. The above list by O’Donnell is such a waste of time and energy.

      It’s real simple… all kikes are to leave any nation declared as Aryan-only. That naturally leads to “No Jew shall be allowed to work or own newspapers…” etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

      The kikes can either leave vertically or they WILL leave horizontally.

      Of course, getting enough people to the point of declaring a nation White-only is the difficult task. All laws, constitutions and rules such as the above are just wishful thinking by overanalyzers.

    6. Blightblingdoucheinrancho Says:

      “It’s real simple… all kikes are to leave any nation declared as Aryan-only. That naturally leads to “No Jew shall be allowed to work or own newspapers…” etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.”


      The “Feral” one would expel or shoot anybody with a big nose or a German name that sounded jewish, no questions asked. Anything more would be “overanalysis.”

      Shit like this is why the blightbling, as presently comprised, doesn’t have a prayer of success.

    7. Voir Dire Says:

      We can only hope this brave, talented lawyer succeeds. He is doing precisely what White racially conscious citizens should have been doing all along: running for public office – not for self-aggrandizement, but to wrest our country back. With Whites down to 50% of the population of that once-prime state, do we have any chance in hell of ever reclaiming that prize, much less our nation? We keep asking: Where are our White, male heroes? Where are our leaders? Well, here we have one in Bill Johnson, and as always seems to be the case, he can’t raise the funds to mount a serious campaign and has to resort to putting up his own signs only to have them defaced.

    8. Feuerundflamme Says:

      I too will from now on only capitalize White and related names (German, Dutch, Aryan etc.).

    9. ben tillman Says:

      “A curious term, ‘White supremacist’. After all, if Whites aren’t supreme, who is?”

      That’s a great line.