5 July, 2008

Last White Farmer Leaves Zimbabwe

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It only took 28 years for Blacks to completely destroy Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. (On the plus side, it’s now even harder to deny that White rule is the best rule). And let’s not forget how Rhodesia became Zimbabwe:


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    1. Randolf Facto Says:

      Geez, what white man DIDN’T see the handwriting on the wall at least a decade ago?

      The whites are lucky now to escape ZIM with their lives, let alone any possessions.

      South Africa, you’re next… come to America or Canada before it’s too late.

    2. Luek Says:

      It was promised to the Whites in Rhodesia and later South Africa by the West that if they would just turn over political power to the niggers in their countries there would be a blooming of peace and economic prosperity never before experienced on the African continent.

      They fell for it and VOTED nigger rule in. Both countries are hell on earth!

      Now Whites in America are hearing the same bullshit line and unfortunately seem to be like their now miserable African cousins falling for it. If only you will vote in Obama to the White House and the “change” this will bring then we will be buying gas at 40 cents per gallon, peace and prosperity will bloom in America like never before; if only you VOTE in nigger rule.

    3. fdtytr Says:

      You’re more likely to encounter white cohesion in the gated communities of Johannesburg or Cape Town than the suburbs of Kwa, much less Canada. There’s no reason to move here. The whites are completely worthless, the cost of breathing will soon sport its very own tax. All your daughters worship nigger cock.

    4. Voir Dire Says:

      They fell for it and VOTED nigger rule in.

      Posted by Luek

      A lot of people erroneously believe what you just wrote, and in defense of the Whites’ in Africa, the truth needs to be widely disseminated. One of the things that finally caused me to see the light on the Jews and their evil intentions was what had been done (genocide) and is being done to the Whites’ there, and how black, Marxist rule was foisted on them by international Marxist Jews and their likewise diabolical, spineless White patsies:

      Some quotes (emphasis mine) from “The New American’s August, 07 issue entitled “From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe” on the installation of MuGabe at the behest of The Counsel on Foreign Relations (THAT UNCONSTITUTIONAL, SHADOWY JEW WORLD ORDER PLANNING BOARDROOM) and Andrew Young, then a member and the concerted support of the Jewish media cartel who had hailed MuGabe as “so damned incorruptible:”

      “The council, of which Young was a prominent member, had promoted Mugabe in its literature and had hosted him as an honored speaker during his long terror campaign to take control of Rhodesia. David Rockefeller, chairman of the CFR during that period, called Mugabe a ‘very reasonable and charming person.’ Likewise, the New York Times, Washington Post, and virtually all the rest of the (JEW-OWNED) major print and broadcast media choir had persistently sung his praises, ignoring his well-documented record of atrocities against civilian men, women, and children -black and white.”

      “Smith traveled to Washington D.C., to ask for help. He wasn’t asking for foreign aid; he merely hoped to persuade President Carter to call off the economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure being applied by the U.S. State Department, the UN, and Britain in an attempt to force Rhodesia to accept rule by the Mugabe/Nkomo terrorist forces. Carter flatly refused to see Smith.”

      Later in the article:

      “Henry Kissinger, meanwhile, did meet with Smith in Geneva. But if Smith thought that he would receive kinder treatment from the former secretary of state and advisor to Republican prsidents, he was in for a rude awakening. Precisely what threats or pressures were brought against him is not known, but Smith, who had previously pledged not to surrender to the terrorists ‘in ten thousand years,’ was a changed man after the meeting. He is said to have aged 10 years in that one week in Geneva. It has been suggested by African observers THAT SMITH WAS THREATENED WITH A MILITARY INVASION OF RHODESIA BACKED BY THE U.N., THE U.S. AND THE U.K. That is entirely plausible, as such talk was in the air and DETAILED PLANS FOR A MILITARY INVASION OF SOUTH AFRICA HAD BEEN DRAWN UP AND PUBLISHED BY POLICY WONKS AT THE CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT FOR PEACE.”

      “Smith asked Kissinger about things like history, culture, civilization and loyalty. After all, Rhodesia had fought for the West in the great battles of the 20th century, including World War II and the Korean War. Kissinger firmly told Smith something truly sad and even frightening, “I am afraid those things have no place in the modern world.”

      “Kissinger added that ‘white regimes would not survive in Southern Africa.’ “Ironically, it is a fact that at that time the black peoples of Southern Africa were voting with their feet and fleeing from the communist-Marxist regimes run by black revolutionary clients of Washington, Moscow, and Beijing to the ‘white regimes’ of Rhodesia and South Africa. The New World Order and seeds of today’s African mayhem were being firmly planted by the globalists at the Council on Foreign Relations and Britain’s Royal Institute for International Affairs.”

      If you want to read it in its entirety, here’s the link:

      That single article led me to unquestionably believe that if the White South Africaners’ were to try and fight back to prevent their own demise, our White Zionist-controlled-and-infested Western governments would likewise today go in with guns blazing to murder them. There is simply no doubt that the Jewish Kissingers of the world and White elites, who act in concert with them, intend the same for Whites’ everywhere.

    5. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The South Africans and Rhodesians should have said to Kissinger et. al., ‘go ahead and invade, we’ll give you one hell of a bloody nose’.

      What is the point of compromising with someone who intends your destruction? It’s just slow suicide.

      Active resistance is the only answer. But let’s not get carried away with sofa bravado. If we are forced down that avenue, which seems very likely, don’t expect it to easy, and don’t expect any quarter. The jew have shown themselves over the past 3000 years to be the most ruthless and savage murderers

    6. Veritas Says:

      Obama will defeat McCain in November, and soundly.Whites in America are already willing, hell, eager… To hand over the executive office to an admitted drug-using mulatto, whose only real qualifications are being semi-articulate, and having never been caught saying “Screw Whitey” on the record, like every other black politician has done at some point in their “career”. Anyone in possession of even a marginal I.Q. does of course realize that there is almost no real difference between the parties anyway, not on issues that really matter.They are both under Jewish influence, and both Democrats & Republicans wholeheartedly embrace “diversity”.
      Diversity = Less Whites. Period.
      What can we do?1. Whatever you do, get out of the cities. In the near future American cities are going to become very dangerous places for Whites. (Many already are) A $25K mobile home on a couple acres in a rural 99% White county is going to become infinitely preferable to a 240K downtown condo.
      2. Become as self-sufficient as possible. I’m not talking about going “survivalist”, but being practical. Grow a garden, etc.3. Arm yourself, and become proficient with your weapons. We still have the 2nd Amendment, exercise it. Don’t get “Katrina’d” like the un-armed Whites in New Orleans did.

    7. ED! Says:

      Quarter, I will not ask for it, and I will not give it!


    8. Booger Says:

      I have studied and followed the Rhodesia/South Afrikan issue for a number of years.My conclusion is as many others here-This is whats in store for the White Race Everywhere.The South Afrikans went farther than any other state since Nazi Germany in legally moving to protect white people and preserve their own culture.Thats why they were so hated by Big Jew and the Ass-Lickers crowd.The preservation of any future all white state will have to have similar laws,and no JEWS to be just right.Furthermore,the farmers plight in Rhodesia is proof of the validity of Hitler’s blood and soil philosophy-only a higher race can get max produce out of the land without abusing it.The niggers can’t even feed themselves yet they are continually held out by ZOG propaganda in this country as the “cool” thing to be or act like.Further note that the South Afrikans were betrayed by sell-outs from “their” own gov’t and the National Party.Why would any Truly “Free” people ever vote to hand over power to a Communist Nigger Organization?I smell a JEW RAT.Maybe a poster from SA can enlighten us all a bit on the details of this betrayal-(Marswing are you there?)Also,even though many of the South Afrikans are skilled and highly employable,”our” gov’t doesn’t like to let them in here as they might bring “racist” attitudes as one senator said.We here in the states almost have to marry ’em to get them out of the hellhole SA has become.No, “OUR?” gov’t would much prefer to import millions of turd-world beaners to do the “jobs americans won’t do”.So you see white man and woman,your extermination has been scheduled by Big Jew thru ANY MEANS POSSIBLE!South Afrika and Rhodesia are just micro-cosmic examples of our future if we don’t act soon.I really feel for those people-who are my people,suffering GENOCIDE by BIG JEW as the world sits by and does nothing.They did the same thing to the South in 61-65.Only this time our very survival as a race is at stake.

    9. Hoosier Says:

      # Luek Says:
      6 July, 2008 at 9:37 am

      “…Now Whites in America are hearing the same bullshit line and unfortunately seem to be like their now miserable African cousins falling for it. If only you will vote in Obama to the White House and the “change” this will bring then we will be buying gas at 40 cents per gallon, peace and prosperity will bloom in America like never before; if only you VOTE in nigger rule.”

      oh yeah…


    10. Stronza Says:

      Great comedy, Hoosier!

    11. Brigantes Says:

      Look at Africa then look at yourselves.It could be you are in Europe,USA,Australia or New Zealand,all formerly white countries are under constant attack as swarm after swarm of Blacks and Asians arrive.Civilised Society is plunging down the tubes,wake up whitey!