2 August, 2008

A Dilemma for God’s Pets

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The Jews would love to see Barack Obama become America’s first non-White president. But there’s a question lurking in their minds: if elected, would Obama continue America’s neoconservative policies in the Middle East? How would he deal with Iran? Iraq? How would he behave towards Israel?


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    1. MB Says:

      This is an easy one. He’d do whatever Massa tells him to do.

    2. saltriver Says:

      The nigger is under the control of the filthy jews. If this weren’t so, he would never have gotten this far. As MB says, he will do whatever his jew bosses tell him to do.

    3. ein Says:

      “If this weren’t so, he would never have gotten this far.”

      Exactly! And that’s the proof of it.
      All the gushy media acclaim and the worshipful enthusiasm of the campus crowd would be absent otherwise, without the endorsement of the YouKnowWhos.

      Lacking their kosher stamp of approval, he would either be demonized, laughed at, ignored, or just simply unheard of. People would be asking … “Obama WHO?” He wouldn’t even be a topic of discussion. If they (the YouKnowWhos) had any misgivings about him, the Obama mania would have been nipped early in the bud. As said above, “He would never have gotten this far”.

      This incredible spectable of Obamamania that we are witnessing — even in Europe — is reminiscent of the same promotion technique used for early stars like Frank Sinatra, where there were paid swooners in the audience; a few shrieks and swoons and then the mass hysteria caught on and the crowd went nuts. Sheer crowd manipulation. The Chosen People are good at that.

    4. Chris Says:

      I just saw on Yahoo that McCain is looking at Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor as a possible VP. With a jew as his running mate that will be sure to mobilize other jews behind him. If Obama wants to get more support he will either have to tap Lieberman or a radically pro israel non jew.


      Ein: & “old blue eyes” was controlled & kissed the ass (Zeppo Marx’s injected ex) of the Jews, otherwise he wouldn’t of went as far as he did, as other vocalists of his period……

    6. ein Says:

      Even aside from Obama’s position on Israel or the Middle East — or on anything — I’m sure the Jews just LOVE what he represents … the genetic corrosion of the white race. That’s something they’ve been aiming at, and working for, for generations. That alone makes him loveable in their eyes. McCain can’t compete on that point.

      PS. I don’t get your reference to Zeppo Marx.


      Zeppo Marx’s ex-wife was married to Sinatra…..

    8. Ceallachain Says:

      Look at all of Obama’s handlers (errr, I mean advisors.) Jew after jew after jew. In fact, the agent of (superficial) change is assembling Clinton’s old team of jews again.

      Barack hasn’t shown a lot of backbone up to this point. His only job will be to read the teleprompter like a good little monkey. He may try to get uppity, but the jews will jerk his leash and he’ll step and fetch right back into line.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:


    10. Bill White Says:

      This election is what was, a century ago, an internal Jewish conflict, playing itself out on the national scene:

      Should we move towards communism or Zionism as a model for Jewish world control?

      All “Americans” will decide this election is whose puppet to place into office, and which faction of Jewry will suck our life blood.

      The choice is depressing beyond words …

    11. Mike Quigley Says:

      BARF indeed

    12. Arch Stanton Says:

      As Alex is fond of saying “Jews set ‘em up and jews knock ‘em down.” The fact is there is no action in the election arena that does not serve to manipulate the masses. The goyim herd have to believe they have a voice, that they “can make a difference” or the whole illusion of freedom and democracy will dissolve in short order. Does anyone wonder about those pre-election commercials that urge people to vote? These are non partisan messages that flatly state “your vote counts” and “your vote matters.” How about MTV’s “Rock the Vote” “choose or lose – vote smart” program aimed at the “youth market.” MTV’s website states, “The goal of Rock the Vote’s media campaigns and street team activities is to increase youth voter turnout.” Don’t tell the little tykes choose then loose, might be a more appropriate

      Here are the issues MTV think are important:

      Issue Papers from Public Agenda

      Should gays and lesbians be allowed to marry? Do you support a tax cut? Is the air we breathe clean enough? If you’re still craving a good explanation of the background and arguments for or against big issues or want to know how these and other issues affect you, check out the First Choice Guides below.

      Don’t see the issue you care passionately about? Visit Public Agenda for more in-depth issue guides.

      Environment (PDF)
      Gay Rights (PDF)
      Healthcare (PDF)
      Higher Education (PDF)
      Immigration (PDF)
      Jobs (PDF)
      Race (PDF)
      Taxes (PDF)
      Terrorism (PDF)

      Note the lack of any real substance in this agenda, like what about the economy stupid? How will America finally pony up on its monstrous debt? Or – let’s take a look at the phony fractional reserve system of the Federal Reserve, should private bankers be allowed to print our money and exercise control over the American economy? It’s no surprise that one of the burning issues not to be found is why a “shitty little country” like Israel should be allowed to extort billions in foreign aid from the American taxpayer. Gay rights? What about the rights of the white, European, slaves in Israel; that “shitty little country” Americans support with the majority of their foreign aid money. How about this classic, should Americans allow a single alien race with dual identities and questionable loyalties to own and control their entire mass media?

      Does anyone wonder who funds these slick commercial efforts, who benefits from the expenditure and effort? Voting validates the system that is why the Soviet communists made voting mandatory; so why don’t the jews just pass a mandatory voting law like they did under their communist system? The answer is there is no need for such oppressive rules in a political system where people actually believe they are given a choice and their decisions actually matter. I have long said if you really want to expose the system for the sham it is don’t vote. If everyone quit voting they would quickly see their vote means nothing. As pointed out by others, jews were behind the Obama campaign from the very beginning, now they ask Americans to believe they are questioning that decision? The only question that needs asking in this matter is why are the jews knocking down Obama after setting him up so neatly? Is he the classic straw man that takes the heat off the real target? McCain is a genuine whack job, but no one seems to take note of this fact since Obama is taking all the attention. Is Obama in place to assure a worse selection than Bush will finally run America to the ground? Or was Obama run to test just how far Americans have gone in their gullibility? With jews the science of psychology is fun! America is just one big laboratory for their Tikkun Olam Magic.

    13. Booger Says:

      Great Comment Arch,i couldn’t agree more.McCain is the primary jew ass-kisser and a true slave to Israel.Most of the “youth” today are brain-washed,brain-dead caricatures of thinking people.Most have been successfully “ghettoized” by the jews-media,gee-niggers are cool! They infect our society like a cancer from their “speech” which finds its way to corrode our language,to their violence and “work” ethic.The jews are ecstatic at the choices white america is to be given.Either a white-hating muslim mulatto monkey,or an unbalanced POW torture victim who will legalize the brown scum,and probably take us to war with Iran if Shrub II fails to.Things aren’t looking to bright for the JEW-S-of-A.Either way its lose-lose for us and win-win for the eternal yid.They will probably roll themselves in shit or drink some goyim blood to celebrate.NO ONE,and i mean NO ONE i talk to(mostly regular people)has any hope for the future of “our” country right now and with good reason.All we can do is prepare for the giant train-wreck coming our way.The founding fathers are surely rolling in their graves at the state of affairs.Even “non-racist” people are fed up with mexicans,as they lose jobs or good wages to the human-cockroach invasion.Obama or McCain will drive this once-great nation into the kosher shitter for sure,its a sure bet.Sell your shit,get guns,ammo,food and water while you still can-the economic collapse due to jew-nomics is only a matter of time(not “if”).The nigger won’t “save” anyone but his fellow apes.McCain is crazier than a bed-bug in heat,and will sacrifice what’s left of america on the altar of Israels “right to exist”.FUCK THIS COUNTRY-i hate everything it stands for anymore.Proud to be an “american”? you need to pull your head out your ass and wake the fuck up.Those who don’t want to see the true big-picture will have to be left behind as mud-bait.The feeling i get is being at the big hill on a roller-coaster and your at the top,getting ready to scream your lungs out as your on your way down,only there’s no getting off this ride.

    14. Scipio Americanus Says:


      The only question that needs asking in this matter is why are the jews knocking down Obama after setting him up so neatly? Is he the classic straw man that takes the heat off the real target?

      The answer to these questions are to be discovered in the fact that the Jews, while united in their intense hatred of the goyim and their desire to achieve global domination, differ in opinion on how to best achieve their long term political goals and objectives. These ideological differences often lead to infighting, disputes and fissures that are not imaginary but quite real and perceivable. In other words, Jews do not subscribe to one monolithic ideology but are split into various warring camps.

      The clearest example of this fact was demonstrated during the early years of the Soviet Union when serious ideological disputes erupted between various factions within the Bolshevik camp which eventually reached a crescendo sometime after Lenin’s death, culminating in the purging of the more internationalist-minded Trotskyite wing of the Communist Party. These differences were again witnessed after the close of World War Two when eleven Zionist Jews were publicly executed by the Communist authorities in Prague at the behest of the Soviet Union, thus intensifying the ideological rift between the Zionist and Communist factions within Jewry.

      Back in the 1960’s the American New Left, following Soviet directives, redefined Israel as a “slice of the West” and began attacking it while simultaneously promoting Third World rebellion against the West. This antipathy towards Israel eventually drove the Trotskyite Marxists and their gentile lackeys from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party — repackaged, of course, under the ideological guise of “Neoconservatism.” Since the NeoCons’ rise to power within the Republican Party, they have been pushing Zionist-inspired interventionist schemes abroad in a manner which is wholly distasteful to the more orthodox Communist-minded Jews who control the Democrat Party.

      Obama’s primary financial backer is the multi-billionaire Jew George Soros whose Socialist/Communist agenda differs from those of the Neoconservative faction within Jewry in a manner similar to the pattern exhibited in the Soviet Union. Make no mistake about it, the Neoconservatives HATE the Soros faction and will seek to defeat it in the upcoming November election BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY. That is evident in their daily denunciations of the half-breed Obama on the Internet, AM Talk Radio and Fox News which, of course, will reach a fever pitch come November.

      In essence, what must be understood is that the ruling plutocratic Leviathan in the District of Corruption consists of two basic personality types: the globalist communists [Marxists] as typified by the Democrats and the globalist capitalists [Zionists] as represented by the Republicans. While each have different ideologies, both share the same fundamental One-World view, albeit from a different perspective. The capitalist types want open borders, cheap labor and unlimited access to foreign markets which they are building up at the expense of national sovereignty. The “bottom line” is what drive these folks towards world domination. Since nationalist sentiments preclude them from achieving this aim, they actively oppose such “antiquated” notions. The communists types are driven by many of the same factors given heir lust for wealth and power, but embrace two additional anti-values: EGALITARIANISM and DEATH! These folks are motivated to reduce the standard of living in the West to the squalor of the Third World via redistribution schemes, “environmentalism” and crushing taxation. In addition, their collective ideology is fueled by their worship of death itself. If one doubts the veracity of this claim, simply look at the number of victims that were murdered by communist regimes in the 20th Century alone. The death toll, conservatively speaking, exceeds 100 million! DEATH, along with their worship of everything that is diseased, morbid and depraved — sodomy, abortion, pornography, fecal weddings, race-mixing etc. — is what drives these satanic creatures and there is simply no denying this ugly fact. The so-called “Liberals” and “Progressives” are bloody RED to the bone!

      As you can see, white nationalists are caught between a rock and a hard place. Given the realities of the American political landscape, currently both political machines are supportive of the bandit-state in the arm-pit of the world currently designated as “The Middle East.” In terms of contemporary, practical American politics, Israel is the proverbial “third rail” which cannot be broached by any politician. To do so is tantamount to committing political suicide given the enormous power and strength of the Israeli lobby coupled with complete Jewish ownership, control and thus mastery of the American media and press. EVERY politician, including independent-minded mavericks like Ron Paul, understand this fact and thus will not take an overtly anti-Israeli position while running or holding political office, regardless of their personally held convictions. In this day and age, American politicians know what side of the toast the butter is on. This is something many activist types who actually hold consistent beliefs fail to understand time and again.

      Between the two, the communist types are worse due to their incessant worship of death coupled with their unappeasable hatred of everything that is great and noble as well as their desire to destroy the 1st and 2nd Amendments of the U.S. Constitution which has prevented them from carrying out their blood-soaked agenda. But the capitalist types, who often work hand in hand with their leftist counterparts, will destroy us as well via a thousand cuts that come in the primary form of legislative compromise not to mention their active collaboration in the destruction of our basic industrial capacity and standard of living via “off shoring” and “free trade.” But neither will achieve victory. The Establishment has overlooked a number of important factors which will guarantee that their NWO project will end up in the dust bin of history where it belongs.

      For starters, there are several wildcards on the international scene that have demonstrated themselves as obstacles to Pax Judaica’s dream of “One World.” Succinctly stated, these are the Russians, the Chinese, and the Arabs. All three have different aspirations and are not following the NWO script. Secondly, the Establishment has overlooked the future destabilizing cost of importing so many non-whites into the U.S. while simultaneously supporting them at the cost of the most productive and intelligent part of their population: white people. Egalitarianism ultimately downgrades standards and promotes the worst elements at the expense of the best. As the United States becomes darker and more violent, as inflationary pressures mount and continue to squeeze more and more average white wage earners, as more jobs are “outsourced” and as wages continue to fall, Americans will become shaken from their Jew-dazed stupor. Given the ideological divisions in the United States coupled with the catastrophic destabilizing effects of legal and illegal Third World immigration, the United States of America is a tinder box that is ready to ignite any moment — and Hymie knows it!

      PS: Does anyone have a pack of matches I can borrow?

      Scipio Americanus