5 September, 2008

Clayton County, Georgia: Schools Lose Accreditation

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Do you think this would have happened in a heavily-White county in Idaho? Here’s the Board of Education of Clayton County, Georgia. Here’s the superintendent:


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    1. Tilii Says:

      This has never happened to another BOE before in the entire US, for similar reasons. Never! The only other school district accreditation loss was 40+ years ago in Florida, for some segregation issues.

      If you look at stat’s for Prince George’s County, Deleware, you will find Clayton County’s sister county and they are having all the same problems especially with county wide corruption, crime and dysfunction.

    2. Ceallachain Says:

      I hope there aren’t any white parents letting these affirmative action monkeys “teach” their children. How much money has the U.S. and Georgia wasted on these “administrators”? Disgusting.

    3. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I noticed the school board has a blond negress. Niggers are always affirming their “pride” yet straighten and lighten their hair to look more like white people. The nigger kids attending this school district will no doubt seek greener pastures in predominantly white districts where they’ll cause general mayhem. Some things never change.

    4. Luek Says:

      Bordering this sad little affair of a county is the City of Atlanta. This city has been under nigger occupation for since the late 1960’s. The previous mayor is serving the last of a Federal prison sentence for corruption. The present nigger mayor is an air head. And the city is in disparate financial straits, i.e. it is bankrupt and can’t pay its bills.

      Of course this is a common pattern all across the US when niggers rule; from once prosperous Detroit to bankrupt Atlanta. Also, this is the pattern that is international when niggers rule. The former White ruled and stable country of Rhodesia is now BELOW third world poverty levels since niggers gained power. The same is also true for crime and corruption ridden South Africa.

      So why are the stupid brain dead whites who support Obama going to put his sorry lying nigger ass in the White House after example after example shows how disastrous the transition to nigger rule is to Whites and the generations of Whites yet unborn? McCain is no bargain but he is definitely the lessor of the two evils. McCain we can survive; the Obama holocaust will be the end of the line of 400 years of White America.

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      Don’t be so sure about John McCain. That evil old prick has lurched so far to the Right in hopes of pandering to “CON-servative” voters that he now supports insane bullshit like “school vouchers” and “school choice”. That means he supports sending inferior welfare nigglets and spiclets from their ghetto/barrio schools to high-performing White schools at taxpayers’ expense. The Right hates the liberal-dominated public school system so much that it’s willing to jeopardize our White kids’ education just to make an ideological point. And of course, McCain supports nonstop 3rd world immigration and nonstop exporting of American jobs to the Orient.

      I’m telling you, those right-wing “CON-servative” Republican types have inflicted more damage on this country since 1980 than the Loony Left has.

    6. Susan Says:

      That’s right…neither of them deserves White votes. Neither Obongo nor McCain will get my vote. I’m not voting this go round. It remains to be seen whether or not I will ever vote again.

      As far as the Clayton County Board of Education, as soon as the decision was made public that they had lost their accreditation, the niggers started trying to enroll their niglets in the neighboring Fayette Co. Schools, a mostly upscale White county. The Fayette School Board reaffirmed the law there–no child is enrolled in their schools unless you live in that county. And they made it perfectly clear that they also check on new students being enrolled to be sure they do live in that county.

    7. fire eater Says:

      Cayton county is Georgia’s “Zimbabwe.” It is about 70% black with the remainder being mostly Mexicans. I tell you, the entire metro Atlanta region of a dozen counties is UNLIVEABLE because of the population explosion of NONWHITES. The only exceptions are Cherokee and the “notoriously racist” Forsyth and Dawson counties on the northside. Gwinnett and Cobb are turning into third world shitholes as well.

    8. Jon Says:

      “Don’t be so sure about John McCain. That evil old prick has lurched so far to the Right in hopes of pandering to “CON-servative” voters that he now supports insane bullshit like “school vouchers” and “school choice”. ”

      Still, he’s White–a breath of fresh air compared to this TOTALLY unqualified mullatto Marxist Jew-and-liberal-backed nightmare! And besides, his VP is a doll. ;-)

      Need I say more?


    9. Tina Says:

      If you were not funded by Government, you can be sure that only White, Asian, Semties would be going to school. The idea that “Blacks” go to school just for sake of education is idiotic. The only thing they have learn in the school is to write lyrics, and then sell to Jew media.

      Lyrics like these:
      We are blacks now
      Killing is okay now
      Raping is better now
      How can we survive now, if not destroy now.
      Blacks now, kill now,
      destory now!
      destory now!

    10. Minority White in Atlanta Says:

      Of course, some of the board members didn’t even have high school diplomas, and this whole fiasco has prompted the State Board of Education to consider mandating education requirements and drug testing for all school board members. This is what we non-liberal whites like to call “jungle management” which is when all the niggers promote the other niggers into positions of power just to get ahead of “the man” despite their lack of qualifications. This goes on all around Atlanta, from MARTA, the transit system jokingly referred to as an acronym for “Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta” to Clayton County School Board. Then all the niggers who put the niggers in power want to cry and complain and wonder what the hell happened. What do they expect when they have a bunch of unqualified niggers in control?

    11. Zarathustra Says:

      McCain is a breath of fresh air???? His VP pick is a “doll”???? It’s foolish opinions like these that have convinced me allowing every Joe Sweatsock the “right” to vote has been a disastarous mistake. The average American clearly is not serious enough or competent enough to be a responsible voter. That’s why we get stuck with assholes like Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. A “doll”, indeed.

    12. John Dietrich Says:

      For goodness’ sake! Why didn’t they just ship them coons back to Africa a long time ago?!
      My American Dream: Every nigger jumping over Niagara Falls with a jew under one arm and a spic under the other.