4 September, 2008

The Unmentioned Slavery

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“White slaves” isn’t an important topic in the West:


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  7. 22 Responses to “The Unmentioned Slavery”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      What about the millions of White women and children who worked in the mills, factories, coal mines and sweatshops of England and the Northern USA during the 1800s and much of the 1900s? Negro slaves were generally cared for by their masters, but White factory and sweatshop workers were badly mistreated and could be easily replaced. A lot of White orphans and other impoverished White children in Europe were taken against their will to the New World from the 1600s thru the 1800s to work as indentured servants. Who knows what abuse many of them suffered at the hands of their masters.

      Even today, I know from firsthand experience that many young, poor and uneducated White employees are mistreated by their asshole employers, but are stuck in their shit jobs for economic reasons. It’s basically the same thing as slavery.

      Oh well, who cares? After all, the victims are White, so they don’t matter.

    2. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      New video, Wrath of The Awakened Saxon:


    3. Larree Says:

      The middle, lower and parts of the upper class have been destroyed by jewish globalism (another name for jewish Communism). Insurance benefits and job stability have been reduced to a point where it no longer makes sense to be a direct employee and stay in one location.

      In order to keep up with inflation (another product of jewish Globalsim) a lot of people have to have several local jobs (usually that are boring, mechanical and sterile) just to make ends meet. Others are forced to do contract work which turns them into rootless, migrant workers working for the multi-racial Communist, corporate Kwa -like in AmeriKwa.

      What we’ve become is: disposable tools in the hands of the jew.
      This is the worst kind of slavery, the kind where we work to destroy ourselves.

      Let us write the final chapter on this hateful, dangerous, parasitic race. I like happy endings.

    4. Celtic Warrior Says:

      WN need to read and re-read Michael Hoffman’s book “They Were White and They Were Slaves.” His audio tape on the subject is good too.

    5. ein Says:

      Zarathustra Says:
      What about the millions of White women and children who worked in the mills, factories, coal mines and sweatshops of England and the Northern USA during the 1800s and much of the 1900s?
      Negro slaves were generally cared for by their masters, but White factory and sweatshop workers were badly mistreated and could be easily replaced.
      It’s basically the same thing as slavery.

      As a matter of fact, it’s even worse.

      Oh well, who cares? After all, the victims are White, so they don’t matter.

      True. If you don’t have an organized lobby, you don’t get any attention, any benefits, any funds, any sympathy. That’s the way it is.

      My great-grandfather was born in 1880 in a wooden shack by the railroad tracks. He went to work in the coal mines of Pennsylvania at the age of eight. He never attended school beyond third grade. That was in 1888. Both he and his brother had to work to support the family. His father, a coal miner, had gone blind, and there was no wage-earner to feed the younger children. Then an epidemic of diphtheria or cholera came alone and wiped the younger ones out within several weeks. There were no benefits or welfare then. They got nothing. No medical help either. A black slave would have been looked after. A white wage-slave didn’t count.

      Nonetheless, although without formal schooling, he went on to educate himself. He studied, became an electrician, wrote poetry, read widely, and held a number of patents. His brother went on to own the mining company, the local bank, and much of the town.

      They had been given nothing.

    6. Stronza Says:

      But weren’t/aren’t all these white slaves & indentured servants victims of other white people? And the black slaves also victims of “white” people, as far as they see it. Why should anyone, then, give a hoot if always the white folk slave-owing? We don’t come off looking very good, doing this to our own kind.

      Now, if all these white slaves & indentured servants were directly owned & mistreated by an obvious minority, then we would have a case to make. Personally, I feel ashamed that white people treated their own kind in this evil way, and so I think we ought to shut up about it until such time as we can prove that minorities were the bad guy.

    7. ein Says:

      “Now, if all these white slaves & indentured servants were directly owned & mistreated by an obvious minority, then we would have a case to make. ”

      Actually, they very often were mistreated by a minority, although it wasn’t always an “obvious” minority — at least not obvious to many. Those coal mines, for instance, were often owned by a certain minority that preferred to remain among their own in New York.

    8. Zarathustra Says:

      White people have badly mistreated each other for a long time. I think it’s a problem that needs to be looked at, not ignored or blamed on someone else. Of course, the Groids, Semites, Aboriginals and Orientals have all brutalized their own kind as well, but WE should know better.

      I could be wrong, but I would guess that our mistreatment of our own kind really took off as a result of the Capitalist/Industrial Revolution. We no longer live in the pastoral, communal or tribal societies of our ancestors. We are now in an urbanized, cosmopolitan, money-obsessed, cut-throat, Jew-controlled death-race where nothing matters but the Bottom Line. It’s not a natural or normal state of existence. Maybe that’s why there are so many Whites around today who are so f***ed up.

    9. Vaultner Says:

      North African Muslims (Moors) could hardly have been considered White then or now.

      The English enslaved the Irish for almost as long as the nigger. Which I think brought so many Irish immigrants in places like New York to readily fight for the North.

      Indentured Servitude only lasted for I believe 3 or 4 years usually to cover the cost of passage to the New World. I’m sure there were some mistreated, but I’ve never heard of it.

      While today most of us struggle paycheck to paycheck till we’re old & gray if we’re lucky we’ll get a meager pension & a worthless Government stipend. Sounds worse than Indentured Servitude to me.

      You can still call the jew a jew here.

      Good points.

    10. Stronza Says:

      Vaultner, I didn’t know about the enslavement of whites by Muslims until I read the article mentioned at the top, here. Obviously I am talking about mistreatment/slavery of whites by whites.

      I am talking about the information posted on davidduke a few months ago, as I recall, a video called They Were White & They were Slaves. Well, British Aristocrats and Vikings in particular don’t look like any folk I would want to be related to. The Vikings, according to Michael Hoffman, who was interviewed on above-mentioned video By Zundel, even sold Scandinavians to Arab slavers.

      Hoffman says that indentured servitude did not last for only a few years; that the period of slavery was increased in many cases to a lifetime of drudgery for a white master.

      No, we don’t come across too well, if Hoffman’s findings are to be believed. I do know that some Indian tribes kept Negro slaves, and also that free Negroes kept white slaves, but we have some dandy cruelty genes of our own.

    11. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      And what about White slavery of young women who are kidnapped and sold into a lifetime of prostitution mainly to Arabs and jews?

      Not surprisingly, I have read that many of the White slavers are jews themselves. Today women from the impoverished countries of the former USSR are lured into Israel on promises of jobs as office workers or nannies. Once in Israel, the young womens’ passports are siezed by the jew kidnappers, they are beaten, drugged and forced into a life of prostitution servicing the despicable kike.

    12. Zarathustra Says:

      Campbell C., the next time you are in a situation where you can observe a non-White male (Jew, Negro, Turk, Arab, Oriental, etc) looking at an attractive White woman, notice the colored boy’s facial expressions when he looks at the White woman. No matter how pleasant, deferential or mild-mannered the boy may have originally seemed, he will suddenly assume the look of a wolf eyeing a lamb.

      Non-White males are natural-born sexual predators around White women. It doesn’t matter how well-educated or respectable the colored males are. To them White women are only for raping, enslavement and murder.

    13. Blightblingingdouche Says:

      There is a tendency among so-called White Nationalists to minimize class distinctions. This is because many of them are ‘conservative.’

      Underclass Scots, Irish, and Londoners were kidnapped and sold into servitude without ‘benefit’ of contract. The length of indentured servitude was frequently extended “into perpetuity” for insolence, running away, sexual misconduct, etc. White field ‘servants’ were replaced by niggers due to the tendency of the former to run away. Colonial and early American newspapers contain many ‘Wanted’ ads for runaway White slaves and servants (research them, ya doubters out there). Many mulatto slave families were brought into existence by the rape of White female ‘bond servants’ by field niggers.

      VNNers could benefit from the following:

      “As an epithet, white trash, or the more extended poor white trash first came into common use in the 1830’s. The Oxford English Dictionary identifies white trash in its earliest usage as an American pejorative used by the slaves of gentlemen against poor whites who worked in the field. The real distinction is that while a black man might be slave, to be a house slave was better than any menial job, even if that job was held by a white person.”


      Read what Harriet Beecher Stowe had to say about slavery’s effect on “poor white trash”:

      “But it will appear that the institution of slavery has produced not only heathenish degraded miserable slaves but it produces a class of white people who are by universal admission more heathenish, degraded, and miserable. The institution of slavery has accomplished the double feat, in America, not only of degrading and brutalizing her black working classes, but of producing, notwithstanding a fertile soil and abundant room, a poor white population as degraded and brutal as ever existed in any of the most crowded districts of Europe.”


      The forgotten history of Britain’s white slaves
      Dominic Sandbrook reviews White Cargo: the Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh

      More, here:

      London’s ‘white slaves’

      Excerpts from Michael Hoffman’s TWWATWS, here:

    14. Blightblingingdouche Says:

      Traditionally, American slaveholders preferred to employ men in agricultural labor. This dovetailed perfectly with the needs of West African tribal leaders who sold male captives to the white devils to minimize sexual competition and maintain their female labor forces. African females were not brought to America in numbers anywhere near proportional to that of African males until the mid- to late-1700s. Since the African manimals didn’t awaken one day in the year 1760 and begin gangbanging the relatively few African females available, kidnapped English females brought to America and forced to live and work among them probably brought the continent’s first mulattos into existence.

      From the latter half of the 17th century onward, slavery’s demise was on the horizon. Much of this of this was due to the kidnapping, enslavement, and transporting of poor Englishmen to the fringes of the British Empire. Antebellum Homo Monetarists, slavers and slaveholders alike, were perfectly aware of this fact. That is why from 1750 to 1790 the importation of African females rose sharply, resulting in dramatic increases in the American slave population from 1790 to 1860.

      Between 1790 and 1860 the Southern slave population exploded. How to account for this explosion when Southern state legislatures began banning the importation of slaves from the 1780s on? To some extent state laws were ignored, which led to the U.S. government banning slave importation in the year 1808. The ban was enforced by heavy patrolling of the African coast. Slavers ignoring state laws do not account for the explosion in the slave population after 1810. The importation of African females in the last decades prior to 1808 and African fecundity is certainly the largest part of the explanation, but there is another.

      Most slave owners were small and desirous of ‘upward mobility.’ Then as now, the motivations of Homo Monetarus and his sycophantic henchmen of the middle-class are work aversion, money acquisition, improved social status, and maximum political power. There were few, if any, legal consequences for impregnating White ‘servant’ or mulatto slave girls, who for sexual reasons alone were highly valued over African women. These strongly suggest that the motivation behind the various “one drop rules” of the latter 18th and early 19th centuries had less to do with the preservation of racial homogeneity than with the sustainment and expansion of the slave base.

      Look, today, to antebellum Homo Monetarus’ modern descendants in government, business, and academia. The reward for verbalizing racial “masochism,” crapping on the White underclass, and especially hard on “white trash racists” is 5600 sq. ft. of living space and a swimming pool up in the hills. Ironically, many of his stoutest sycophants are probably the descendants of White slaves: Jed, Granny, Jethro, and Ellie Mae with haircuts, a bath, 2500 sq. ft. of living space, and a Jacuzzi. White Homo Monetarus and his “me-tooing” middle-class henchmen aren’t masochists. They’ve happily dumped on the White underclass from the beginning. The White underclass has never been the intended beneficiary of positive blow black from the power structure – not in slave times, not during Jim Crow, and not now.

    15. ein Says:

      “Ironically, many of his stoutest sycophants are probably the descendants of White slaves: Jed, Granny, Jethro, and Ellie Mae with haircuts, a bath,…and a Jacuzzi. “

      Well then, they get what they deserve. Sad to say.

    16. Stronza Says:

      Re minimizing of class distinctions by WNs, mentioned by Blightbling.

      Indeed. Here & there in prowhite literature I see reference made to some sort of ‘superior values’ that ‘our’ white aristocrats purportedly adhered to in the past. Elitism is actually good & all that, esp. good for us peons. Can anybody here tell me just what those values are, because it seems they are never precisely spelled out.

      For my part, I despise the ultrarich, the white rich in particular, with their fucking 35,000 sq. ft. houses and their platoons, regiments maybe, of helpers & servants whose duty it is to make sure that their masters & mistresses look & feel good 24/7. Does anyone here really think that it would be good to have them on our side, because I sure don’t.

    17. Blightblingingdouche Says:

      Many so-called White nationalists on the Internet are cynical pensioners and middle-class conservatives who are firmly in the camp of easy wealth accumulation – Mexican servants, Chinese investments, central banking and usury lending, etc. Through donations they’ve controlled the non-movement’s direction for the past 50 years. They want underclass Europid ‘scum’ to protect their land and unearned green paper from the third-world hordes. Yes, these pieces of easy online racialist shit are very interested in minimizing class distinctions.

    18. Zarathustra Says:

      Stronza, super-rich Whites are only interested in their money and in preserving their life of privilege. They don’t give two sh*ts about their fellow White man who’s struggling to make ends meet and could really use a break in life. Unfortunately, most of the Founding Fathers were also in this category of super-rich elitists. The Constitution was written by them basically to “legitimize” their control over America. Most of the super-rich Whites don’t even care if their beautiful, well-bred daughters marry a Jew, as long as he comes from a “good” family. But those same people would be furious if their daughters were to marry a decent, working-class White guy………That’s how depraved those pig-rich White people really are.

      Class warfare? Damn straight!

    19. Stronza Says:

      How things go in a circle. Wasn’t it downtrodden, disaffected, pisspoor whites who were easy prey for marxist propaganda?

    20. ein Says:

      For my part, I despise the ultrarich, the white rich in particular, …. Does anyone here really think that it would be good to have them on our side, because I sure don’t?
      — Stronza

      To answer your question, I really couldn’t say, since I don’t know anybody like that. But surely their money (and clout) would be a great asset…. very helpful in any case.

      Oh, and let me add too that many of them have that prosperity precisely because they are intimately intertwined with The System . They are part of it, they have supported it, and they are the direct beneficiaries of it.

      I doubt that someone like that would see anything wrong with The System as it is — since it has treated them so very well.

      I remember when Mrs. Rockefeller’s fur coat wat snatched off her back on the street, some years ago, by a feral girl pack from Harlem. And little John Kennedy’s bike was taken from him by some black kids in Central Park. And Sen. Schumer’s grandmother was mugged by the usual culprits, causing him to express great outrage that such things can happen. I greeted these news items with pleasure. We need to have MANY more incidents like this before we start to see some changes. Attacks on less “important” people will continue to draw no attention whatsoever.

    21. Zarathustra Says:

      Beware the right wing, who always want to downplay the glaring class distinctions between Whites.

    22. Christards Are Annoying Says:

      As an epithet, white trash, or the more extended poor white trash first came into common use in the 1830’s.

      Yes, “white trash” or “poor white trash” is an anti-white racial slur that specifically refers to a person’s socioeconomic class (NOT their behavior) as I tried to point out to that pedantic prick Swineo Americanus.

      The fact that “white trash” is jewry’s #1 favorite slur should be enough of a reason to banish it from our vocabulary.

      But I guess that’s expecting too much from a jewntile bastard.