16 October, 2008

Boyd Sentenced in Christian/Newsom Killings

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His prison sentence is the maximum: 18 years:


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    1. Shamus Says:

      Not nearly maximum enough.

    2. zoomcopter Says:

      I’m glad Judge Varlan gave Boyd the maximum sentence and I’m very glad Gary Christian, father of Channon, expressed his hatred of Boyd, in court. It is almost as sickening to see a parent express Christian forgiveness towards the killer of their child as the actual crime. The idea of forgiveness and turning the other cheek, is a sickness which infects our race. Better a eye for an eye.

    3. abe foxman Says:

      A bullet would have been a lot cheaper and a lot more satisfying if the families held the gun.
      The do-gooding fucks who feel sorry and try to save scum like this should be forced to live with them. Have their daughters raped, their property stolen, their lives terrorized and their dreams shattered. A quick dose of reality would clear the air and their rightous sanctimonious crap.
      This Nigger should be dangling from a rope!

    4. Vaultner Says:

      There should be nothing wrong with giving him the death penalty. But it’d be much too quick for him. I only hope they send him to the worst hellhole imaginable to suffer a thousand deaths.

      Incidentally the argument the liberals used of DNA evidence proving they’ve killed innocent defendants in capital crimes is absurd. I would argue that they could now know for sure who’s DNA was left at the scene.

      My heart goes out to both the Christian & Newsome families, with the hope that justice will truly be served one way or another.

    5. Mark Says:

      Testimony linked him to the murders, strange that the DA didn’t charge him for that.

      This is exactly the kind of case where lynching would be appropriate, when our court system cannot do the situation justice.

      I agree with zoomcopter. Even though Judeo-Christianity has weakened and pacified a once great race, I’m glad to see the father rise up and proclaim his desire for vengeance, and that he will never forgive those animals.

      Unfortunately I think his son’s Christianity, and his belief that everyone is his friend, that we’re all equal, disarmed him for the brutal reality he met with.

    6. Zipzap McGee Says:

      Shame on all of us for letting things get this far. Of course this was one of the more spectacular cases, but there’re ten thousand cases a day of Judeo-African violence against Whites in this country.

      And let’s not forget the thousand young White men who lost their destinies today due to Affirmative Action and other Jewish social engineering.

      And it will be another thousand tomorrow.

      …while you’re frenetically, breathlessly writing those checks to Jew media to keep it all going.

      I can’t believe you all are still sending money to the Jew media machine that creates these monsters (not to mention creating whiggers and miscegenating teen girls). And actually, the Jews get all that damage done for free – THE MONEY that you sent goes to paying Congress to bring Somalis to your neighborhood.

      You want to know who’s at fault? Look in the mirror.

      I don’t know why you all complain: The Talmud is a promise to destroy you if they get the resources to do it. You give them the resources to do it. It sounds like a contract fulfilled to me.

      Y’all need to wake the hell up. It’s already Game Over. You’re already Palestinians. You think you’re not because you still have SUV’s and big TV’s. Well, the Bailout’s ensuing hyperinflation will fix that. Your savings are gone. Your retirement is gone. Your job is going any day now.

      You’re going to keep watching that damned TV until you have to pawn your weapons cuz your family hasn’t eaten in four days.

      Two years from now your mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends (and sons!) will be giving blowjobs to the likes of Lou Pearlman in exchange for a bag of groceries.

      It is much later than you think.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      Where are all the White people rioting in the streets of Knoxville, demanding real justice? Where are the White lynch mobs storming the city jail? That’s how it used to be whenever a Coon attacked a White person. Whitey has become too soft, decadent and cowardly, myself included.

      And prison is no punishment for a Nigger. It will get all the free butt-sex, basketball and soul-food it can eat, courtesy of the White taxpayer.

    8. Smitty Says:

      “White” life is worthless. What a fucking shame, I hope this nigger gets it in jail.

    9. Jon Says:

      “This is exactly the kind of case where lynching would be appropriate, when our court system cannot do the situation justice.”

      Amen. What we have (and have had) is a Jew’d criminal (in)justice system. What so hard to understand about this: You take someone’s life you pay for it with yours? Accidental killings this does not apply to. Violent murders by cut-throat niggers–you betcha!


    10. Jon Says:

      “And prison is no punishment for a Nigger. It will get all the free butt-sex, basketball and soul-food it can eat, courtesy of the White taxpayer.”

      Perhaps the Aryan Brotherhood can be informed of this travesty? And perhaps, in the interest of justice, of course, become motivated to do a ‘job’ on this killer nig–gratis.


    11. A. Says:

      This is not a fair sentence at all. A fair sentence would be for this animal to suffer the same fate as his victims, but instead he will go to prison which is like a day camp for a nigger. Its fun! He will get his white inmate “bitch” and insist he suck his dick. He will get off, work out, watch TV and get free meals and rap with all the other niggers ‘bout killin whitey…….Prison is fun for niggers.

    12. JohnMC Says:

      I agree with all comments. This is the first time I have ever made a comment on any website. Life imprisonment without possibility of parole — without any luxuries — is too good for those depraved murderers. So is death, really, but better to let them live and rot slowly in isolation for many long years. True, so-called “_Judeo_”-Christianity is no good at all; it is an error and heresy. _Real_ Christianity (without the “judeo-” component) is what is needed. Christ said He did not come to abolish the Law (such as _lex talionis_: it’s _still_ “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” That law was stated thus to keep people from taking _two_ eyes for an eye, or _three_ teeth for a tooth). Hence only the _murderers’_ lives should be taken, not the lives of their whole family or tribe. Our Lord said it is better to forgive and turn the other cheek, _but_ he meant it within certain definite contexts and situations9such as insults and slights). Jesus Himself well knew there were crimes for which the penalty was death and that murderers deserved death and that was proper, especially for such heinous and atrocious murders as these. Jesus was not a social or legal reformer. He wasn’t even a “Liberal”! He was crucified between two thieves. Did the murderer(s) of Christian and Newsome ask or beg for forgiveness or mercy or even clemency; if so, what mitigating circumstances did they adduce?

    13. ajiarcher Says:

      Jon is right of course, our once exceptional justice system has been “jewd” to the extent that it is unrecognizable from previous years.
      Hate crime (thought crime) legislation is just one glaring example of this.
      We have indeed let it progress too far.