1 October, 2008

The International Jew, Again

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Did your employer close the factory due to cheap, foreign goods flooding the American market? Did your job get outsourced to India? Well, you’ll be happy to know that the father of free trade, David Ricardo, was a Jew:


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    1. Zararthustra Says:

      While Goyim build things with their hands and their minds, Jews are just abstract theorists and cunning wheeler-dealers. Big mistake letting Shylock back into England. Now you’ll never get him out.

    2. Fred Says:

      Why am I not surprised?

      With Jews you lose!

    3. Z.O.G. Says:

      Damn, I didn’t know Ricardo was a Jew. Thanks for the info.

    4. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Rothchild candy commercial from late seventies:


    5. sgruber Says:

      Aryans are good-hearted creators; jews are evil destroyers.

      Anything good attributed to a jew is a lie or the result of a swindle by the jew.

      This principle is never wrong, when all facts are known.

      The time has come to get rid of the jews.

    6. jim donaldson Says:

      An interesting editorial:


      I’m keeping close watch on the ones in my neighborhood.

    7. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      Please send the article by Connelly-Meyerson (linked above) to all the Republicans in your address book, and be sure to remind them that jews are vastly overrepresented on Wall Street too. Inform them that both Paulson and Bernanke are jews, and that the majority of the bailout billions will go from their pockets into jew hands. If they come back for more, THEN you can explain the privately-owned Fed and all the BIG Jews involved.

      These troubling times offer many opportunites to wake up our White brothers. Jews are arrogant fools who are openly bragging about our demise. As my grandfather would say,”they are too damn big for their britches” so it’s time for US to pull them down and expose their asses!

    8. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      I was trying to see if Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) was jewish, and found this video- jews in Cuba:


    9. Voir Dire Says:

      Rothchild candy commercial from late seventies:


      Lovely, Shabazz…Isn’t the irony in the parting line rich too?

      Cheers my friend,


    10. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Thanks Stephanie. Notice at the end, on the label, it says

      Mexicans broke into my property this morning, stealing about 15 cans of spray paint, which were visible from the street. They took nothing else. The war is here. I can’t say more, as I’M RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF AN AZTLAN!


    11. Zararthustra Says:

      I don’t think the infamous Rothschild banking empire was involved with making candy, it’s just the candy’s name was supposed to get the consumer to associate it with class and quality, like the Rothschilds supposedly exude.

    12. gw Says:

      Rothschild could be any German name. It isn’t a specifically Jewish name, like Cohen or Rabbinowitz. I once knew a cop named Rothschild; he wasn’t Jewish.

      But that video on Havana was damned interesting. According to them, Carmen Cavallero was originally Sam Shapiro! That’s news. Well, so was Abby Lane, Xavier Cugat’s steamy “Latin sexpot” partner (born Francine Lassman in Brooklyn). (Isn’t Abby Lane a famous street in London?)

      As for Ricky Ricardo, that was just the name of a fictional television character. His real name was Arnaz.

    13. gw Says:


      [Abbe Lane]

    14. jim donaldson Says:

      I think WE need something like the sayanim.