21 November, 2008

UK: Toben Wins Fight Over Extradition

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An attempted thought-crime prosecution by the NWO/JWO has failed. Dr. Toben won’t be extradited to Germany. Interestingly, Toben didn’t even live in Germany, nor was his website based there. He committed no crime in Germany:


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    1. xerexs Says:

      The english judge must be a closet BNP member. Good news for free speech for a change. While their at it, any trials looming for old communist monsters still alive, comfortably esconced, in Zhids-real. Whats that you say, NO ? …….Why not ?

    2. Luek Says:

      He didn’t commit any crimes anywhere not just Germany.

    3. Brigantes Says:

      The Judge should have never laid down the conditions she did.Scandalous that he has to put down money and is banned from the internet,why?, ‘cos the Judge is a half baked coward,that’s why.

    4. Linc Says:

      Wait; the article was vague. I recall Dr. Toben getting out on bail, and I think the article is referring to that bail release. That is not a win. There was a clue or two in the article that the fight continues. He won bail, sure. But was he actually released to go back to Australia? Was the bond money returned?

      Is anyone in contact with Dr. Toben or Lady Michelle to find out?


    5. Zarathustra Says:

      The Jews are always bicthing and moaning about the lack of “freedom” and “democracy” in the Mohammedan countries, yet the Mohammedans have the right to say anything they want to about Zionism, Jews, Hitler and the Holohoax. In the West, you have the “right” to engage in bestiality and homosexual relations with a 13 year old boy. But if you question the ever-shifting “facts” about the Holohoax, or criticize the Sacred Ones, your livelihood and freedom will be taken away. So much for the Jew-generated myth of Western freedom and democracy.

    6. gw Says:

      “In the West, you have the “right” to engage in bestiality and homosexual relations with a 13 year old boy.”

      Well, the Moslems have that “right” also. Even more so, in fact. Quite common there. So you can’t use that as a contrast.

      True enough about the Holohoax though. Perhaps the difference is not in what you DO, but in what you THINK. Mind control is what’s most important to them.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      You’re right, gw. As soon as I submitted the above post, I realized that many adult Arab men often have sexual relations with boys, camels and goats. But the Mohammedans still have more intellectual freedom than we do. If you want real news and information, and not a lot of Jewish spin and liberal fluff, you need to go to Al-Jazeera or Pravda or Radio Havana or some other foreign, non ZOG-controlled news agency to get it.

    8. gw Says:

      Right. In such Jew-controlled cesspits as Weimar Germany or present-day Amsterdam (The “Jerusalem of the North”), you can do whatever you want with your body. They don’t care a fig about that. It’s what you do with your mind that worries them. They want mind control. Don’t mess with dangerous ideas if you know what’s good for you. They won’t stand for that.