11 November, 2008

Veteran’s Day and the Glorification of Unnecessary Wars

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You hear the slogans every Veteran’s Day. They usually sound like these:

“It was a good/necessary war.”

“He died fighting for his country.”

“He died fighting for our freedom.”

The slogans are false, but the rubes buy them because they sound so good. America’s involvement in endless foreign wars has been due to the Jews or, occasionally, due to gentile arrogance. Jews caused Americans to fight in both world wars: WWI (via the scheming surrounding the Balfour Declaration) and WWII (via FDR’s Jewish gang looking to fight Japan as a backdoor to war with Germany):


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  7. 27 Responses to “Veteran’s Day and the Glorification of Unnecessary Wars”

    1. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      This Emigration Party Veterans’ day newsletter will be of interest to VNN readers.
      USA Communist Party Excited About Sambo’s Election
      Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 17:10:55 -0500

      Official Newsletter of the Emigration Party of Nevada
      Number 2423
      Tuesday, 11 November, 2008


      Emigration for a better nation.
      Please don’t feed the illegal aliens!
      Buy American, or good-bye America! Visit http://www.buyamerican.com
      The melting pot is overflowing and the lifeboat is full.
      Birth control is the only solution to the problem of hunger.

      “A neoconservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality.”
      -Irving Kristol
      “A racist is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal.”
      -Peter Brimelow
      “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the
      people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”-Thomas Jefferson

      The opinions of the authors and writers in this newsletter are theirs
      alone. Unless we specifically so state, they are not necessarily indorsed
      by the Emigration Party of Nevada.
      Veterans Day is a good day to reflect on the fact that many veterans are
      traitors and deserve to be dangling from a rope. Out of congress, 29% of
      the Senators are veterans and 23% of the Representatives are veterans.
      This is the lowest figure since WWII, see
      http://www.military.com/NewsContent/0,13319,124180,00.html . The entire
      Congress deserve the rope with the exception of Ron Paul. Juan McCain
      deserves slow strangulation rather than a quick drop from the gallows.

      Senator Ron Paul, a former Air Force flight surgeon, deserves the dignity
      of a firing squad. He stole $30 million of his supporter’s money and
      sabotaged any chance of a third party. See
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Paul_presidential_campaign,_2008 . Paul
      is working for the traitors who have destroyed America.

      Ross Perot pulled a similar trick but mostly used his own money to do it.
      He insured that Bush the Greater would lose and Slick Willie would win.
      Ross also is entitled to the dignity of a firing squad.

      Jim Gilchrist is a veteran who stole over $600,000 of immigration
      reformer’s money and pocketed it. He also supported the illegal alien
      lover Huckabee for president. Gilly also deserves the rope. The Little
      Prince is not a veteran but he has stolen over $2 million of immigration
      reformer’s money. He also deserves a hemp necktie.

      We remind our smug traitors that a civil war is coming. President Hussein,
      of Blessed Memory, wound up dangling from a rope, and they will be no

      While Raoul is a veteran, he should be spared. We need him to lead his
      people home. The Emigration Party of Nevada indorse Raoul for president of
      Sambo’s grandmother claims that he was born in Africa in a video at
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4FqVRWgrNw . Another video at
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYrZQLbFhb0 explains how Sambo’s mother
      likely forged his Hawaiian birth certificate. It is still likely that he
      is an Indonesian illegal alien and should be arrested and deported.

      Barb McCutchen from Ft Smith Arkansas has written a fine letter to the
      editor about Sambo. It earns her a gold star. Barb fails to consider that
      Sambo is in the arms of his Israeli handlers. They will keep him on the
      straight and narrow.
      From:Joe and Barb McCutchen
      To:[email protected]
      Date:Mon, 10 Nov 2008 19:46:26 -0600
      Subject:Letter to the editor

      From George Washington to Barak Hussein Obama.

      That sums up what our country has become. From a gentleman schooled in
      such Enlightenment concepts as individual freedom and rights and prepared
      to lead the battle against tyranny in order to establish the first real
      Constitutional Republic; now we have a Communist activist intent on
      “redistribution of wealth”…stealing from the producers by force to disperse
      as “government” desires.

      Washington fought and endured great privation with dignity, impeccable
      ethics, and fierce loyalty to justice against those who would subdue the
      new nation. Obama is a self-serving, power-hungry politician/activist,
      ego-maniac, eager to do anything it takes to attain his collectivist goals.

      Washington conquered the enemy through courage and dedication. Obama,
      probably not a legal citizen, works for and with known Communist,
      anti-American activists dedicated to the destruction of all Western
      Civilization, most of all the United States.

      America once was the hope of the world, but no nations followed our
      beginnings due to powerful, greedy “leaders”…their people too ignorant or
      fearful…all by design…just as in our country. As a people we have lost
      sight of justice, truth, and the value of a single individual and allowed
      the Barbarians not only within the Gates, but to remake our rugged
      individual philosophy into a sorry, pathetic, tragic mess of victimhood,
      rule by the elite not law, brutality and as Ayn Rand said ” punishment of
      the good for being good”.

      Obama seeks to force us back to the jungle, out of which men like George
      Washington led us.

      Barbara McCutchen

      Ft. Smith

      Raoul has been holding out on us. He has assured us that the murder rate
      of Tijuana is lower that that of Baltimore. His tune is changing in his
      recent essay in a bilingual San Diego newspaper. Raoul’s tour busses may
      have wound up full of bullet holes. Perhaps his mother finally got around
      to washing his mouth out with soap.


      Streets Running with Blood

      By Raoul Lowery Contreras

      Rosarito Beach became world famous as the quiet Mexican Beach town south of
      Tijuana when Billionaire Ali Khan rendezvoused at the Rosarito Beach Hotel
      with the sexiest Hollywood actress of the day, Rita Hayworth.

      Next came a Sunday night raid at the same hotel by Mexican federales
      busting an illegal Las Vegas-style casino operation owned by among others
      the infamous operators of the Caliente Race Track in Tijuana. Over a
      hundred Americans were arrested and from that mass arrest came the Kingston
      Trio’s “Send My Bail to the Tijuana Jail” song that ruined tourism to
      Mexico for years.

      Then came the discovery of Rosarito Beach and its myriad bars, condos and
      apartments by American college students at Spring Break. With the legal
      drinking age of 18 and the small town, large beach and a police department
      that looks the other way most of the time, students from Idaho, Washington,
      Oregon, Montana, California, Arizona and dry Utah flock to Rosarito every
      spring bringing millions of dollars with them to spend. And, how they spend.

      Now, since September 26th six Rosarito police officers and 24 civilians
      have been killed “gangland” style at night, in the morning, in the
      afternoon and twice at teatime. The slaughter is a spill over of the 140
      men and women killed “gangland” style in metropolitan Tijuana during the
      same time.

      The TransBorder Institute of the University of San Diego estimates that
      over 400 Mexican law enforcement officers have been killed throughout
      Mexico this year. This war is a war of drug lords fighting each other for
      dominance in the drug corridor that leads to Greater Los Angeles, the
      biggest drug market in the U.S.A. Police officers are caught on all sides
      of this war.

      Some police officers are corrupt and work for one drug lord or another.
      Some police officers are corrupt for the money, some from fear of being
      victims of the war. Some are innocent bystanders and some are serious about
      being police officers and fighting crime.

      One ranking officer, for example, was hired in Rosarito after years on the
      Tijuana police department and as a shift supervisor at the state prison
      east of Tijuana. He was put in charge of a satellite police station south
      of Rosarito. Negative intelligence surfaced about him so he was transferred
      to Rosarito proper. Shortly thereafter he was a demoted to patrol officer.
      He was killed the following day. Why, he probably couldn’t deliver any
      longer, thus he was expendable.

      Rosarito has a police budget for 217 sworn officers. It currently has fewer
      than 170 officers and may have fewer than 150 working thus endangering
      public safety like never before.

      Mexican soldiers, federal police and a fighting Baja California state
      administration have to flood Rosarito with men and materiel to isolate and
      kill each and every drug lord and their minions before they kill the beach
      town made famous by a romantic Ali Khan and Rita Hayworth so long ago.

      Contreras operated tour companies to Tijuana and Rosarito for years
      The Communist Party of the USA is all excited about the election of Sambo.
      So are we, but for different reasons. He will collapse the economy quickly
      and the government with it. After our civil war, the country will be
      cleansed of immigrants and other undesirables by rivers of blood.

      Communist Party ecstatic over ’08 election results
      Voice of Marxism announces ‘hard work is just beginning’
      Posted: November 10, 2008
      9:12 pm Eastern

      By Bob Unruh
      © 2008 WorldNetDaily

      Hailing Barack Obama’s win as a victory for the “working class,” the
      Communist Party USA is calling on the president-elect to carry out his
      promises, including his noted commitment to “spread the wealth.”

      An editorial by the People’s Weekly World said the victory was for “workers
      of all job titles, professions, shapes, colors, sizes, hairstyles and

      The newspaper, which boasts of its “partisan coverage,” identifies itself
      as “a national, grassroots weekly newspaper and the direct descendant of
      the ‘Daily Worker.'”

      “We are partisan to the working class, racially and nationally oppressed
      peoples, women, youth, seniors, international solidarity, Marxism and
      socialism. We enjoy a special relationship with the Communist Party USA,
      founded in 1919, and publish its news and views,” the publication states.

      The paper said Obama’s victory is “important … not only for people here in
      the U.S., but also for our sisters and brothers around the world.”

      “The election outcome represents a clear mandate for pro-people change on
      taxes, health care, the war in Iraq, job creation and economic relief,
      union organizing and the Employee Free Choice Act. Reform and relief are in
      the air. Their scope and depth will be the arena of struggle. The best
      thing the coalition that won this victory can do is to stick together and
      help the new administration carry through on its promises,” the editorial

      “Jubilation and celebration, yes, along with realization that the hard work
      is just beginning,” the PWW editorial said.

      Obama’s commitment to “spread the wealth” was caught on tape as he talked
      with an Ohio voter, “Joe the Plumber,” who became a personality in the 2008
      election campaign for the exchange in which he suggested Obama’s plan
      sounded like socialism.

      Obama’s media team did not respond to a WND telephone message and e-mail
      requesting a comment.

      Michelle Obama has made similar commitments, warning that some Americans
      may have to give up a piece of the pie in order that others may have a
      larger share.

      Samuel L. Blumenfeld, a WND columnist, earlier cited Obama’s history of
      links to significant players in the communist effort in the United States.

      “In his famous autobiography, ‘Dreams From My Father,’ Obama reveals that
      his earliest mentor in Hawaii was a man by the name of Frank Marshall
      Davis. It so happens that Davis had been sent to Hawaii in the late 1940s
      by the Communist Party to organize the party in Hawaii,” Blumenfeld wrote.

      “Davis had begun his communist career in Chicago. He was a friend and
      associate of Paul Robeson, the great singer, and Harry Bridges, head of the
      communist dominated International Longshoremen and Warehousemen’s Union.
      Both men were secret Communist Party USA members.”

      Blumenfeld sees sees the impact of those influences in Obama’s vision for
      the country.

      “Obama has already proposed the creation of a homeland police force that
      will no doubt terrorize those in the ‘ultra-right’ who will become the most
      vociferous and active opponents of his socialist regime. Hitler had a
      similar police force called the Gestapo – Geheime Staats Polizie or
      Homeland State Police – that terrorized the opponents of the Nazi regime,”
      he wrote.

      “In 1933 a majority of Germans voted for a demagogue who promised ‘change’
      and seemed to be the answer to their economic and national problems. None
      of those voters could have foreseen that 12 years later Germany would lie
      in ruins and be occupied by foreign armies,” he wrote.

      WND previously reported Davis, frequently accompanied by young Barack Obama
      and his grandfather, sold marijuana and cocaine from a “Chicago style” hot
      dog cart in the early 1970s, according to a source.
      Remember Kris Eggle, killed by Mexican drug runners on the border.

      Permission is granted to circulate this newsletter among private individuals
      and groups, post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all
      not-for-profit publications. Contact us for all other rights, which are
      reserved. The Emigration Party has a strict anti-spamming policy and this
      information is for interested recipients only. It is not to be distributed
      via indiscriminate posting. Your name or address will not be distributed to
      others outside our organization. ALL SUBSCRIBERS ARE PUT ON A BLIND COPY

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      [email protected] with “remove” in the subject line. Anyone wishing to
      subscribe should do the same with “subscribe” in the subject line. Should
      someone forward this newsletter to you when you do not want it, report their
      email address to us and we will get to the root of the problem. One time
      courtesy copies are sent to parties mentioned in our newsletter.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      Don Pauly, I got through about a third of your post and although it was quite good, the human eyeball can only take so much strain.

      Why do we need a “Veteran’s Day” to “honor'” veterans? Doesn’t Memorial Day cover that? Wasn’t this date originally meant to observe the end of WWI? Amercians are mongoloid basket-cases when it comes to history.

      I resent all the right-wing assholes, especially chicken hawks like Cheney and Bush, using Veteran’s Day as an occaision to glorify war and military aggression. Almost all of America’s conflicts were unecessary and only really benefited the Jew and the war-factories.

    3. Stronza Says:

      In Canada, where we call it Remembrance Day, it is like a religion. A religion that if you don’t go along with it, you are considered worse than shit. “Those soldiers DIED so YOU & your family could be FREE! What’s WRONG with you? Shame on you!”

    4. Cpt. Candor Says:

      I do believe I heard one of the radio mouths drag out the old “Thank God we’re not speaking German right now!” line earlier today.

      Because Broken English and Hisbonics is SO much better! The way “my” town is going, Hindi and Vietnamese will constitute an equal counter to the former two by around 2025. Babylon ist überall.

    5. Junghans Says:

      Excellent observations, gentlemen. It is really amazing how Anglos worship the military, while claiming to be civilian “democrats” who despise ‘militarism’! The duplicity and hypocrisy is obscene and unreal. They claim to “love their country, but hate their covernment”, yet come to attention and genuflect to any ‘official’ government sponsored pronunciamento or act of state that contradicts their genuine, vital interests. Blindsided as they are, they never can understand that they are merely jingoistic, flag waving proxies for a usurped Zog. Try bringing up the USS Liberty issue at the next American Legion or VFW meeting to see the hollowness of these star spangled ‘patriots’. W.D. Pelley challenged the leaders of the vets groups in the 30’s, to no avail, and his later chagrin. Ignorance really is bliss, don’t you see, don’t you know!

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      Cpt. Candor Says:

      11 November, 2008 at 11:29 pm

      I do believe I heard one of the radio mouths drag out the old “Thank God we’re not speaking German right now!” line earlier today.

      Because Broken English and Hisbonics is SO much better! The way “my” town is going, Hindi and Vietnamese will constitute an equal counter to the former two by around 2025. Babylon ist überall.

      Excellent point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Having to put up with Ebonic moronic radio ads now and Messytizo b.s. accents on business phones. Ebonics? Or German ? You decide! 88!

    7. Igor Alexander Says:

      Fuck Veteran’s Day, fuck Remembrance Day. If I hear one more cretin say WWII veterans “fought for our freedoms” or one more feminism-indoctrinated cunt say she would gladly give up her sons’ lives to defend “women’s rights” in Afghanistan, I’m gonna go apeshit.

    8. Igor Alexander Says:

      (Pardon my French, but Veteran’s/Remembrance Day really rubs me the wrong way.)

    9. The Red Skull Says:

      Veterans Day should be somber but not for the reasons most people think.Herr Z. is on the mark.Americans(most) are cluless about history.Its too bad but its easier to defeat a people when they don’t have a strong sense of who they are.I saw a report on the Czech youth who don’t have a clue about what happened in their own country in their recent fight for freedom.ZOG finds host nations more compliant that way.I had 2 Grandfathers who fought in the WWII,one was at Pearl Harbor when the japs bombed it,the other fought in North Africa And Italy.We’re supposed to honor them becuase they fought for our” freedom.”Well, they THOUGHT they were,but what They and all veterans have fought for since at least WWI is A JEWISH AGENDA-not our freedom.That was (and is) the illusion we are allowed to BELIEVE.IN the meantime “freedom” for the jew means-Kill our people in Wars of Their making and AGENDA,ship our factories overseas,import millions of third world peasants,Brainwash our youth in their schools and Universities with liberal-marxist teachings,Steal our personal liberties with yiddish legislation, push their porno and smut of all kinds,and force the muds on us everywhere.
      Yes,Veterans should be mourned for while they were off giving their lives,minds,and/or body parts for the Cause of “Freedom”,our racial enemies were at home working to DESTROY what every Veteran or Current Service Man/Woman is working to protect.My one Granpa warned my about the “damn Japs” but neither of them warned me about the Jew.Neither one knew that while they were off defending “Freedom” the Real Enemy was steadily at work,working to destroy what my Grandfathers and millions of other duped souls were trying to preserve.THAT-is the Huge Irony of Veterans Day.What is more sad is it is still the case.The Jews latest efforts to destroy the Greatest White Nation Ever continue with their election of the Marxist Magic Monkey.I don’t think my Grandfathers or anyone’s were fighting so we could hand over a sizeable portion of our country to the mexcrements.I don’t think they fought so Jew Bankster Criminals could swindle millions of Americans out of Billions of Dollars and ruin peoples lives and savings.I don’t think they fought so that our jew-handlers could manuver their marxist monkey into the white house and hold it over our heads.We need to remember our Veterans Died In Vain-not for “freedom”,because this country has been gutted from the inside by ruthless parasites,who have nothing but contempt for our “freedom” and White Way of Life.I am a Veteran and I say this to be clear.Lets have no more WHITE Veterans Die for Jewish Profit and Jewish Agenda.

    10. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      I too am a USAF veteran who served in SAC during the peak of the Cold War. Sometimes I am ashamed of it now that I know how the Jews have manipulated our military. Zionism is the Final Solution to the Jewish Question.

    11. Zarathustra Says:

      Herr Skull, my grandad was a doughboy machine-gunner in WWI. That war, which had nothing to do with the USA, ruined his life and damaged the lives of his family who had to live with the permanent changes in him. He survived the war, but just barely, so it really bothers me when I hear these dipshits talking about WWI and II being “good wars” and “necessary wars”. 10-15 million Whites were killed in WWI, over 20 million were killed in WWII. Tens of millions of others survived but became alchoholics, depressed, suicidal. There is NOTHING good or necessary about what happened and yet the Jew always demands more blood be spilled for him.

      I know one thing. My family will NEVER spill so much as one more drop of blood for the Jew or the international war profiteering crowd, I’ll make sure of that.

    12. Igor Alexander Says:

      Two points:

      1. Shouldn’t we feel sorry for all veterans, including the ones who fought on the “wrong side of the war”? But we don’t, because November 11th isn’t really about veterans, it’s about legitimizing every shitty war we’ve been in in the last 100 years. Wear a poppy for an SS soldier? You must be crazy; they were the “bad guys.” Unlike us, they weren’t fighting for unlimited Third World immigration, hardcore interracial pornography, the prosecution of “hate speech,” cheap “made in China” plastic junk, and Wall Street bailouts, so they must have been on the side of “evil.” Let them silently rot in their mass graves; they don’t deserve any consideration.

      2. I heard a WWII vet on the radio yesterday talking about how back then they just wanted to “get Hitler” and how you even had teenagers below draft age who were so desperate to “get Hitler” that they lied about their age to get into the forces. It seems to me a lot of these young men knew exactly what they were getting into, and were eager to. ZOG’s willing executioners, if you will. So I have a hard time making excuses for these guys, especially when a lot of them are still unrepentant to this day.

    13. Gerald Edward Patrick Morris Says:

      Igor Alexander’s second point is an excellent one, worth consideration by all sincere Aryans, namely, that plenty of outright criminal thugs became judeo-poltroons with very deliberate malice aforethought and full knowledge they were fighting for jewry. This attitude is the essence of that body of criminal insanity called “americanism” and we need to clearly establish among our ranks that america must DIE! The Aryan Realm cannot tolerate any judeo-masonic filth, nor should we.

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    14. Junghans Says:

      Exellent points, Igor. You have exposed the gravediggers of white civilization in all their tomfoolery. Every time that I see a news report about an octenagerian of the “greatest generation” being mugged or murdered by Negroes, all I can think about is ‘how perversely ironic’.

    15. Terrorsaurus Says:

      Veteran’s Day, the day when we remember all the stupid fools who fought for the Evil Empire and against the national sovereignty of countless victim nations of American aggression.

      Next time, instead of killing your brothers, how about you turn your guns on the politicians, the war profiteers, and the bankers?

      There’s no fool like an old fool. And America’s veterans certainly are some old fools.

      They can go to their deathbeds bragging about how they killed German boys for that piece of shit Roosevelt and their stupid looking flag – the stars and bars.

    16. Varina Says:

      “2. I heard a WWII vet on the radio yesterday talking about how back then they just wanted to “get Hitler” and how you even had teenagers below draft age who were so desperate to “get Hitler” that they lied about their age to get into the forces….” Posted by Igor Alexander

      Your post reminded me of something I haven’t thought about in a long time. My mother told me of seeing witten on the side of a troop train, “We’re going to Germany to kill Hitler and we’re coming back to kill the Jews.” Looks like some of them knew what was going on.

    17. Cpt. Candor Says:

      Igor Alexander said:
      “If I hear one more cretin say WWII veterans “fought for our freedoms” or one more feminism-indoctrinated cunt say she would gladly give up her sons’ lives to defend “women’s rights” in Afghanistan, I’m gonna go apeshit.”

      Yeah, their sons are defending the jew-given “rights” of Afghan women by sending them to early graves (It’s apparently impossible for us to drop a bomb in that country without hitting a wedding party) and torturing their male relatives to death. How fitting that we spend over half a century making up lies about the Germans’ conduct in WWII, only to BECOME those lies and WORSE.

    18. The Red Skull Says:

      Gentlemen(and ladies).A couple quick points-Herr Pauly,that was a great article!A little long,but good.Also,we should never be ashamed of our sevice time or feel guilty later because we unknowingly served the jew.We served our country with the best patriotic intentions.The blame,shame and guilt belongs to “our” politicians who sold us out to the jews.In any war the soldier only serves or fights as he is told to.The blame ALWAYS belongs on politicians and THEIR sons and daughters should be the first drafted-No Fucking Exceptions,and the Politicians who vote for war should have to serve on the front lines-in an enlisted capacity ONLY.Want wars to Stop?Hold THEIR feet to the fire.Herr Zarathustra,is(once again) correct.There is no such thing as a “whole” soldier who comes back from a war.Look at the Suicide rate of returning vets now.If you come back from a war physically in one piece,your probably mentally or emotionally scarred for life. The Grandfather who was an alcolholic, the brother who killed himself,the kid who can’t hold a job or function.All that suffering-not for us like we thought,but for the jews and their agenda.Then “our?” gov’t has the nerve to put these fine men in rotting,moldy,hospitals, or find trivial ways to deny them benefits and therapy.Thanx Jew Bastards.The only good thing is some of us got some damn good training on the weapon systems we’ll be using soon.If we must Suffer Anymore,Let it Be to Rid Ourselves of the JEW.

    19. 2050 Says:

      My boy came back from Iraq and told me how once his Lieutenant went in to a house when they knocked in a door, (officers are not usually supposed to enter before the house is clear) because he wanted to get a knife kill.
      He got it.
      My kid and his buddies are sooo callous about killing their targets. They laugh and joke about turning someone into a red mist. it’s cool.

      Hmmm, we should honor that shouldn’t we?

    20. Cpt. Candor Says:

      I’m not suprised, 2050. The sadistic judaeo-rot afflicting movies, TV and literature these days is certainly having its effect, and I remain amazed that some people are still shocked that a generation spawned from dysfunctional families and brought up on digitized blood and guts, highly accessable pornography and suffering-intensive films designed to torture the psyches of civilized men, are behaving as barbarians and thinking it “cool.” Once again, we’ve become worse than what we claim to hate.

    21. gw Says:

      “My kid and his buddies are sooo callous about killing their targets. They laugh and joke about turning someone into a red mist. It’s cool.”

      Yeah. Sure it is.
      Very worrisome. Are they being prepped for something else?

    22. gw Says:

      And does it even occur to them that they (or theirs) could become some else’s “red mist” too?

    23. Zarathustra Says:

      Maybe someday your kid and his buddies will start to wake up screaming after having nightmares in their sleep about what they’ve done. Nobody walks away from a war in one piece, really.

    24. Z.O.G. Says:

      Just keep in mind that a large portion of those U.S. troops and marines “serving” in Iraq right now are going to come back home at some point and BECOME POLICE OFFICERS. :-(

    25. Marwinsing Says:


      People and businesses are being asked to take part in a bold bid to mark Coventry hosting the national Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) commemorations.

      A total of 110,000 snowdrop bulbs are to be planted across the city, which should be in bloom for the events in January next year.

      Each bulb will represent 100 people to commemorate the 11 million men, women and children who were killed during the Holocaust.

      * * *

      11 million? – wasn’t it 6 million? Or 4 million? Or was it 1½ million? – what exactly is a Holocaust?

    26. gw Says:

      Well, unless those eleven million were all Jews, I don’t think the Jews are going to remain silent about that. That’s horning in on sacred turf. That territory’s been claimed. They don’t want to share their Holycause with ANYONE!

    27. Zarathustra Says:

      Germans killed in WWII: 5-6 million. Soviets:12 million. Chinese: 12-15 million. Polish: 1-2 million. British, Canadian and Americans: 1 million. Philippinos, Koreans, Indochinese, Indians: a few million. Approximately 35 million non-Jews were killed inWWII.

      Number of Jews killed in WWII: 150,000-200,000, mostly from typhus, malnutrition (they refused to eat non-kosher food) or lack of personal hygiene. It would have been ironic if Jews were turned into bars of soap, seeing as how most Jews refused to ever use a bar of soap.