9 December, 2008

The 1941 Senate Investigation into Hollywood

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Note the mention of Sen. Gerald Nye, who once called Hollywood “Yiddish”:


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  7. 9 Responses to “The 1941 Senate Investigation into Hollywood”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      “The Great Dictator” starring Charles “the Heeb who would never admit to being a Heeb” Chaplin is overt Hollywood Jew war propaganda thinly masked as a lame comedy. At the end of this dumb movie, Chaplin steps out of character and beseeches the audience to fight for International Jewry and kill their fellow Whites in Europe. He also starred in a famous, but equally dumb, anti-German film in WWI.

      Wasn’t this creep also infatuated with underage girls and involved in some weird murder case aboard a yacht?

      “Seargent York” starring the great Gary Cooper also came out just before WWII. Although it was a very good movie, it’s obvious what the message was. How convenient that the Pearl Harbor attack happened just a short time after those Congressional investigations into Jewish subversion began. Apparently, all common sense and logic about keeping America out of WWII war was instantly flushed down the toilet as soon as the news broke about the Roosenfeld-orchestrated attack.

      I just came up with a new definition for “anti semitism”. It means you’re not allowed to question or criticize the Jews….Ever.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      The jews could promote eating cardboard for breakfast, and the crazy White people would do it.

      “Eat that cardboard, son. The wise Jew on tv said that not only is it good for the environment, but it gives you more needed fiber than cereal and is good for the environment. Just put some more sugar on it. You want to have a healthy body when you fight to protect God’s people Israel from Iran.”

    3. jim donaldson Says:

      I don’t have cable. I don’t go to the movies. If I succumb to the urge, I go to the library and take out a DVD, and it’s usually historical (watched with a very large salt shaker by my side). Other than that, all I watch are “how-to” DVD’s. My entertainment is reading, playing with my kids, hiking, and gardening. Oh, and fixing guns ; )

    4. -jc Says:

      The term “progressive” is misunderstood and misused to the point that it should not be in our vocabulary, like “gay.”

    5. Justin Huber Says:

      From the very beginning of the Third Reich, the Jews started their propaganda campaign against Germany and the new regime. Looking back on it, the United States’ participation in the war was utterly stupid. I also think that our country had no right to condemn German “agression” against Poland or the USSR for that matter. Hitler was only following a policy of expansion that really wasn’t much different than our own in the previous century. It’s only natural-indeed normal-for a healthy nation with a growing population to try to expand upon its fronteirs. Especially if that nation is a true bearer of culture.

    6. Zarathustra Says:

      Recommended movies: Jud Suss, Der Ewinge Jude and Triumph of the Will. Recommended books: The Antichrist, The Republic, Hunter. Recommended music: Tannhauser, Der Meistersinger von Nurmburg, Tristan und Isolde, preferably all performed by the Berlin Philharmonic under Herbert von Karajan. Recommneded plays: The Merchant of Venice and anything that survives by Aeschylos, Sophocles, Euripidies and Aristophanes.

    7. Justin Huber Says:

      Thanks for the reading suggestions. Will definitely look into some of those.




      The Jewish Obsession With All Things Fecal

      To quote this article from New Jersey Jewish News The Past and Future of Jewish Humor
      “And if it’s scatological, all the better.

      “For a Jew, a bowel movement is an event,” Waldoks declared. “That’s why there’s so much bathroom humor.”

      Novak nodded in agreement.

      “As you get older, it becomes a wonderful thing,” he said.”

      Uh ok. I also found an academic essay on Jews
      I’m all for freedom of speech and all. No topic should be taboo and hey I suppose its something that comes up in everybodies conversations on occasion but what the fuck is it with Jews and their shit obsession? You can read Jewish writers and its a recurring theme. Off the top of my head one example I remember reading something by Alan Ginsberg where he talks about seeing his mother having a nervous breakdown and rolling around on the floor in her own feces. I remember back in the 90’s there was a zine that was published by a Jew that was all about shit. His own and other contributers musings on their toilet habits. It also included pictures of what they deposited in the toilet. I have always been big Howard Stern fan but you can listen to his show and his bowel movements are an almost daily topic. There are also whole sections of his book Private Parts dedicated to the topic. It is common topic with Jewish comedians and on Jewish televison and movies. You ever seen South Park? Ok, I’ll be fair. I believe only one of those guys is a Jew. Or how about the scene in Schindlers List where the kids are hiding in the pools of shit under the latrines?

      The late Dr. William Pierce brought up this strange Hebraic tendency in one of his radio broadcasts

      “This is something I first noticed when I was a junior high school student in Dallas, Texas. The school I attended was in one of Dallas’ wealthier suburbs, and there were a number of Jews in the school. What I and several of my classmates noticed about the Jews was their uniquely Jewish sense of humor. One doesn’t expect much delicacy in the jokes told by 14-year-olds, of course, but the thing that made the jokes that appealed especially to the Jews stand out was their scatological content. Nearly every Jewish joke involved excrement in one way or another. As I said, this Jewish tendency was so pronounced that I and my Gentile classmates noticed it and commented on it, even though we didn’t understand it. And it wasn’t that we had an exceptionally large number of budding Howard Sterns among our Jewish classmates. The inclination toward scatology is a general Jewish characteristic. Jews themselves, including Jewish psychologists, have commented on this Jewish trait often, explaining it in terms of the collective Jewish experience throughout history. It is real, and it is quite noticeable”

      Dr. Pierce also he relates this gem from what occured at Jew owned and ran Mtv

      “MTV was taping a pilot for a new show called Dude, This Sucks. Some teenaged girls were visiting the studio during the taping. A studio employee instructed them to stand on the stage in a certain place for a part of the show in which a pair of performers known as the “Shower Rangers” were to go through their routine. The girls were not told what the performance would be or how they would be involved in it.

      The “Shower Rangers” were two men dressed in Boy Scout uniforms. They came on stage, turned their backs to the camera and to the teenaged spectators on the stage, dropped their trousers, bent over, and let fly with a shower of semi-liquid feces, spattering the unsuspecting girls from head to foot. Apparently they had dosed themselves with a powerful laxative prior to the performance.

      To Jews, including billionaire Jewish media moguls like the owner of CBS and MTV, Sumner Redstone, this sort of thing is hilariously funny. It’s their idea of humor. Unfortunately for MTV, however, the girls who were sprayed by MTV’s “Shower Rangers” weren’t amused, nor were their parents. Last week two of the girls sued. One of them told the court:

      We were having a good time until the second act of Dude, This Sucks went on. All of a sudden I was smelling something disgusting, and I started to gag. I looked around at my friends. They were covered in something. As I looked down at myself I realized that I was too.
      Another of the plaintiffs, 14-year-old Kelly Sloat, spoke of the humiliation the girls felt when they returned to school:

      Everyone knew about it, even some of the teachers. Most of the kids were cracking jokes or wouldn’t come near us because, even though we washed off the feces, they said we smelled. I will never, ever forget what a horrible experience this was.”
      Its well documented that Freud was totally obsessed with all things toilet related. There was also a Jew psychologist named Mortimer Ostow who recently died that claimed anti-semitism was a result of resentment towards their Father over bad toilet training during their childhood that was then projected onto the Jews! Ha ha! Are these people fucking loons or what? I couldn’t make up stuff this weird if I wanted to.

      Theorist of Anti-Semitism Dies

      There is even a well known Rabbi in Israel that believes he can prophesize the future by looking at his stool! What the fuck is wrong with these people?!?

      Here are a few more examples.

      Sarah Silverman TV Show Clip -Besides the fecal obsession she also exhibits the Jewish trait of being cheap by trying to get somebody to pay for her dinner.

      Tori Spelling Blog Entry -An entry from Jewess Tori Spellings blog about how much she loves shit.

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      By the mid-1930s the call for reform was impossible to ignore. In 1935 representatives from three of the leading studios were indicted by a federal grand jury in St. Louis for conspiracy to violate the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Four years later the Senate held hearings to investigate the industry’s trade practices–hearings in which representatives of 29 civic and educational organizations testified to the connection between the “movie trust” and indecent films. A bill to prohibit block booking and blind selling introduced by Matthew Neely (D-West Virginia) passed the Senate later in late 1939, although Will Hays managed to persuade Neely to withdraw the bill before it reached the House. Finally, in 1940 the industry narrowly escaped an antitrust suit fried by independent producers and theater owners. It was only through the intervention of the White House (probably at the insistence of commerce secretary and Roosevelt confidante Harry Hopkins, a personal friend of the Warner brothers), that the case was settled by consent decree in August of that year.(13) Under the terms of this settlement, the Justice Department agreed to drop the antitrust suit in exchange for a pledge by the studios that they would amend their block booking practices by limiting the blocks to no more than five films.


      So by 1935 Huey P. Long was knocked off as blantly as JFK would be 28 years later. As no opposition to the Cabal is allowed that is fair and square that is.

      Huey P. Long by T. Harry Willimans 1971