28 January, 2009

The Nature of the Beast

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by Dr. William Pierce.


Last week we spoke about the growing trade in White sex slaves in Israel and the reaction — or lack of reaction — to that trade in America. I read to you from the June 16 edition of one of Israel’s major newspapers, the Jerusalem Post, in which two Israeli feminists reported on the luring of Gentile girls from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Hungary, and other eastern European countries to Israel with the false promise of high-paying jobs as secretaries or teachers and then the grabbing of these girls by Jewish slave dealers as soon as they land in Israel. The girls are raped, beaten, and terrorized by the Jewish slave dealers to make them compliant, and then they are auctioned to the owners of brothels and sex clubs, where they are kept in locked apartments and forced to work as prostitutes. The Jerusalem Post article also reported that the reason Israel is the center of the international trade in White female slaves is that in Israel it is perfectly legal to buy and sell human beings and to own slaves, provided they are not Jews.”

The rest is [Here]. (For the audio version, go [Here] and scroll down to 07-08-2000).

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    1. gb Says:

      Women are not interested in this because it is not popular; therefore women are not so much feminists as dancers to the jew’s tune (via school and tv) in their pursuit to be popular. Women condemn men because they envy their power (sic)–or are angry at their father, but in the end they are about lording it over their fellow gender. Ask any women for whom they dress–they’ll tell you: other women–it’s a competition. Hence the logo craze.

      And what about Putin (not to condemn only women)? Why won’t he tackle this? This problem should be pushed out into the open via the internet right NOW, perfect environment for it.

    2. gb Says:

      I mean AMERICAN women here, and certainly not all of them. You gals out there that are the exception don’t think I don’t respect ya’ll and love ya’ll. We don’t take you all for granted, nor over-look your contributions to our folks.

    3. S.U.N. Says:

      The same disgraceful situation before Hitler took office: judensau always degrading white girls, just for the promise of high cash sums (the arabs do this as well.)

      In California the kikes need not beat or torture the girls to comply. A few cocaine and heroine will do the trick, so nobody is afraid to engage in filth in front of a camera.

    4. old_dutch Says:

      If Alex needs some filler for the next issue of the American Alternative, or the Aryan Alternative, or the whatever; why not a few of Dr. Pierce’s best essays.

      Btw, how is Linder doing?

      Some of you who you post here and on the forum should crack a few schekels loose for Alex & Rounders’ media projects. If you can horde gold, freeze dried food, and fine hand crafted European weapons the least you can do is pry an Andrew Jackson loose from your wallet and send it to those two worthies.

      Just remember bullshit walks and money talks!

    5. Socrates Says:

      Old_Dutch: Re: Linder: see my response in the “WAG?” post.

    6. Philipe Says:

      Whatever, Israel and the US relationship is Paramount, The US president said.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      A very good article, that goes without saying, but to hardened WN this is not ‘news’. The despicable jew has ALWAYS been active in White slavery and the degradation of White women. If you can stomach it, take a look at MTV.

      In his book ‘The International Jew’, Henry Ford gives solid evidence of jew trafficking of White women in early 1900’s New York. I believe the ‘trade’ was also active in Buenos Aires during the 1890’s.

    8. old_dutch Says:

      My guess is that less than one half of one percent of the White population of the US has ever seen a critique of the jews. Maybe not even that many?

      That’s why shaking a few dollars loose from your next check, and sending them to Linder or Rounder would be a good idea. Help spread the word.

    9. Zarathustra Says:

      gb, women dress up in short skirts, high heels and tight jeans not to compete with other women, but to make themselves look and feel sexually attractive, especially when they’re ovulating. That’s how evolution works.

      All lesbos hate men, especially their fathers. But normal, properly raised White girls are closer to their fathers than to their mothers. And these days it’s White girls who have the good-paying jobs, the high credit scores and the new cars, not their emasculated slacker boyfriends (many of whom are Negroes or swarthy Pacific Islander types).

      As for Putin (and Medvedev), he is ruler of a gigantic, basically lawless country that is still reeling from the collapse of the USSR. It will take some time before the situation in Russland is under control again.

    10. gw Says:

      “Henry Ford gives solid evidence of jew trafficking of White women in early 1900’s New York. I believe the ‘trade’ was also active in Buenos Aires during the 1890’s.”

      Long ago, somewhere (I can’t begin to remember where), I read that they had corrupted the European courts in the same manner (probably in the 1700s) – essentially turning them into flesh pots.
      This might be one of the reasons why Jefferson so despised the court at Versailles, considering it decadent and a nest of filth and corruption …a good example for America of what to avoid. Unfortunately, we didn’t.

    11. gw Says:

      “I believe the ‘trade’ was also active in Buenos Aires during the 1890’s.”

      No doubt. Russian Jews would have been going to Argentina by then (after 1880 when the pogroms began). Argentina was booming then, and flush with money. Money always attracts them. (The French had a phrase back then, “Rich as an Argentine”.)

      I recently read that a Russian Jew got control of the wool trade of Patagonia about that time, making it a monopoly and becoming a multimillionaire (and a political power in both Argentina and Chile). I’ve also read that a Russian Jewess became the mistress of the dictator of Paraguay (about that same time), becoming the virtual Queen of Paraguay. Amazing. It’s like having roaches in your kitchen. They get in everywhere. Who wouda thunk it?

    12. Zarathustra Says:

      Jews are responsible for the White slave trade, but don’t let those dirtbag Turks and Arabs off the hook. The Mohammedan world is where a lot of those White sex-slaves wind up, in places like Turkey and Bahrain. Those damn sand niggers apparently don’t like their own squat, hairy brown squaws.

    13. gw Says:

      All cousins under the skin! Same difference.

    14. CW-2 Says:

      Something like 20,000 kids a year go missing in the US. It sounds an incredibly high figure. How many end up as sex-slaves in the Islamic world? The figure is probably a well kept secret hidden away in some government file.

      Interestingly it was reputed that Julius Neyrere, the nigger dictator of Tanzania in the 1960’s and 70’s, kept a harem of young Persian girls.

    15. Zarathustra Says:

      I wonder how many of those missing kids wind up being sacrified on the altars of Synagogues during the High Holy Days???

    16. A.Galland Says:

      no surprise that there is is lots of antisemitism !

    17. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      “The Mohammedan world is where a lot of those White sex-slaves wind up, in places like Turkey and Bahrain. Those damn sand niggers apparently don’t like their own squat, hairy brown squaws.”

      I’ve been to Turkey, and many Turks are White. Blond and red haired women with blue or green eyes are a fairly regular sight there. It probably has to do with the fact that until the High Middle Ages, most of the population was European. Genetically, I would bet that many of them still are.

    18. gw Says:

      And it probably has something to do with all of “those White sex-slaves” who were brought in over the centuries.

      I too have been toTurkey, and I agree that you see all types there (as you will see in any hub of empire) — all types, that is, except black.

    19. Zarathustra Says:

      Yes, there are still some remnants of Whites living in Turkey. Asia Minor used to be largely Byzantine Greek and even Celtic until those swarthy, semi-Mongolian Seljuk and Ottoman Turks from central Asia showed up 1000 years ago. But the sex-slaves in Turkey don’t wind up being raped and abused by the White minority, they are the property of the fat, swarthy, greasy, fez-wearing kind of Turk that we all know and hate.

    20. gw Says:

      I’m not sure just what the ethnic-linguistic connections might be, but it seems to me that there is a certain noticeable connection between Turks and Khazar Jews. They have an affinity for each other. They even look somewhat alike, and they are obviously comfortable with each other and within each other’s cultures. The Eastern Jews are definitely more so with Turks than with us.