19 February, 2009

Hate Bills Move Forward in House Judiciary

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by Rev. Ted Pike: [Here].

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    1. Blackshirt Says:

      Awww, Christian conservatives are worried about hate speech laws? Write or call your congressman? C’mon! Can we get out of the playpen, please? I say bring on the hate speech/hate crimes laws, it will make reactionary right wingers become revolutionaries or bigger cowards than they already are.

    2. Gar Goyle Says:

      Oh i can feel the love already from the minorities. Government obedience P/C. It was from the wallet now its from the heart & wallet. Bill Clinton’s i can feel your pain has succeeded with some sort of knee jerk reaction. All these people know, it good to be the king. Just bow down & get impaled in the rear. I see the new Attorney General Eric Holder said , we are a nation of cowards on matters of race. BEE Sss… No whites stop going to their wars shedding American blood on foreign soil & being slaughtered on just their behalf. The rate we are going now, if white, when you come back you will have no recognition.

    3. Coup d'Etat Says:

      This anti-hate law speech has been posted for quite sometime from Rev. Pike (in 2007 he was pushing the same thing and it was rejected by the WH), and I don’t doubt that the crazy jews will try to get this passed, just like amnesty. It never goes away until the key people are booted out by some force. However, the jews will never make themselves noticeable as the ones behind this bill, of course. Notice the Amnesty doesn’t have the steam like it did when Kennedy was well? The same force can also have a similar effect on those pushing for the anti-hate bill.

      This bill is no other than another form of abusive hate laws set by the jews to further abuse and jail those who express concern over jewish domination in their country.

      I like to stress the point that since jews are Asiatics, they are also Negroids, but the point is that since they are Asiatics they are literally illegal aliens according to the 1790 Constitutional Immigration Law. Therefore, anything they have made into law that further diminishes Whites as citizens and promotes reverse discrimination (namely EEOC), those laws are essentially null and void. It is a matter to enforce the 1790 law, have the jews scooped up, thrown out of the U.S., and our laws restored to its original format. We may even have to scoop up the others who think they have more rights than Whites and others who believe in a socialistic system before things return to normal. A lot of work but it can be done.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      19 February, 2009
      Argentina Expels Bishop Richard Williamson
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      How far Argentina has drifted from its far-right-wing, “anti-Semitic” ideology of the late 1970s/early 1980s. Argentine leaders now have close ties to the Jewish community, which is the largest in South America. Significantly, Bishop Williamson didn’t actually “deny” the Holocaust, he merely questioned some parts of it:

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      As usual, Herr Blackshirt GETS IT.

    6. Blackshirt Says:

      Thanks, Zarathustra. Your posts are right on the money too. It’s good to see some folks here have the situation figured out and are pursuing tactics separate from the same old useless tactics of the right wing.

    7. Krystian Kazimierzowicz Kowalczyk Says:

      When we craft our own tribunals, the Jews and their cattle will have to answer for some serious hate crimes against the Euro race.

      And the funniest part of all will be the fact that we won’t need a kangaroo court! The truth will be more than enough to damn them.