1 February, 2009

New Lawsuit About Obama’s Citizenship Status

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This lawsuit is bolder. It sues Congress for failing to determine whether or not Obama was legally qualified to become president:


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    1. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Still to this day, the news media has not even touched on this subject or questions the dilemma of Obama’s citizenship. Nothing on any TV news channel ever discussing the legality of his presidency.

      When you have a Congress that doesn’t do much to rid of the illegal Mexicans in the U.S., you will have a Congress that will ignore upholding the Constitution on every level; therefore, corruption will ensue.

    2. Brian Gareth Says:

      Even if it was proven King Obongo was born in Kenya, the Supreme Court would do nothing. They’d claim it would tear the Union apart to remove him from office now (hell, they stopped a lame recount in 2000 for the same ‘reason’ during Bush v. Gore) Besides, we must think of our precious niggaroo population. They’ve given and suffered so much, ya know wha’um sayin’?

    3. Arch Stanton Says:

      For years I’ heard the bullshit time and time again how we should work within the system to change it. How many times have I heard the idiotic platitude, “If you don’t vote, then you can’t complain.” What lunacy, what sheer fucking stupidity in the emptiest of platitudes. Therefore the logical corollary to this inane statement is if I do vote, then I can complain! This idiocy never takes into account that my vote has never brought about any real change, that I still can’t find any satisfaction in seeing some improvement in my situation as a citizen. Great!

      Well I can say unequivocally that I have voted and I have complained and not one jot or tittle of my voting efforts or complaining have had the slightest effect on the system and its agenda. Throughout my entire life I have steadily watched America decline into a third world status. I have watched the value of my money, which actually means the value of my labor, debased to that of a slave, allotted only that which is sufficient to survive so that I may show up for work on the morrow. Of course I never was clever enough to use the system to my advantage by borrowing far beyond my means and running up a debt load that would ensure a near term lavish lifestyle. But then as I watch the results of those who have used system to such advantage, I can see I made the correct choice for those made such a choice now have their futures totally enslaved to their onerous debt load.

      There has not been a single occasion in my lifetime where things have turned out for the better, either politically or economically; not once have I seen the system move toward my advantage as a white man. Each year has pushed my new found category, aptly termed “white nigger,” further and further to the back of the rainbow equality bus. With each new administration’s phase of equality implementation, I have found less equality for me and my people and ever increasing equality for every other race. Each election cycle brings about ever more serious declines in my freedom and ever more government restrictions on my actions. Each election boxes me in ever tighter, leaving me less and less choice of how I might want to live. Each time I have voted it has resulted in costing me more and more to do less and less. Each candidate is worse than the last, each administration is larger than the last. Each new administration has resulted in the ever upward double helix spirals of taxing and spending.

      At various points along the way, these god-appointed public lords and ladies, disguised as servants, throw out just enough peanuts to the crowds to claim they are working for the people and actually have the sheeple believe them. It reminds me of that picture of the old and feeble Rockfeller smiling that weird, sneering kind of smile as he stoops to give a small and obviously poor child a dime, as if that somehow will justify his monstrous theft of the public treasure. I sometimes wonder what his hell might look like.

      As we march gaily along toward our ultimate destination, the slaughterhouse, the system continues to create lies ane justification for its wanton slaughter, all funded by phony budgetary surpluses, cooking the books in their favor and brazenly lying so the sheeple will never awaken. Many times I have said to others, look at the results, does it look like your vote is working for you? But those fools believe the system really does work as advertised.

      How can anyone expect that working within the system will win anything in their favor when those who control the “system” rig the game and change the rules as they go along, it is sheer luanacy. I have long said that working within the system accomplishes only two things, It keeps the sheeple preoccupied with the rules of minutiae created by the system to ensure that no matter the effort, in the end it will never lead to any resolution other than what the “system” desires. And it validates the system, maintaining the illusion that the sheeple really have an option, a choice, a voice in government.

      Anyone who thinks that they can make a rigged system like this one anything other than what the rulers dictate are total idiots and lord knows that applies to about 98% of the population. This is a prime example of how the system really works. If and when it serves the hidden priesthood’s agenda, then and only then will Obama be offered up on the sacrificial laver as a scapegoat to appease the fools and continue the charade the system really does work. All this blather and legal chicanery simply keep the fire simmering in the laver in preparation for the eventual possibility that the new Negro Messiah has to Holocausted to purify his soul and atone for his sins against the people.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Good points, Arch.

      It is entirely possible that Ubama’s handlers have some dire fate in store for him, that he is not aware of, but that would bind White America in chains of guilt for all eternity.

      As it is now, we can never atone for the “Holocaust” and the assasination of MLK. To borrow a line from “Interview With the Vampire”–“How we love our precious guilt!” How we love for it to be heaped upon us. To refuse it is to show that one is stone-hearted.

      I would add another myth to your bonfire of illlusions.

      “I may not agree with what you are saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” What a lie!

      If the anti-Euros don’t agree with what we are saying, they will ruin us, imprison us, or kill us.

      I don’t know where this saying comes from. It might be historical.

      But the anti-Whites used it to get us to NOT take action against them. Now that they are in power, they laugh at our stupidity and supernatural gullibility.

      Here we are, defending their right to speak, or at least not interfering with it. Then they get power and are trying to shut us down.

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      If King Obongo, aka Barry Sotero, can’t do anything besides make slick speeches and provide endless amounts of bailout money for failed institutions and industries, then he will be gone after one term anyway. Then you can look forward to Queen Dingbat, aka Sarah Palin, as your next President for eight years, followed by yet another Bush in the White House. But hopefully by then Earth will get hit by another giant asteroid.

    6. J. Booth Says:

      I don’t see what the problem is: Who better to helm a totally illegitimate federal government but a totally illegitimate man?

    7. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “I may not agree with what you are saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

      VOLTAIRE, discovered after a grueling Google effort of ten seconds. . .

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      Thankyou for finding the source of the quote, shabbos.

      You would make a fine secretary.

      I would give you a raise, if I could.


    9. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Centuries later Voltaire’s criticism of Jews, in his Essai sur le Moeurs, repeated many of the same charges: “The Jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred toward all nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious, always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous — cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity.” Ironically, as Jacob Katz observes, “Voltaire did more than any other single man to shape the rationalist trend that moved European society toward improving the status of the Jew” (Katz, 34).

      Still historically remembered (according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1994) “as a crusader against tyranny and bigotry,” Voltaire turned repeatedly and angrily against Jews who he believed to epitomize such “tyranny and bigotry.” Jews, he complained, “are … the greatest scoundrels who have ever sullied the face of the globe … They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and Germans are born with blond hair. I would not in the least be surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race … You [Jews] have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables, in bad conduct, and in barbarism. You deserve to be punished, for this is your destiny” (Gould, 91). On another occasion Voltaire charged that “the Jew does not belong to any place except that place which he makes money; would he not just as easily betray the King on behalf of the Emperor as he would the Emperor for the King?” (Katz, 44). Thirty of 118 of Voltaire’s essays in his Dictionary of Philosophy address Jews, usually disparagingly. Voltaire calls Jews “our masters and our enemies … whom we detest … the most abominable people in the world.”


      A good anti-jew (pro-truth) link.

    10. Zarathustra Says:

      Thomas Paine also had some interesting and unflattering, but highly accurate, observations to make about the Jews. Unfo’-tunately, I’ze too lazy to look fo’ all dem quo-tationals of Massa Paine right now, chillun.

    11. gw Says:

      Voltaire: one of my favorites.
      Voltaire wasn’t “lying”. He wasn’t speaking for the anti-Euros. He never claimed to be.

      “always barbarous — cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity.”
      Wow! That’s really telling it like it is. And not a thing has changed.

    12. MadDog Says:

      I know Ben Franklin in one of his many statements refers to Jews as “Vampires.” How astute.

    13. Zarathustra Says:

      Paine said that Jews always blacken the history of the countries they inhabit. Now that’s astute!